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Campbell County Deeds 1806-1810


Copies of Homestead Applications



Reproductions of land entry files (such as credit, cash, homestead, and mineral) or surrendered military bounty-land warrants files (Acts of 1788, 1812, 1847, 1850, and 1855)

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 What is a Land Patent?                    

Land patents document the transfer of land ownership from the federal government to individuals. In the very early years of the United States, the Congress of the Confederation declared it would sell or grant the unclaimed lands in "the West" (given up by the States to the United States) for the common benefit of the United States. The States gave up their claims to what is now Alabama, Michigan, part of Minnesota, Mississippi, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, and Wisconsin. The United States could then sell this unclaimed land to raise money for the Treasury. In turn, the United States gave up its claims to any land within the boundaries of the Colonies.

The land was disposed of by the authority of many acts of Congress - sale, homesteads, military warrants for military service, timber culture, mining, etc. One of the primary purposes of these public land laws was to encourage people from the East to move West. In the early 1800's people could buy public land for $1.25 an acre. For a time, they could buy up to 640 acres under this law. The sale of public land under the "Cash Act" is no longer in effect.
Several Military Warrant Acts granted public land to soldiers instead of pay. These acts have been repealed.
The Homestead Act of 1862, allowed people to settle up to 160 acres of public land if they lived on it for five years and grew crops or made improvements. This land did not cost anything per acre, but the settler did pay a filing fee. This act is no longer in effect.



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Virginia Land Patents and Grants


Land Record Reference


Deed Data Pool (Kentucky)


Deed Book D, Index 1820-1826


Jesse Turbeville to Thomas Chapman


Robert Houston to Thomas Chapman


Book "A" Deeds, Surveys, Grants, Etc. Index


Conveyance of Deeds Book July 1848 - July 1881


Index to Register’s Book C (1817 – 1820)


Surveyor's Record of Entries 1825 - 1833



The Georgia Department of Archives and History has made available unbound headright and bounty documents files for the years 1783-1909, on the listed Web page. Also known as the Warrant files, these manuscripts reflect the various preliminary stages in the granting of headright land. In addition to a few other odd papers, the following types of documents are included in these files: warrants, vouchers, certificates, petitions, and powers of attorney. The files are arranged alphabetically by surname with an  individual folder containing all papers relating to any one name regardless of the location of the land.



CAMPBELL COUNTY, TN - DEEDS - Book "A" 1806 - 1810


June 16 1823

typ deed ref 1:65 dat 16 Jun 1823 rec 16 Jun 1823 frm [Josiah Smith] & wife [Elizabeth Smith] of Campbell Co., TN to [Isaac Criscellious] con $400 re 100a on Gellico River loc -19483 -8414 pt Sassafrass, ash, & elm on bnk sd Gellico below the first narrows above sd Smith's improvements ln n23w; 137p; pt blo & stake ln w; 60p; pt walnut, hick & pop on bnk sd Jellico lm ;; up same, with meanders end

typ deed ref 1:474 dat 16 Mar 1833 rec 11 Feb 1834 frm [Sherard Standfield] & wife [Susannah Standfield] to [James Smith] of Campbell Co., TN con $200 re 50a on Tantrough branch of Gelico River, where Standfield now lives wit [John Ross], J.P., [Wm. B. Creekmore], J.P. loc -24512 -1376 pt blo ln s44e; 54p; pt gum & blo ln n60e; 101p; pt bch ln n14w; 62p; pt maple & two pops ln s75w; 80p; pt stake ln s32w; 61p; end !

Submitted By Angela Meadows



Campbell County Land Entries

WITNESSED DEED: TN; Campbell Co.; Land Entries C, p. 166
20 Jan 1819

Elijah Longmire of Campbell Co. sells to Jacob Smith of the same place
... for $600 ... land in Lot G of H & Co Powells Valley Survey ... beginning
at a Rock in the road and running thence down the different meanders of a
branch S 8 E 20 poles to a stake thence with the same S 10 W 26 poles to a
stake thence with the same S 49 W 16 poles to a stake then S 11 E 8 poles to
a stake then S 36 W 34 poles passing the mouth of the above named branch to
Samuel Cowen's Corner on the lot line thence with the lot line S 27 E 112
poles a hickory saplin then N 71 E 172 poles to a hickory N 5 E 276 poles to
a white oak Anderson Smiths corner thence with the said Anderson Smiths line
N 5 E 450 poles to a stake on the mountain then S 54 W 200 poles to Ransom
Smiths corner at a take thence with the same S 8 E 508 poles to the
beginning with the Exception of a Road 20 feet wide previously conveyed by
Robertson to Ransom Smith as it now runs through said lands ... 495 ac.

Elijah Longmire (Seal)
Wm. Rodgers
Jas. Walker
Wm. McNew

Proved in open court 8 Jun 1819 David Strong Clerk

Recorded 6 Jul 1819 Benjn. Wheeler, Register CC
by Jos. Hart his Deputy




Land Warrent for George Fritts




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