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Proudly They Served
1777 Menu - Menu for tax lists for 1777, Manor, Conestoga and Martic
American Revolution - Soldiers who served in the Revolution
War of 1812 - Soldiers who served in the War of 1812 and Mexican War
Civil War - Soldiers who served in the Civil War
Spanish American War - Soldiers who served in the Spanish American War
World War 1 - Soldiers who served in World War 1
World War II - Soldiers who served in the World War IIbr>
Korean War - Soldiers who served in the Revolution
Vietnam War - Soldiers who served in Vietnam
Desert Storm/Iraqi Freedom - Soldiers who served in Desert Storm and are still serving in Iraq

News Reports from Newspapers Covering to All Twps.
News From Conestoga Twp.
News From Manor Twp.
News From Martic Twp.
News From Pequea Twp.
News From Millersville Borough.
News From Washington Borough.

Township Histories
History of Conestoga Twp.
History of Manor Twp.
History of Pequea Twp.
History of Martic Twp.
History of Millersville

Native Americans
Shenks Ferry People

Cahs Facilities

About These Web Pages
The Organization
Harnish House
Bake Oven
Our Museum
The Black Smith Shop
W.W. 1 Monument
Atkinson House
Corporate Sponsors
Shenk Book Info.

Rev. War Index
Background information on Revolutionary War Service
Revolutionary War Soldiers from our Area
Additional lists of Revolutionary War Soldiers

Additional Maps
Conestoga Twp. - 1875
Manor Township 1875
Martic Township 1875
Pequea Township 1875
Warrant Map- Conestoga
Covered Bridges
A Map to find Us
Scott's 1824 Map of Conestoga Twp.
Scott's 1824 Map of Manor Twp.
Scott's 1824 Map of Martic Twp.
A Map of Millersville, 1854, Before the Normal School.

The 1790 Census
Conestoga Township
Manor Township
Martic Township

Images from around our Area
Martic Township
Other Images
River View Hotel, Pequea
Conestoga Township
Manor Township
Safe Harbor
Pequea Township Images To Be Added

African Americans
African Americans in Conesotga in 1850 Includes Pequea Twp.
African Americans in Washington Borough in 1850
African Americans in Manor in 1850 Includes Millersville
African Americans in Martic in 1850>

Local References in the Pa. Gazette 1730-1789

Biography of James Hendricks Early Conestoga Wagon Maker

Hess Family Cemetery Conestoga Twp.
A Letter From John Hess who maintained the Hess Cemetery for 40 years.

Tavern Petitions from Conestoga Twp.

The Dynamite Factory Explosion - 1906

The Conestoga Wagon

Our Links Page

Two Civil War Soldiers

1869 County Directory for Our Area
Conestoga Township
Manor Township and Millersville
Martic Township
Pequea Township
Washington Borough

Methodist Church Records
Methodist Records - Baptisms
Methodist Records - Marriages
Methodist Records - Funerals
Methodist Records - Members
Methodist Records - Miscellaneous

History of Conestoga Centre

Washington Boro Cemetery

In The Manor,
Where did James Letort live
The Letort Family
Time Line for Manor Twp
The Conestoga Massacre Rhoda Barber's Account
A Headless Horseman in Manor Twp.
A Poem by Henry Funk someone stole his horse.
The Manor Turnpike Company"
The Indiantow Fraud
An 1857 anti-death penalty letter to the editor
A Young Black Boy Shot
A Notice About the Disappearance of Christian Hershey
An Early Baseball Game at the Normal School.

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