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Cemetery Every Name Index for Lake
County, Indiana

Over time we intend to provide an every name index for all cemeteries located in Lake County, Indiana. If you would like to obtain additional information concerning an individual listed in any of these every name indexes, then you can either request lookup research regarding the individual or purchase the
cemetery book that enumerates the individual. Our lookup research request policy can be found on our Lookups webpage. You can examine titles, prices, and download an order form for our cemetery books by viewing Our Publications webpage.

Ainsworth/Chester Cemetery (Ross Township; 78 records)
Brunswick/Borger Cemetery (Hanover Township; 26 records)
Borger/Brunswick Cemetery (Hanover Township; 26 records)
Cedar Creek Cemetery (Cedar Creek Township; 753 records)
Chester/Ainsworth Cemetery (Ross Township; 78 records)
Creston Cemetery (Cedar Creek Township; 331 records)
Deer Creek Cemetery (Winfield Township; 179 records)

Dennis/Sturdevant Cemetery (Ross Township; 9 records)
Fuller Cemetery (West Creek Township; 69 records)
German Methodist Episcopal Cemetery (Hanover Township; 653 records)
Holtzworth Cemetery (Ross Township; 4 records)
Holy Name Cemetery (Hanover Township; 1,194 records)
Klassville/St. Anthony Cemetery (Hanover Township; 129 records)
Lake Prairie Cemetery (West Creek Township; 391 records)
Lowell Cemetery (Cedar Creek Township; 3,733 records)
Merrillville Cemetery (Ross Township; 447 records)
Meyer/Mound Cemetery (Hanover Township; 23 records)
McCarty Cemetery (Cedar Creek Township; 9 records)
Mound/Meyer Cemetery (Hanover Township; 23 records)
Orchard Grove Cemetery (Cedar Creek Township; 862 records)

Plum Grove Cemetery (Eagle Creek Township; 149 records)
St. Anthony/Klassville Cemetery (Hanover Township; 129 records)
St. Edward Cemetery (Cedar Creek Township; 470 records)
St. Peter and Paul Cemetery (Ross Township; 481 records)
Sanders Cemetery (West Creek Township; 717 records)
Schubert Family Cemetery (Hanover Township; 10 records)
Southeast Grove Cemetery (Eagle Creek Township; 210 records)
Sturdevant/Dennis Cemetery (Ross Township; 9 records)
Thompson Cemetery (West Creek Township, 4 records)
West Creek Cemetery (West Creek Township; 739 records)
Woodvale Cemetery (Ross Township; 98 records)
Zion Evangelical Cemetery (Hanover Township; 506 records)

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