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SEARCH HINTS - When searching for a specific name or location, place quotation marks around the full name or location if it is more than a single word. To illustrate, typing "Robert Smith" into the search field (with the quotation marks) will return only those webpages containing the name Robert Smith. Failure to put quotation marks around the specific name or location, such as typing Robert Smith (without the quotation marks), will return any webpage that contains Robert and/or Smith, which could be many, many webpages.

In addition, many pages on this website list the individual's surname first, followed by the individual's given name. For instance, if you were searching for "Charles Anderson" on the NWIGS website, it is strongly urged that you also conduct a search on "Anderson, Charles" (again, using the quotation marks) to be certain you have searched surname-first records.

REMINDER - Try using variant spellings and soundex spellings when searching surnames, especially for surnames that can be easily misspelled.

ASSISTANCE - Please contact the webmaster should you experience any problems with this search feature.