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African Americans in Manor Twp. and Millersville in 1850

This lists the African American citizens of Manor Twp. from the 1850 Census. In 1850 Millersville was part of Manor Twp, there were about 34 African Americans in Manor and 7 in Millersville. I wanted to make sure our web page included information about them. I thought the 1850 census to be the only reliable source of information about them but have since found more information which will also be included on the web page. I'm not planning to include the rest of the 1850 census on these web pages, it would be far more work than I can handle but I might look into the number of Whites and Blacks who attended school in 1850.

About these Pages: Most of the information presented here is pretty straight forward, the one exception is what I have labled Misc., this replaces three columns in the original census that asked "over 20 and can't read or write", "married in the last year"and attended school. I consolidated these three columns into one and also included the name of the head of household when an African American was living with a white family. I've included the house and family numbers since family are sometimes split up because by break in pages, you can use the house and family number to determine if they are part of the same familly. It also gives you a sense of who was living nearby.

One shouldn't place too much stock in what is reported here, for example, the census takers instructions was to report all people over 20 who couldn't read or write but he often included children who couldn't read and write. This source isn't perfect but its the best we have in trying to get some understanding of African Americans from our area in this time period.

House#/Family #NameAgeGenderRace OccupationProperty Place/BirthMisc.
Page 154a
House 138 Family 139Adam Williams 18MaleMul. Laborer  Pa. Living with Jacob Witmer
Page 156a        
House 164 Family 167Isaac Williams16 Male Mul.Laborer  Pa.Lived with Charles Bender
Page 164a
House 277 Family 281 David Meixel 26 Male Black Laborer  Pa. Can't Read
Elizabeth Meixel 20 Fem. Black   Pa.  
Sarah Smith 8 Fem. Black   Pa.  
Henry Smith 6 Male Black   Pa. 
Margaret Meixel 3 Fem. Black   Pa.  
Mary E. Meizel 7/12 Fem. Black   Pa.  
Jane Meizel 90 Fem. Black   Maryland Can't Read
House 277 Family 282 Samuel Howard 26 Male Black    Maryland 
Sarah Howard 25 Fem.Black   Maryland Can't Read
Ann Parker 35 Fem. Black   Maryland Can't Read
 Lewis Parker 26 Male    Maryland  
Page 167b
House 317 Family 324 Urias Hill 27 Male Mul.Laborer  Pa.  
 Mary Hill 30 Fem. Mul.  Pa. 
 Leah Hill 2 Fem. Mul.   Pa.  
 Samuel Hill 1/12 Male Mul.   Pa.  
House 318 Family 325 Benjamin Johnson 58 Male Black Laborer 300 Virginia Can't Read
Sarah Johnson 42 Fem. Black   Pa. Can't Read
Benjamin Johnson 13 Male Black   Pa. Attended School
Sarah Johnson 11 Fem. Black   Pa. Attended School
Susan Johnson 6 Fem. Black   Pa.  
Ann Johnson 4 Fem. Black   Pa.  
Barbara Johnson 1 Fem. Black   Pa.  
House 320 Family 327 Joseph Martin 25 Male Mul. Laborer  Pa. Can't Read
Margaret Martin 18 Fem. Mul.   Pa.Can't Read
Page 168a
House 326 Family 333 Peter Albert 47 Male Black Laborer 500 Jersey Can't Read
House 328 Family 335 James Durning 46 Male Mul. Carpenter 100 Pa. Can't Read
Fanny Yelest 49 Fem. Mul.   Pa. Can't Read
Mary Yelest 19 Fem. Mul.   Pa.Can't Read
Christian Yelest 22 Male Mul. Laborer  Pa. Can't Read
House 329 Family 336 Abraham Hunsinger 28 Male Mul. Laborer  Pa. Can't Read
Mary Yelest 15 Fem. Mul.   Pa. Can't Read
House 330 Family 337 Daniel Stump 28 Male Mul.Laborer 100 Pa.Can't read
Mary Strickler 25 Fem. Mul.   Pa. Can't Read
Sarah B. Comly 8 Fem. Mul.   Pa.  
Page 179b
House 491 Family 502 Mary Faces 93 Fem. Black    Pa. 
   Millerstown (Millersville)      
Page 189a
House 36 Family 36 William Walker 43 Male Black Laborer 600 Pa. Can't Read
Anna Walker 42 Fem. Black   Pa.Can't Read
Henry Walker 19 Male BlackLaborer  Pa.  
William Walker 17 Male Black  Pa.Attended School
Page 189b
House 36 Family 36Kuziah Walker 12 Fem. Black   Pa. Attended School
Mary Walker 4 Fem. Black   Pa.  
Page 192a
House 76 Family 78 Richard Miller 20 Male Black Laborer   MarylandCan't Read/Lived with Benjamin Browand
Totals43 (36 Manor 7 Millersville)        

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