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GOALLESHOUSE Frederick Submitted by Jan Hoth.

Will No. 2 of 1799. Will dated 27 May 1799, probated 10 Aug 1799. Wife Eve, children: David, Margaret (not mine), Catherine and Ludwig. George Friedlein and Michael Maurer to take care of the children. Estate $102.03.
GOBEAM Henry Submitted by Jan Hoth.

Will No 13 of 1802. Will dated 20 Jul 1802, probated 4 Sep 1802. Residence Quemahoning Twp. Mentions youngest son, Henry Beam, plantation on which I now live, beloved wife, Barbara, son Christopher, son Jacob, daughter Mary Thomas, daughter Hannah, Peter Beam, Barbara Shaw, daughter Nancy Beam. Wife Barbara and John Anderson, executors. Witnesses: James Boyd and John Anderson. Inventory $131.49, to amount of sales at vendue above the appraisement $4.31. Total $135.80. Account filed 1 Apr 1805. Disbursed $3.17 to John Yorty for coffin.
GOBERKEY John Submitted by Jan Hoth.

Will No. 17 of 1805. Will dated 16 May 1805, probated 13 Jul 1805. Residence Quemahoning Twp. Mentions beloved wife Catherine, children Elizabeth, Susanna, John, Mary, Christian, Catherine Sarah, Gabriel, and David. Witnesses: Thomas Faith and Christian Yorty. Executors Bond filed 30 Jul 1805. Bondsmen: John Yorty and Thomas Faith. Executors account: inventory $237.80, disbursements $170.41. Balance in hands of executors for distribution: $67.39. Account filed 29 May 1808.
GOBERKEY Joseph Submitted by Jan Hoth.

Will No. 7 of 1797. Will dated 3 Jul 1797, probated 4 Nov 1797. Widow Barbara, Oldest son, Christian, youngest son John, third son Joseph, Jacob. Oldest daughter Ann, Barbara, Nelle, Magdalena, Catherine, Elizabeth. Executors: Jacob and son-in-law Christian Blauch. Estate $417.10.
GOBLOUGH Christian Submitted by Jan Hoth.

Will No. 5 of 1812. Administrator's Bond filed 28 Feb 1812. Quemahoning Twp. Administrators: John Blough and Christian Blough. Bondsmen: Henry Blough and Peter Blough. Widow Ann and seven children, 4 under 14 years, Solomon above 14 and Elizabeth above 14 years. Other children not named. Estate $656.23.
GOBOYER Jacob Submitted by Jan Hoth.

Will No. 1 of 1813. Will dated 2 Dec 1811, probated 26 Feb 1813. Quemahoning Twp. Executor, Samuel Boyer. Witnesses: Andrew Hattery and Mary Boyer. Sons: Samuel, Christian; daughters: Agnes Peters, Mary Powell, Fanny Powell, Barbary; two grandsons: Christly and John Hoover, mother deceased. Account filed 30 Aug 1814. Paid for coffin and burial: $8.50. Estate: $1340.57.
GOCOCHER Michael Submitted by Jan Hoth.

Will No 3 of 1808. Administrators Bond filed 5 May 1808. Administrator: Philip Cocher. Witnesses: James Walker, Alexander Ogle, and Jacob Schneider. Administrators account: inventory $261.87. Amount of sales exceeding inventory: $65.59. Disbursements: $95.00. Balance in hands of administrator: $232.46. Petition for the partition and valuation of tract of land containing 100 acres. Mentions widow Catherine, eight children: Philip, Catherine intermarried with Valentine Stine, Barbara married Michael Younkin, Polly married David Barnhart, Elizabeth married Jacob Faith, Christiana married Jacob Lohr, Susanna married George Edmund.
GOCONWAY Samuel Submitted by Jan Hoth.

Will No 8 of 1807. Administration Bond filed 27 May 1807. Residence Quemohoning Twp. Administrator John Banneff. Bondsmen: Israel Penrod, Thomas G. Durben. Inventory $17.42. To amount of 23 notes, 139 pounds 2 shillings and 17 pence. Account filed 31 Aug 1807.
GOCOONS (Kuntz / Koontz) George Submitted by Jan Hoth.

Will No. 14 of 1817. Will dated 20 Feb 1817, filed 5 April 1817. Quemahoning Twp. William Saddoris and Daniel Coons, executors. John, oldest son, Daniel, two youngest children: Anna and George. Daughters: Catharine, Elizabeth and Magdalen. Henry Plough guardian for Anna Koontz. Witnesses: Moses Fream and Casper Ripple. Appraisers: Christian Blough and Peter Bowman. Estate $1229.02.
GOEMERT Wendle Submitted by Jan Hoth.

Will No. 6 of 1796. Will dated 19 Jun 1795, probated 10 Jun 1796. Quemahoning Twp. Wife Mary, youngest son John. Several sons and daughters not named. Guardian of children: John Smoker. Executors: John Huffman and John Heiple. Estate $651.85.
GOGARDNER George Submitted by Jan Hoth.

Will No. 14 of 1799. Will dated 13 Jan 1799, probated 22 Feb 1799. Quemahoning Twp. Wife not named. Children: John, Mary, George, above age of 14. Michael Kimmel guardian. Peter, Frederick, Michael, Christina, Abraham, all under age 14. John Wolford guardian. Executors: Michael Zimmerman and George Frey. Estate $429.92.
GOGARDNER George Submitted by Jan Hoth.

Will No 9 of 1803. Will dated 3 Jun 1803, probated 24 Jun 1803. Residence Quemahoning Twp. Will mentions land I now live on belongs to my son Peter Gardner, this land never was mine. Peter Gardner and Jacob Springer, Executors. Executors account: Inventory $325.13, three years rent of the plantation leaser ending 1 Apr 1802 $90.00, two years rent ending 1 Apr 1804 $60.00, Five years rent ending 1 Apr 1809 $100.00, amount for which plantation was sold to John and Peter Gardner $400.00. Total $975.13. Amount of Disbursements $852.30. Balance in hands of executors $122.38. Account filed 14 Jul 1811. Petition of Frederick Gardner above the age of 14, for guardian dated 5 Dec 1803. Some expenses: cash paid John Wolford, guardian of Frederick, Peter, Christina, Michael, and Abraham Gardner, minor children of George Gardner, $97.58. Cash paid to Michael Kimmel, guardian for John, George, and Mary Gardner, minor children of George Gardner, $74.68. Cash paid Elizabeth Gardner, widow of George Gardner, $3.25.
GOHAIR John Submitted by Jan Hoth.

Will No. 6 of 1812. Administration Bond filed 11 Mar 1812. Administrators: Edward Hair and John Hair. Bondsmen: Samuel Duncan and Joseph Perkey. Widow Isabelle and three children: Edward Hair (eldest), John, and Matthew. Estate $1112.10.
GOHARRY Jonathan Submitted by Jan Hoth.

Will No. 13 of 1807. Will dated 14 May 1807, probated 26 Sep 1807. Wills to son John Harry the note of Joseph Plansert and the value of the large Bible. Daughter Mary willed 5 shillings. Rest to widow, Margaret. Executors: George Freedlein and Christopher Beam. Witnesses: David Ringhard, Henry Way, and Ludwig Freedlein. Widow receives $20.63.
GOHEIPLE Christian Submitted by Jan Hoth.

Will No. 3 of 1811. Will dated 3 Aug 1793, probated 12 Apr 1811. Quemahoning Twp. Jacob Smucker and wife, Susanna, executors. Wife to have one-third of the estate. After her decease to John, Henry, Christian, Salome, Elizabeth, Catherine, and Susanna. Codicil to will dated 23 Dec 1797. Sons: Henry and John. Henry renounces. Second codicil dated 25 May 1806. Estate: $417.43.
GOHILDEBRAND Abraham Submitted by Diane Marshall.

Cambria County 1839 petition of George Hildebrand states that Abraham Hildebrand Esq. of Cambria Co, PA, died intestate with 300 acres of warranted land in Conemaugh Twp, Cambria Co, PA, and left seven sons: George, John, Samuel, James, Isaac, Joseph, Christian, and four daughters: Mary m. John Beatty, Anne m. James Brown, Kisiah m. George Fry, and Catherine m. Ephraim Burket, and that two sons died before him: Jacob and Abraham.
GOHORNER John Submitted by Jan Hoth.

Will No 4 of 1803. Administration Bond filed 11 May 1803. Residence Quemahoning Twp. Administrator John Horner Sen. Bondsmen: Abraham Hildebrand and Jacob Veit. Inventory filed 2 Jul 1803. Amount of Inventory 76 pounds 10 shillings and 5 pence.
GOHORNER Solomon Submitted by Jan Hoth.

Will No. 33 of 1839. Filed and proved Sept 20th 1839. Wm. Philson, Register. Registered in Record of Wills, Vol 3, page 450, Somerset County. Names wife, Elisabeth, and fifteen children: Daniel, John, Solomon, Adam, Jacob, George, Jonas, Susanah Miller, Mary Bowman, Christina Miller, Elisabeth Miller, Eve Shaw, Caty Blouch, Nancy Bowman, Susanah Miller.
Adam Maurer and Vallentain Muller, Executors. Witnessed by John Gohn, Samuel Murphy, and John Zimmerman.
GOHUNTER Alexander
Submitted by Mary Beth Bohn ([email protected]).

Will No. 22 of 1824, dated 15 Jul 1824. Beloved wife, Nancy, sons James, Samuel, William, Alexander, Joseph; daughters: Elizabeth Black, Mary, Jane, and Grace; step-daughter Ann. Executors: sons Samuel and Alexander. Witness: Henery Beltzhoover and Andrew Beggs. Bedford County Pennsylvania Archives, Vol 3, p. 94, Quemahoning Twp lists Alexander Hunter owning 307 acres.
GOKIMMEL Samuel Submitted by Jan Hoth.

Will No 20 of 1803. Administration Bond filed 26 Mar 1803. Residence Stoyestown. Administrators: Tracy Kimmel, George Graham, and John Leamer. Bondsmen: Michael Kimmel and Jacob Kimmel. Administrators account: inventory $2895.93, amount exceeding inventory: $15.98. Total $2911.91. Disbursements $2604.48-1/2. Balance in hands of administrators $307.42-1/2. Account filed 12 Feb 1818.
GOLOHRE George Submitted by Jan Hoth.

Mentioned in will dated 21 Mar 1849: George's children: Andrew J., Henry, Joseph, George, David, Mary Bowman. Witnesses: Jonathan Statler, David Lohre, F.M. Kimmel, S. Gaither. Register: Jo. B. Earl.
GOMILLER Joseph Submitted by Jan Hoth.

Mentioned in will dated 23 July 1860: Joseph's children: Elizabeth, Jacob A., Mary, Nancy, Noah, Rose Ann, Sally, Samuel, Susanna, Valentine. Sons-in-law: Abraham Diebert, Isaac Dibert, Joseph Farner,Wm. Hoover, Anthony Ling, Michael Spangler. Witnesses: George A. Clark, Samuel W. Pearson, Wm. H. Picking. Register: R.R. Marshall.
GOPENROD John Submitted by Jan Hoth.

Will No. 5 of 1799. Will dated 19 May 1798, probated 13 Apr 1799. Estate to widow, Catherine. Children: Israel (had his legs and thigh broken, doctor bills in York Co.), Solomon, Peter. Executors James Wells and Israel Penrod. Estate $3957.36.
GOPOWELL John Submitted by Jan Hoth.

No. 4 of 1802. Administrator's Bond filed 10 Apr 1802. Residence Quemahoning Twp. Administrator John Powell Jr. Bondsmen: Alexander Ogle and Samuel Buyers.
GOSARODORUS William Submitted by Jan Hoth.

Will No 29 of 1805. Administrator's Bond filed 24 Sep 1805. Residence Quemahoughoming Twp. Administrators: William Sadorous. Bondsmen: Thomas Kennedy and Michael Waggoner. Widow Catherine. Administrators account: inventory $224.08, amount of sales exceeding inventory: $39.31. Total $263.39. Disbursements $57.58-1/2. Balance in hands of administrator $205.80-1/2. Account filed 21 Jul 1808.
GOSHANKS James Submitted by Jan Hoth.

Will No. 14 of 1805. Administrator's Bond filed 24 Aug 1805. Residence Quemahoning Twp. Administrators: Hanna Shanks and Jacob Beam. Bondsmen: Christopher Beam and Alexander Ogle. Administrators account: inventory $113.99-1/2, disbursements $120.55, balance due administrators $6.55-1/2 to be paid out of the real estate. Petition of Thomas Shanks, son and heir at law, mentions following heirs: widow Hannah since intermarried with Samuel Sholl, issue six children: Thomas, William, James, John, Sarah, and Ann. Asking for partition of a tract of land containing 222 acres of land. Dated 1 Jun 18113.
GOSHAVER Philip Submitted by Jan Hoth.

Will No. 10 of 1800. Administrator's Bond 15 Mar 1800. Quemahoning Twp. Administrators: Mary Shaver and John Niel. Bondsmen: Simon Shaver and Henry Shaver. Catherine m. Samuel Harr; Mary m. Nathan Evans; John, Margaret m. John Taylor; Fanny and William, minors. John Neal, guardian. Estate $420.99.
GOZIMMERMAN Michael Submitted by Jan Hoth.

No. 1 of 1802. Will dated 24 Aug 1795, probated 25 Feb 1802. Residence Quemahoning Twp. Mentions wife, Magdalena, eldest son Michael Zimmerman, daughter Elizabeth married to Michael Kimmel, daughter Magdalena, other brothers and sisters, son Adam. Wife Magdalena and eldest son Michael, executors. Witnesses: Jacob Gibler and Gabriel Roth and Adam Keefer. Inventory $810.67, advance made by sale above inventory $81.62, also by money received from Henry Gibler $1.50, to cash from Charles Bush $2.00. Total $895.79. Disbursements $94.96. Balance in hands of executors for distribution $800.83. Account filed 30 Sep 1803.
GOZIMMERMAN Michael Submitted by Jan Hoth.

No. 23 of 1823. Will dated 19 Jun 1823, filed 4 Nov 1823. Mentions wife Elizabeth, and children: Michael, David, Joseph, Daniel, Susanna m. Jacob Miller (she is to have the land of Michael's brother Jacob), Elizabeth m. David Sheffer, Nancy m. Frederick German, Lana m. John Snyder, and Catherine. Executors: Michael Zimmerman and Jacob Miller. Witnesses: Adam Maurer, Jacob Kimmel of M., and John Horner.

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