I have mostly corrected the problem of the missing 7000+ missing exhibits. I am now down to only 19 missing. These nineteen are extremely well hidden. If you sent me a photo or other image that does not appear, please let me know. It may be one of the last elusive group. N.B.-I do not publish all contributed items: If the item is copyrighted, i.e. a birth record from Scotlands People or a census return from Ancestry, for your protection and mine it will not be published here.

I have also spent considerable time editing out certain items that appeared in earlier versions of the WebSite. These include text that read as several persons being referred to as singular; i.e. Jim and Bob was a witness or use of the incorrect pronoun; i.e. He was her mother. If you find any of these types of errors that still exist, PLEASE notify me.

A new feature is the lookup tab. With it you can enter the ID number of any person and be taken immediately to that person's page. You will notice that I usually include a person's ID# when referring to him in a different page (for example, a witness to the marriage was Alexander Cheyne (756)). Now you can type in 756 in the lookup tab and go to that Alexander Cheyne. You may get a warning to "allow blocked content".

The Y-DNA Project that was announced has been a very great disappointment. Few have agreed to join the effort and is therefore officially dropped.

However, our "The Cheyne Family Website" Facebook Page is very much alive and well. A big thanks to Greg Cheyne, Gerri Cheyne and very special thanks to our current administrator, Jan Fisher. She is doing a fabulous job. I am so grateful to her as my Facebook skills are severely limited.

As always we are so truly grateful to all of those readers who have contributed their information, photos, copies of documents to allow this page to grow. We all owe them a huge debt of gratitude.

Please continue to send your comments, corrections, additions and photos which are greatly encouraged and welcomed.

Please email me if you find any missing links or text that does not make sense or is gibberish.