George or Robert Cheyne

M, #2215, b. circa 1620
FatherJohn Cheyne b. c 1595
      Robert Cheynes (2215), (2779) and (9369) probably were the same person.

George or Robert Cheyne married Barbara (?).

A John and Robert Cheyne graduated from Aberdeen University, in 1642. They were probably brothers John (2068) and Robert (2215). The entry in Fasti Aberdonenses. reads "Quibus accesserunt secundo anno (1642) ... Joannes Cheyne ... Robertus Cheyne...".1

He was mentioned in W. D. Cheyne-MacPherson, The Cheyne Family of Inverugie, on page 35.2

A Robert Cheyne received a Masters of Arts degree from King's College, 1646. That Robert probably was either (2586) or (2779). The entry in Officers and Graduates of University & King's College and in Fasti Aberdonenses reads: "Renunciante Magistro Alexandro Middiltono, laurea donati sunt, 1646...Mr. Robertus Chynaeus...".3,4

George or Robert Cheyne married Isobel Johnstone 1654. According to the Rose MSS., Robert would become the great-grandfather of the celebrated Helen Taylor, Lady Braco.5,6

John Cheyne, Minister of Kintore (2264) and his son Robert (2215) were mentioned in Tayler, The Valuation of the County of Aberdeen for the Year 1667. The entry reads as follows: "Mr. John Cheyne, Minister of Kintore. An ardent Royalist, who was taken prisoner in 1640 and afterwards lodged Montrose in his house, 12th March, 1645. His son, Robert, married, 1654, Isobel Johnstone, daughter of Thomas Johnstone of Craig, Sheriff Depute of the Shire".5

Family 1

Barbara (?) b. c 1600

Family 2

Isobel Johnstone b. c 1625


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