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The Society offers over 50 different publications for sale to members and nonmembers. Note that members receive a 10 percent discount on their publication orders. If you are a nonmember of the Society, then consider becoming a member to receive the publications discount.

Each publication is printed on demand "when ordered." Orders can be placed by downloading the Publications Order Form and mailing it to NWIGS. You will need to have the free Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader loaded on your computer system to download and print the order form. The free Adobe Acrobat PDF Reader is available for downloading and installation here.

NWIGS is a nonprofit. All revenue generated through the sale of our publications is used to support the Society. Prices are subject to change.

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Lake County, Indiana, Cemetery Indexes
Township Cemetery/Cemeteries Included in Book Book Postage & Handling ($) Price ($)
CALUMET Oak Hill Cemetery, Gary Oak Hill, Calumet 5.75 60.00
CALUMET Miller, Mt. Mercy, Ross, St. Mary Orthodox, Tolleston, Waldheim Calumet Twp. Small 4.25 25.00
CALUMET Ridgelawn Cemetery Ridgelawn, Calumet 5.75 70.00
(200 pages, hardback, contains 7,500 burial records, includes a significant number of Africa-American burials)
Fern Oaks (Griffith) 5.00 35.00
CEDAR CREEK Cedar Creek, Creston, Lowell, McCarty Family, Orchard Grove, St. Edward Cedar Creek Small Cemeteries 5.00 35.00
CENTER Goff, Reichers/Zieseniss, West Point, St. Mary, Maplewood Center Twp., Lake County 5.00 40.00
EAGLE CREEK Plum Grove and Southeast Grove
(see every name index)
Eagle Creek Twp. 4.25 7.00
HANOVER Brunswick/Borger, German Methodist, Meyer/Mounds, Zion, Holy Name, St. Anthony/Klaasville, Sasse Family, Schubert Hanover Twp. Cemeteries 4.25 20.00
HOBART Crown Hill, Hobart, Old Settler/Banks, St. Francis Xavier Hobart Twp. 4.25 20.00
HOBART Evergreen Cemetery (15,871 names) Evergreen, Hobart 5.75 55.00
NORTH Concordia Cemetery, Hammond (8,446 names) Concordia Cemetery 5.00 30.00
NORTH Elmwood Cemetery, Hammond (24.262 names) Elmwood Cemetery 6.50 80.00
NORTH Hess Memorial/North Township Small Cemeteries, Holy Ghost, Hope, Kneseth Israel Jewish, Resurrection Byzantine Catholic, Schoon/Munster Christian, St. Mary Byzantine Catholic, St. Michael Polish Catholic, St. Nicholas Catholic North Twp. Small Cemeteries 5.00 25.00
NORTH Oak Hill Cemetery, Hammond (13,809 names) Oak Hill, North Twp. 5.00 50.00
NORTH St. John Cemetery, Hammond St. John, Hammond 5.75 50.00
NORTH St. Joseph Cemetery, Hammond St. Joseph, Hammond 5.00 30.00
ROSS Calumet Park Cemetery (47,000+ names) in two volumes Ross Twp. 16.25 150.00
ROSS Chester, Holtzworth, Merrillville, St. Peter & Paul, Sturdevant/Dennis, Woodvale
(see every name index)
Ross Twp. 4.25 12.00
ST. JOHN Dyer, Hack, St. Joseph, St. John, Pleasant View, Memory Lane, St. Michael St. John Twp. 5.00 30.00
ST. JOHN Chapel Lawn
(750 pages, hardback, contains 28,000 burial records)
Chapel Lawn (Schererville) 13.00 125.00
WEST CREEK Fuller, Lake Prairie, Sanders, Thompson, West Creek West Creek Twp. 4.25 15.00
(see every name index)
Winfield Twp. 4.25 4.00
Porter County, Indiana, Cemetery Indexes
Township Cemetery/Cemeteries Included in Book Book Postage & Handling ($) Price ($)
BOONE Cornell, Hebron and Other Small Cemeteries Boone Twp. 4.25 25.00
CENTER Clifford, Old Catholic, Kinne #1/Flint Lake, Kinne #2, Kinne #3, Maplewood, Memorial Park, St. Paul Catholic, Union Street/Old City Cemetery Center Twp., Porter County 4.25 65.00
CENTER Graceland (18,115 names) Graceland 5.75 65.00
JACKSON Carter, Quakerdome/Barnard, Other Small Cemeteries Jackson Twp. 4.25 7.00
LIBERTY Dillingham, Gossett/Hageman, Kimball, Zane Liberty Twp. 4.25 9.00
MORGAN Adams, White, Other Small Cemeteries Morgan Twp. 4.25 11.00
PINE Eight Square, Other Small Cemeteries Pine Twp. 4.25 6.00
PLEASANT Graceland, Hopewell Mennonite, St. Paul Lutheran, St. Paul Lutheran #2, Spencer, St. Mary Catholic Pleasant Twp. 4.25 20.00
PORTAGE Calvary Cemetery Calvary Cemetery 5.00 50.00
PORTAGE Blake, Friars/Seven Dolors, James/Schrock, McCool, Robbins, Temple Bethel, Temple Israel, Other Small Cemeteries Portage Twp. 5.00 30.00
PORTER Fleming, Frame, Guernsey, Lantz/Shurr, Lee/Jones/Boone Grove, Luddington, Merriman, Miller/Quinn/Kingery, Robinson, Salem Porter Twp. 4.25 16.00
UNION Blachly, Janes, Mosier, Sedley, Other Small Cemeteries Union Twp. 4.25 12.00
WASHINGTON Campbell, Luther, Sacred Heart, Salem/Friedhoff Washington Twp. 4.25 15.00
WESTCHESTER Augsburg Lutheran, Bailly, Burstrom, Furnessville, St. Patrick Catholic, Chesterton Westchester Twp. 5.75 55.00
Lake County, Indiana, School Enumerations and Yearbooks
Township School Enumeration and Yearbooks Book Postage & Handling ($) Price ($)
LAKE COUNTY Index to School Enumeration Records for Lake County 1890 (2,497 names) a substitute for the 1890 Census
1896 (6,622 children and parents' names)
(see 1890 every name index, see 1896 every name index)
Lake County School Enumeration Records 4.25 20.00
CALUMET Index to Griffith School Enumeration Records, (Census) 1908-1920 Griffith School Records 4.25 15.00
EAGLE CREEK Index to Eagle Creek and Winfield Townships School Enumeration Records, (Census) 1903-1931 Eagle Creek and Winfield School Enumeration Records 5.75 50.00
NORTH Index to East Chicago Roosevelt High School Yearbooks for 1929-1953 East Chicago Roosevelt High School Yearbooks 5.75 75.00
NORTH Index to East Chicago Washington High School Yearbooks for 1912-1938 (including Alumni List) East Chicago Washington High School Yearbooks 6.50 85.00
NORTH Index to Hammond High School Enumeration Records (Census) for 1925 Hammond School Enumeration Records 5.75 55.00
NORTH Index to Highland School Enumeration Records, 1903-1931 Highland School Records 4.25 20.00
NORTH Index to Whiting School Enumeration Records, 1925 and 1927 (S.E. - 8,961 names; Eagle Creek Twp. - 6,607 names; and Winfield Twp. - 6,676 names) Whiting School Records 5.00 30.00
Lake County, Indiana, Church and Naturalization Records
Township Lake County, Indiana Book Postage & Handling ($) Price ($)
NORTH First United Methodist Church, 1850-1950, births, deaths, marriages [Started in Valparaiso and then moved to Hammond]   5.00 30.00
NORTH Immanuel United Church of Christ, 1890-1969   5.00 30.00
  Index to Lake County Naturalizations, Crown Point, 1854-1932 [Available in hardback for an additional $10 each]
(see every name index)
  5.00 30.00
Porter County, Indiana, Obituaries, Death Notices, Naturalizations, and Schools
Township Porter County, Indiana Book Postage & Handling ($) Price ($)
PORTAGE Index to Portage Township School Records, 1895-1920 Portage Twp. Schools 4.25 6.00
ALL PORTER COUNTY Porter County Obituaries and Death Notices Prior to 1900 - Volume I (see every name index) Porter Co. Obituaries 5.75 60.00
ALL PORTER COUNTY Porter County Obituaries and Death Notices Prior to 1900 - Volume II (see every name index) Porter Co. Obituaries 5.75 55.00
ALL PORTER COUNTY Index to Porter County Naturalizations, 1849-1955 (8,000 entries) [Available in hardback for an additional $10 each]
(see every name index)
  4.25 20.00
Miscellaneous Publications
Miscellaneous Publications Book Postage & Handling ($) Price ($)
  NWIGS Members' Pedigree Charts   5.00 30.00
NORTH/LAKE 1869 Plat Book for Appraisers of Real Estate, North Township (see every name index) [Available in hardback for an additional $10 each]   4.25 25.00
LAKE COUNTY 1891 Plat Book for Appraisers of Real Estate for Lake County, Indiana (see every name index)   6.50 75.00
LAKE COUNTY Crown Point Justices of the Peace Marriages
[contains 42,400 names; two volumes, hardbound]
  16.25 150.00
LAKE COUNTY Every Name Index to Lake County, Indiana, Circuit Court Docket Books, January 2, 1884, to June 12, 1888
(see every name index)
  5.00 25.00
LAKE COUNTY An Index of Land Transfer Records for Crown Point, Lake County, Indiana for the Years 1928-1940   5.00 60.00
LAKE COUNTY Index to Germania in Amerika from TWIGS Newsletters (see every name index)   5.00 25.00
LAKE COUNTY Early Land Sales and Purchases in Lake County, 1837-1857 (includes Swamp Land, Canal Land, First Purchases, and Early Land Transfers. Included are many early original maps. (see every name index)   11.25 100.00
Index to TWIGS Newsletters, 1978-May 2006 (see every name index)   6.50 80.00
Single Issue TWIGS Newsletters, 1978-May 2006 (see every name index)   0.50 1.25/Each
Prices last revised 03 June 2008

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