Elspet Cheyne

F, #9304, b. circa 1610
FatherUnlinked Cheynes in Aberdeen before the 1696 Poll
      There were three illegitimate births to an Elspeit Cheyne in Aberdeen from 1637 to 1643. It could be that there were three different mothers or one mother for all three. It is assumed here that there was one Elspet. No marriage record was found for an Elspet Cheyne and any of the fathers. She may have been Elspet, #9217.
An Elspeit Cheyne and George Geddes had a son, Gilbert, in Saint Nicholas Parish, Aberdeen, 1637.
An Elspeit Cheyne and Donald Curbatt (or Daonald Corbett) had a son, Adame, in Saint Nicholas Parish, Aberdeen, 1641.
An Elspeitt Cheyne and William Black had a son, William, in Aberdeen, 1643.1




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