This cemetery is located in Cassville, just east of town on top of the hill & easily seen from town. Take 7th street east from the court house, cross over Flat Creek and you will find it. Oakhill Cemetery, AKA: Cassville Cemetery
Barry Co., MO
Oak Hill Cemetery
AKA: Cassville Cemetery
Barry County, Missouri
Flat Creek Township
SW Sec. 28, T23N, R27W - GPS 364035N 0935143W

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Yard shots are from the Photo Files of Jay Trace, Donna Cooper and Diana Cope - Views of Cassville from Oak Hill Cemetery.
All the stones in this cemetery were photographed in June and July of 2009 by the Barry County Genealogical and Historical Society. Members Ted Roller and Jay Trace headed up the project. Photos from this project will be listed in the resource column as - BCG & HS. Phyllis Long, a non-member of the society, added many of the death certificate and obituary abstracts to the files as a research source.



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Cassville Republican, Thursday, June 20, 1918

Soldiers Buried in Oak Hill Cemetery

Through the kindness of J. R. Lee, a Union veteran of the Civil war, the REPUBLICAN is able to publish the list of the old soldiers who lie buried in Oak Hill cemetery at Cassville, whose graves were decorated by their comrades at the memorial services held in Cassville on May 30.

The list is as follows:

Union Soldiers:

Wm. Talbert,
Jacob Bower,
Elias Horine,
Wm. Criswell,
W. I. Robinson,
C. C. Emerson,
A. J. Tolby,
W. E. Trim,
Wm. Gilmore,
Geo. Dotson,
Wm. Mullens,
E. Bert,
A. N. Woody,
Henry Lohmer,
John Ray,
E. M. Frost,
John Boucher,
B. F. Gabrel,
A. Gensel,
C. M. Jamison,
Wm. Harbert,
T. R. Hankins,
John Hessee,
E. McGlasson,
C. A. Bryan,
A. Champ,
L. Scroggins,
D. O. Thompson,
D. P. Pharis,
L. D. Oxford,
C. M. Lee,
John A. Bayless,
Joshua Davis,
Joseph Hudson,
M. A. Galloway,
W. C. Hawk,
James Scroggins,
J. C. Barcus,
E. Clum and
W. P. Trolinger - 40


W. T. Burton,
N. L. Maiden,
Samuel Fallen,
James Ivey,
Joseph Plummer,
Henry Fraly,
M. L. Abernathy,
Miles Abernathy - 8
Roger Cusick who is a member of the Barry County Genealogy Society is active in Barry County research. See below:

In March of 2013, Joyce and Roger Cusick write the following: Roger and I are looking at the 1911 & 1912 Barry County Republican & Democrat for some genealogy research and we found the following announcement in the Cassville Democrat, June 3, 1911: "Honor Soldier Dead The following old soldiers are sleeping in the beautiful Oak Hill Cemetery near this city, who served in the Union Army during the civil war: ...32 names .....Their graves were decorated with flags of our country, on decoration day."

I have cross checked the 32 names at the Oak Hill Cemetery index and found the following differences:

Not in the index

Wm. Criswell
E. Elbert
Alfred Gensel
C. F. Hines
A. J. Talby

In the index but no mention of Civil War service
A.(len) N. Woody
W. J. Robertson
John Ray
L.(afayette) D.(avid) Oxford
W.(illiam) F.(ranklin) Mullins
H.(enry) Lohme(a)r
John Henry) Hessee
H. M. Harbert
E. M. Frost
C.(yrus) C. Emerson
John Bougher

I think Allen Champs and Wm. A. Champs are one and the same.

C.(harles) S.(hepard) Bryan is included in the cemetery index but no war info, link to obit 3/12/1896 also does not mention war service

C.(aleb) M. Jimerson is included in the cemetery index but no war info, link to obit 1/17/1895 also does not mention war service

Cemetery index has a "Sarah W." McGlasson with notation that the stone is broken and hard to read. I am positive, after looking at the photo that it should be ISRAEL McGlasson, from the newspaper article.

We thought it might be helpful to include the civil war service in the research note & inscriptions and add the ones who are apparently in graves that are not marked.

If you have any questions let me know. I scanned and attached the page from the newspaper microfilm. I started to make notes there but then decided that wasn't going to work, hope I didn't make it to hard to read!
Below Photos submitted by:
Jack Fly

2008 Vandalism at Oak Hill

2008 Vandalism at Oak Hill

2008 Vandalism at Oak Hill

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