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African Americans in 1850, Martic Township

This lists the African American citizens of Martic Twp. from the 1850 Census. At that time there were about 150 Black citizens here. Martic Township is one of the original townships having been created in 1729, when Lancaster County was formed.
I've included the information on African Americans from the 1850 census because I thought it important we have information about them on our pages and I was afraid the 1850 census was the only reliable source we had. I've since learned that there are a few other sources that will be included on the web page in the future.

I'm not planning a complete listing of everyone in the 1850 census, that would be far too time consuming a process. I may try to look at the number of students who attended school in 1850s, both black and white.

About these Pages: Most of the information presented here is pretty straight forward, the one exception is what I have labled Misc., this replaces three columns in the original census that asked "over 20 and can't read or write", "married in the last year"and attended school. I consolidated these three columns into one and also included the name of the head of household when an African American was living with a white family. In the cases where a White was living with a Black family he was included. I've included the house and family numbers since family are sometimes split up because by break in pages, you can use the house and family number to determine if they are part of the same familly. It also gives you a sense of who was living nearby.

One shouldn't place too much stock in what is reported here, for example, the census takers instructions was to report all people over 20 who couldn't read or write but he often included children who couldn't read and write. This source isn't perfect but its the best we have in trying to get some understanding of African Americans from our area in this time period.

House#/Family #NameAgeGender Race Occupation Property Place/BirthMisc.
Page 106a
House 520 Family 522 Alexander Walters 14 Male Black    Lancaster County Can't Read-Lives with Jacob Lemand, Innkeeper
Page 107b
House 38 Family 39 James Irvine 37 Male Black   Pa. Can't Read
Saliann Irvine 29 Fem. Black   Pa. Can't Read
Sarah Irvine 10 Fem. Black   Pa.  
Page 112a
House 98 Family 103 David Braidy 19 Male Black Farmer   Pa. 
  Maryann Braidy 14 Fem. Black   Pa. Lived with John Simpson
Page 113b
House 118 Family 124Benjamin Willis 84 Male Black Laborer  Pa.  
Mary Willis 75 Fem. Black   Pa.Can't Read
Mary Carmel 40 Fem.    Pa.Race unknown but lived with Ben. Willis
Hiram McVey 16 Male    Pa. Attended School/Race unknown but lived with Ben. Willis
Isaac Thomas 18 Male    Pa. Race unknown but lived with Ben. Willis
William Runt 8 Male    Pa. Race unknown but lived with Ben. Willis
Page 120b
House 215 Family 221 Joseph Tucker 15 Male Black   Pa. Living with David Snavely, Innkeeper
Page 121a
House 222 Family 228Job Morris 75 Male Black Laborer 550 Pa.Can't Read
Ruth Woods 45 Fem. Black   Pa. Can't Read
William Woods 22 Male Black  Pa.  
Henretta Ice15 Fem. Black   Pa.  
Jacob Ice 10 Male Black   Pa.  
House 223 Family 229John Morris 40 Male Black   Pa. Can't Read
Sarah Morris 33 Fem. Black   Pa. Can't Read
House 224 Family 230 Charles Smith 35 Male Black Laborer 100 Pa.Can't Read
Sarah Ann Smith 19 Fem. Black ..Pa. .
Page 121b
House 225 Family 231 Jacob Morris 25 Male Black Laborer   Pa. 
Lydia Ann Morris 23 Fem. Black   Pa. Can't Read
Mary Ann Morris 5 Fem. Black   Pa.  
Sarah Debra Morris 4 Fem. Black   Pa.  
Margaret Morris3Fem.Black  Pa. 
William Morris3/12MaleBlack   Pa. 
Page 122b
House 243 Family 251 Samuel Mitchel 45 Male Black Laborer Pa. Can't Read-Living with Daniel Good
Page 124a
House 263 Family 270 Washington Jackson 28 Male Black Carter  Pa.Can't Read
Rachel Jackson 28 Fem. Black   Pa. .
Samuel Jackson 6 Male Black   Pa.  
George W. Jackson 4 Male Black   Pa.  
Mary Ann Jackson 3 Fem. Black   Pa.  
House 266 Family 273 Abraham Allen 40 Male Black   MarylandCan't Read
Mary Allen 36 Fem. Black  Pa. Can't Read
House 268 Family 275 Henry Butler 23 Male Mul. Forgeman  Pa. Could be Butter
Clara Ann Butler 23 Fem. Mul.   Pa.  
Samuel Butler 1Male Mul.   Pa.  
Sarah Ann Richardson 4 Fem. Mul.   Pa.  
Page 124b
House 269 Family 277William Maxwell 27 Male Black Laborer  Pa.Living with Maria O'Donnel
Harlan Jacob 22 Male Black Laborer  Pa.Living with Maria O'Donnel
House 274 Family 280 Abraham Quomany 48 Male Black Forgeman 50 Pa.Can't Read
Mary Quomany 33 Fem. Black   Pa. Can't Read
Abraham Quomany 13 Male Black   Pa.  
Maryann Quomany 8 Fem.Black   Pa.  
Fannie Quomany2 Fem.Black   Pa.  
Page 125b
House 285 Family 291Mary Proctor 17 Fem. Black    Pa. Living with Washington Travis
Page 129a
House 333 Family 341 Samuel Richardson 39 Male Mul. Ostler Pa..
Keziah Richardson 34 Fem. Black   Pa. .
Barbara Richardson 2 Fem. Black   Pa. Can't Read
Page 130b
House 352 Family 360 Susan McDanial 48 Fem. Mul.    Pa.Can't Read
Thomas McDanial 31 Male Mul.   Pa. Lived with William McCreay
Page 131a
House 365 Family 373 David Coleman 35 Male Black    Pa.Can't Read
Fanny Jay 30 Fem. Black   Pa. Can't Read
James Parvin 1 Male Black   Pa.  
Page 131b
House 366 Family 374 Robert Richardson 51 Male Black Laborer  Pa. 
Sarah Richardson 40 Fem. Black   Pa.  
Robert Richardson 16 Male Black   Pa.  
Samuel Richardson 12 Male Black   Pa.  
Henrietta Richardson 8 Fem. Black   Pa.  
Sarah Ann Richardson 7 Fem. Black   Pa.  
Page 134a
House 392 Family 401Charley Hunter 56 Male Black   Pa.  
Page 134b
House 392 Family 401 Jane Hunter 45 Fem. Black   Pa. Can't Read
George Hunter 15 Male Black   Pa.  
Hannah Hunter 20 Fem. Black   Pa. Can't Read
Charley Hunter 29 Male Black   Pa.  
House 393 Family 402 John Sweeney 60 Male Black Laborer  Pa. 
Elizabeth Sweeney 60 Fem. Black   Pa. Can't Read
Mary Turner 29 Fem. Black   Pa. Can't Read
William Turner 32 Male Black Laborer  Pa.Can't Read
Jonathan Sweeney 18 Male Black   Pa.  
Samuel Sweeney 10 Male Black   Pa.  
Page 135a
House 404 Family 417 Lewis Fink 30 Male Black Laborer  Pa. Can't Read
Stephen Swine 6 Male Black   Pa.  
John Hill 7 Male Black   Pa.  
Daniel Turner 2 Male Black   Pa.  
Elizabeth Turner 1 Fem. Black   Pa.  
Rosanna Turner 3/12 Fem. Black   Pa.  
Page 135b
House 410 Family 423 John Woods 50 Male Black Laborer  Pa.  
Faithy Woods 50 Fem. Black   Pa.  
Daniel Woods 22 Male Black   Pa.  
Charlotte Woods 20 Fem. Black   Pa.  
Elizabeth Woods 18 Fem. Black   Pa.  
Henrietta Woods 12 Fem. Black   Pa.  
George Woods 10 Male Black   Pa.  
House 411 Family 424 John Philips 40 Male Black Laborer   Pa.Married within Year
Susan Philips 35 Fem. Black   Pa.  
Mary Philips 19 Fem. Black   Pa.  
George Philips 1 Male Black   Pa.  
Edward Ford 23 Male Black Laborer  Pa.  
William Shelton 10 Male Black   Pa.  
House 412 Family 425 Daniel Blake 50 Male BlackLaborer  Pa.  
House 413 Family 426 William Green 25 Male Black Laborer  Pa.  
Page 136a
House 413 Family 426 Sarah Green 20 Fem. Black   Pa. Can't Read
Mary Jane Green 1 Fem. Black   Pa.  
House 414 Family 427 Aaron Levi 11 Male Mul.   Pa. Living with David Cully
House 419 Family 430 Aaron Harris 10 Male Black   Pa. Living with George Cully
Page 137a
House 427 Family 441 Peter Bond 40 Male Black   Pa. Can't Read
Ellen Bond 40 Male Black   Pa. Can't Read
James Weatley 8 Male Black   Pa.  
House 430 Family 444 Adam Parker 50 Male Black   Pa. Can't Read/Living with William Ambler
House 431 Family 445 George W. Ford 16 Male Black Farmer  Pa.Attend. Sch./Living with Joseph P. Ambler
Page 138a
House 448 Family 445 Christian Styer 40 Male Mul. Laborer  Pa.Can't Read
Catharine Styer 40 Fem.   Pa.Can't Read
John Styer 14 Male    Pa.Attended School
Mary Ann Styer 12 Fem.    Pa. Attended School
James Styer 10 Male    Pa. Attended School
Catharine Styer 8 Fem.    Pa.Attended School
Sarah Styer 6 Fem.    Pa. Attended School
Charlotte Styer 2 Fem.    Pa.  

Note:Only Christian Styer is identified as a Mulatto, the rest of the family are unmarked as far as race, which usually means white.

House#/Family #NameAgeGender Race Occupation Property Place/ Birth Miscellanous                                                              
House 450 Family 464 James Anderson 80 Male Black   Pa. Can't Read
Page 138b
House 450 Family 464 Emmaline Anderson 45 Female Black   Pa.Can't Read
House 455 Family 469 John Green 62 Male Mulatto Teamster 800 Pa. Can't Read
Charles Green 13 Male Mul.   Pa.  
House 455 Family 470 Charles Wilson 43 Male Mul.   Pa. Can't Read
Elizabeth Wilson 44 Fem. Mul.   Pa.  
James A. Wilson 11 Male Mul.   Pa.  
Stephen Wilson 9 Male Mul.   Pa.  
Martha M. Wilson6 Fem. Mul.   Pa.  
Charles H. Wilson 2 Male Mul.   Pa.  
House 458 Family 473John Steward 80 Male Black Laborer Pa. Can't Read
Sophia Steward 49 Fem. Black   Pa. Can't Read
Alexander Stewart 29 Male Black Laborer  Pa. Can't Read
Page 139a
House 458 Family 473 John Stewart 19 Male Black   Pa.  
Mary Stewart 16 Male Black   Pa.  
House 459 Family 473 Charles Stewart 23 Male Black    Pa.Can't Read
Lynda Stewart 23 Fem. Mul.   Pa. Can't Read
Nancy Jane Stewart 3 Fem. Mul.   Pa.  
John Stewart 2 Male Mul.   Pa.  
Page 141b
House 497 Family 512 George Laran 40 Male Black Laborer  Pa. Can't Read
Rosanna Laran 35 Fem. Black   Pa. Can't Read
Page 142a
House 512 Family 528Charles Hutchinson60 Male Black Laborer 500 Pa. Can't Read
Nelly Hutchinson 46 Fem. Black   Pa. Can't Read
House 513 Family 529Jane Hupper 42 Fem.Black    Pa. Can't Read
Unice Smith 19 Male Black   Pa.  
Page 142b
House 513 Page 529 Hannah I. Hupper 12 Fem. Black   Pa.  
Page 143a
House 522 Family 540 Samuel Stewart 28 Male Black Laborer   Pa.Can't Read
Mary Stewart 27 Fem. Black  Pa. Can't Read
John Stewart 7 Male Black   Pa.  
Elizabeth Stewart 6 Fem. Black   Pa.  
Samuel Stewart 2 Male Black   Pa.  
Jane Stewart 4 Fem. Black   Pa.  
Alexander Stewart 2/12 Male Black   Pa.  
Page 143b
House 527 Family 437 Elizabeth Brice 45 Fem. Black  150 Pa.  
Elizabeth Brice 17 Fem. Black   Pa.  
Sarah A. Brice 14 Fem. Black   Pa.  
Emaline Brice 12 Fem. Black   Pa.  
House 527 Family 548John Archy 26 Male Black   Pa. Can't Read
Isabella Archy 24 Fem. Black   Pa.  
Mary Archy 5 Fem. Black   Pa.  
Margaret Archy 3 Fem. Black   Pa.  
Samuel Myers 27 Male White Carpenter  Pa. 
Totals 153

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