George Cheyne

M, #828, b. 24 February 1674, d. 13 April 1743
FatherJames Cheyne b. c 1640
MotherMarie Maitland b. c 1650
     George Cheyne was baptized in accordance with the procedures of the Church of Scotland, 24 February 1674, at Mains of Kelly, in Methlick Parish, Aberdeen, Scotland. The following is a transcription from the Register of Baptisms, Parish of Methlick, 1670-1745, Page 11 "feb'r 24 (1673) The faid day James Cheyne in ye mains of Kellie hade a fone baptized named George Witneffes John Maitland (4781) and Patrick Maitland (4782)".1

He was mentioned in W. D. Cheyne-MacPherson, The Cheyne Family of Inverugie, page 35.2

He probably received a Doctor degree before, 14 July 1696. He was mentioned in an entry for a Dr. James Harvie in Officers and Graduates of University & King's College which reads: "Dr. James Harvie. London, alumnus; recommended by Drs. Pitcaairne and Drummond, Edinburgh, and Dr. Cheyn, London".3

He received his Doctor of Medicine degree from King's College, 8 September 1701. His entry in Officers and Graduates of University & King's College reads: "Gratis...because he's not onely our owne countreyman and at present not rich, but is recommended by the ablest and most learned Physitians in Edinburgh, as one of the best Mathematicians in Europe, and for his skill in Medecine he hath given a sufficient indication of that by his learned Tractat De Febribus, which hath made him famous abroad as well as at home, and he being just now goeing to England upon invitation from some of the members of the Royal Society, in all probability he may prove ane ornament to our Nation as well as to our Society". A similar reading was found in Fasti Aberdonenses.3,4

George Cheyne married Margaret Middleton.2

The attached appeared in the 7 October 2006 issue of New Scientist magazine.5

George Cheyne M.D. died 13 April 1743 in Bath, Somerset, England. His date of death has also been stated as April 12, 1743, at Bath, in the ElectricScotland WebSite "Cheyne" page.2

His biography appears on the following WebSites: Wikipedia; Electric Scotland; and, The University of Pennsylvania, Department of English His biography appears in the Dictionary of National Biography, Volume 4, pages 217-219.6,7

The biography of Dr. George Cheyne was included in Chalmers' Biographical Dictionary, volume 1, pages 250-255. He was also mentioned in the biographies of John Barwick, Earl Allen Bathurst, Mary Chandler and Dr. Richard Mead.8


Margaret Middleton b. c 1675


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