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In Pennsylvania a borough is a small mucipality with its own government. In 1823 the village of Washington, part of Manor Township became Washington Borough. In 1972 Washington Borough ceased to exist, it gave up its borough charter and reverted again to the village of Washington in Manor Township.
I've included the information on African Americans from the 1850 census because I thought it important we have information about them on our pages and I was afraid the 1850 census was the only reliable source we had. I've since learned that there are a few other sources that will be included on the web page in the future.
I'm not planning a complete listing of everyone in the 1850 census, that would be far too time consuming a process. I may try to look at the number of students who attended school in 1850s, both black and white.

About these Pages: Most of the information presented here is pretty straight forward, the one exception is what I have labled Misc., this replaces three columns in the original census that asked "over 20 and can't read or write", "married in the last year"and attended school. I consolidated these three columns into one and also included the name of the head of household when an African American was living with a white family. When a White was living with an African American family he was just listed as part of the family. I've included the house and family numbers since family are sometimes split up because by break in pages, you can use the house and family number to determine if they are part of the same familly. It also gives you a sense of who was living nearby.

One shouldn't place too much stock in what is reported here, for example, the census takers instructions was to report all people over 20 who couldn't read or write but he often included children who couldn't read and write. This source isn't perfect but its the best we have in trying to get some understanding of African Americans from our area in this time period.

African Americans in Washington Borough

House#/Family #NameAgeGender Race Occupation Property Place/BirthMisc.
Page 194a
House 4 Family 4 Samuel Bom 80 Male Black  40 Pa. Can't Read
Isabella Bom 70 Fem. Black   Pa.Can't Read
Samuel Bom 14 Male Black   Pa.Attended School
Clara Bom 40 Fem. Black   Pa.  
Page 194b
House 16 Family 16 Edward StevensonNo Age Male Black Laborer 300 Pa.  
Maria Stevenson No Age Fem. Black   Pa. Can't Read
House 17 Family 17Christian Hardeman 32 Male Mul. Laborer 350 Pa.  
Ann Hardeman 24 Fem. Mul.   Pa.  
Henry Hardeman 1/12 Male Mul.   Pa.  
Catharine Morris 8 Fem. Mul.   Pa.  
Henry Williams 46 Male Mul.   Pa. Blind
Dwelling 17 Family 18 Jane Hardeman5 Fem. Mul.   Pa. Can't Read
Page 195a
House 17 Family 18 Ephraim Hardeman 20 Male Mul.   Pa. Can't Read
Page 196a
Dwelling 35 Family 41 Sulphey Ann Stevenson 54 Fem. Black    MarylandCan't Read

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