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Our Current Projects

Many of the projects listed below are in need of volunteers. Please consider offering your time.

Obituary Project.
We have completed years 1930 through 1934 and we have four volunteers working on years 1936 through 1938 of the “Times” Newspaper.  We hope to have this completed by the end of 2010.  When each year is completed it is place on the Lake County Library shelves for genealogist and librarians to use.

We would like to thank the many volunteers who have helped us over the years in doing this project.

Lake County Marriage Book Project.
We have digitized the marriage books from 40 to 167. Norma Phelps is typing them into a database for us; she is up to book 100. We are in need of proofers for this project. We can send the proofer a disk with pictures of every page in a book and have you proof what has been typed in. You will not have to go to the Lake County Government Center to do the proofing. We have placed all books up to and including book 33 (year 1918) online, and hope to place up to book 60 very soon. We thank every one of our great volunteers who has worked on this project. If you think you would like to work on this project please contact Marlene Polster at [email protected].