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GO1775 Tax Assessment

Taken from the original assessment records, this is the 1775 tax assessment for Quemahoning Township, which was then a part of Bedford County. This is an interesting return because it indicates total acres and a breakdown of cultivated and uncultivated land. I have included the assessor's notes because they describe the location of uncultivated lands relative to neighbors and landmarks.

GO1776 Tax Assessment List

Quemahoning Township was created in 1775 from part of Brothersvalley Township and part of Turkeyfoot Township. At that time, these townships were still in Bedford County, but they were that part of Bedford County west of the Allegheny Mountains which would eventually become Somerset County. This is a listing of persons taxed for the year 1776.

GO1779 Tax Assessment List

GO1783 Supply Tax List

In 1783, an act was passed for a Federal Supply Tax to provide relief to U.S. citizens who had become creditors through loans of money or other public supplies. The list for Quemahoning Township was recorded by assessor Daniel Stoy for what was then Bedford County.

GO1788 Tax Assessment List

This listing is taken from the original assessor's report. For Residents and Single Freeman, it indicates acres of land owned and whether it was warranted, patented, or deeded property. In addition to Land and Horse rates assessed and assessment amounts, horses and cattle owned are given. For Non-residents, I have listed only names and acreage owned. Due to space constraints, fractions of amounts were dropped. Also due to space constraints, occupations and owners of stills, mills, and tanyards are given in a small table below.

Bedford County, ss

To Martin Sooter Collector of Quemahoning Township this present Year - 1788. You are hereby required forthwith to inform the Parties mentioned in this Duplicate, of the respective Sums wherewith they are charged, and to acquaint them, that the Day of Appeal is on the twenty third Day of April next, at Ten o'Clock on the forenoon at at the House of James Black in Said Township and where the Party cannot be found, you are to leave Notice in Writing with some of the Family or at the last Place of said Party's Abode, the Sum he or she is assessed; and also of the Day of Appeal, at which Day you are to return this Duplicate to us, with the Names of such Person or Persons, and of such Estates as shall be concealed or omitted in this Duplicate, under Penalty of Fifty Pounds, as the Law directs. Given under our Hands, this eleventh Day of March 1788
Thomas Crossen
William Ward
, Commissioners.

David Wright as Township Assessor Days
Riding to take the Return16
Notifying the Assistants1
Taking the Return to Bedford3
Laying the Tax6
Taking down the Assessment3
Attending the Appeal1
George Kimmel Assistant10
Richard Brown Assistant10

Bedford County: David Wright Paid
To Riding to assess the Township
16 Days at 7.6/Day
£ 6.0.0
To swarning in the Assessors
1 Day at 7.6/Day
£ 0.7.6
To laying the Tax
6 Day at 7.6/Day
£ 2.5.0
George Kimmel Paid
To going to Abraham Cables
to be Qualified
One Day at 7/6/Day
£ 0.7.6
March 8th 1788
To laying the Tax
6 Days at 7.6/Day
£ 2.5.0
Richard Brown Junior Paid
To laying the Tax
6 Days at 7.6/Day
£ 2.5.0
To going to Bedford
with the Return

Property or
BLACK JamesTanyard
HEIPLE ChristianStill
KIMMEL Philip2 Stills
LAYMAN BenedickGristmill
LEVISTON ChristianStill
MOWRA MichaelStill

Note: James Black was the sole person in the 1788 Assessment with 1 Negro and 1 Servant with 2.5 years of servitude.

GO1788 Back Tax List

Names and acreage for 1788 Back Taxes due for the years 1779-1787. (If you have an ancestor for whom you wish to know the year and amount of back tax, email me for the information.)

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