Bessie Cheyne

F, #2127, b. circa 1650
FatherUnlinked Cheynes in Aberdeen before the 1696 Poll
      John Udny of Newtyle and Culter Cullen and his wife (Mary Cheyne, not named) were listed with their children and tenants in Foveran Parish on the List of Pollable Persons in Aberdeenshire 1696. Their entry reads:
"A list of Pollable Persons within the Lands of Newtyle and Coulter Cullen belonging to John Udney heritor thereof. The valuatione of the said Lands is three hunder and nynty seven pund five shillings.... £397 5s 0d.
"The hundredth pairt whereof is ... £3 19s 6d.
"The said John Udney his valuatione in the said paroch being above £200, his poll is, with the generall poll of ... £9 6s 0d.
"Item, his lady, and sex children, their poll is £2 2s 0d".
On the following page are several of his tenants and at Newtyle two Cheynes were found. Bessie was under one of the five tenants in Newtyle, William Medler; and, George was under William Forbes of Craigie. [N.B.-A Christian Cheyne married a George Forbes of Craigie.] Christian (2072), Mary (13016), Bessie (2127) and George (2128) Cheynes were probably closely related.
The two entries read as follows:
"Bessie Cheyne, her generall poll is ... 6s 0d". and,
"George Cheyne, his fee £10 per annum, the fortieth pairt and generall poll is ... 11s 0d".1


  1. [S130] List of Pollable Persons in Aberdeenshire 1696, Volume 2, Presbytery of Ellon, Parish of Foveran, Pages 159 and 160. Images obtained from Google Books.