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Did you know* There was a very large wagon train, some 40 wagons, that went to Missouri about the 1840's.  Most of the travelers were from Tennessee, Kentucky, and surrounding area.

Some of them ended up in Arkansas and NE Texas.


Did you know*  Beginning in the late 1700's and extending up until at least the 1830's was an exodus from southwestern North Carolina, primarily Lincoln-Rutherford counties, called the Bollinger Migration. Thousands of families left that part of the country to settle in the Missouri "bootheel" counties, with quite a number of them ending up in KY,  Illinois, and northern Arkansas.  Bollinger Co, Missouri was named for the man.


Even if you know your family did not immigrate to the United States through Ellis Island, check the database anyway. I have found many collateral relatives, some more than once, returning to the U.S. from vacations and business trips.


Passport Applications for the entire USA from 1834-1843

These passports were granted to citizens of the United States going to foreign countries. Each applicant had to present evidence that they were a citizen of the USA and a description of his person, so they are a terrific resource for narrowing an immigration year and putting some meat on those ancestral bones.


Until 1906 an immigrant could be naturalized in any court of record, including the Federal courts. After 1906, Naturalization occurred mainly in Federal courts.

 Lighthouse Keepers

a brief introductory guide to researching lighthouse buildings and

property and their operations and personnel


American Immigrant Wall of Honor

you can PERMANENTLY place a loved one’s name on the largest wall of names in the world


Copies Of Ship Passenger Arrival Records

There are many other sources for these records;

Library Of Congress


Roots and Routes

(Which way did they travel? Migration Maps)


Colonial Connecticut Records Connections 1636-1776

Indexed and Searchable


What Passenger Lists Are Online?


Naturalization Laws...During the years 1907-1922, a woman who married a foreigner lost her US Citizenship and took the nationality of her husband.  She would have to re-apply to regain her US Citizenship.  If she divorced, she had to re-apply for citizenship.  It was after 1922 that the woman did not lose her citizenship if marrying a non-American.  Between 1804-1906 a widow became a citizen if her husband had filed his declaration of intentions but had died before he became a naturalized citizen.  She only needed to take an oath of allegiance.  After 1906 she had to comply with the other provisions, except for filing a declaration.




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