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I'm trying to find the death record for John Allen in Santa Fe, NM. I know he died in Santa Fe County, Santa Fe, NM but I don't know
when. I also want to know where he is buried. Marie Moceri email

I am looking for any information about my Mother's first cousin, Walter Campbell, who was a Western writer who wrote under the name of Stanley Vestal. He lived in Santa Fe in the late
1930s until, I believe the 1950s. He had a Creative Writing Course at the Universaity of Oklahoma, at Norman, Oklahoma; but it is the location of his house in Santa Fe that interests me. I understand that it was the last Homestead, the Patent of which was signed by F.D.R. in 1937. It was located some eight miles from Santa Fe. called Bird Hill, originally Cerro Pajarito, according to  records that I have. It was full of wonderful boulders, pine trees, and had a great view. I believe to the
south east of Santa Fe. Any information would be very gratefully appreciated. email

 I am researching my family tree and have documented and  traced back to Gregorio Crespin b.abt. 1707 who married Maria Rosalia Blea in
1794. Gregorio was living in Santa Fe all of his life. The problem I am facing is documenting Gregorios parents. Fray Angilico Chavez (1910-1996), Origins of New Mexico Families in the Spanish Colonial Period, Jose Esquibel's Book, The Royal Road and others state that Cristobal Crespin is likely his father, however when researching Cristobals family line I see that his family (according to the LDS records) is the son of Miguel de la Cruz de Lara and Juana de Ancizo from Zacatecas Mexico but the surnames do not match. I am finding conflicting information from this era as to whether:
1 - is Cristobal Crespin the father of Gregorio Crespin and if so, who was the mother  and where can I find documentation of this - and -
2 - was Cristobal  Crespin actually Cristobal de la Cruz Crespin (as Joseph Crespin son of  Gregorio Crespin was listed in baptismal and census records as Jose de la Cruz Crespin as well as Jose and Josef Crespin) since the parents were Miguel de la Cruz de Lara and Juana de Ancizo? Kirk Crespin email

I'm looking for information on the following families in Santa Fe area--an area
named Agua Fria which is close to La Cienega: Juan Domingo Gonzales who married Rosa Sandoval (app. 1820). Juan Montoya who married Antonia Giron (app. 1820) Thank you for providing any information on these families. Pat Sanchez Rau

I'm looking for the location of the death and burial of my great grandfather, Electious Hays, in the year 1901. Thank you. Linda Ernst Email

Agnes Misner (Meisner)Hoaglan(d) used to own a store in White Lakes New Mexico. She is buried in a grave at the old Galisteo cemetery. Any info.? email

I am looking for the father of Bartolome Lobato born about 1760 in Santa Fe.
He was married to Balvenda Casillias.
Thank You. Denise Lobato-Duran

I am looking for the parents of Jose Antonio Lopez.  He married Maria Margarita Roybal in
1758 at San Ildefonso.  They had a son named Ygnacio Lopez.  Their marriage
records did not indicate their parents.  It looks as though Jose Antonio
Lopez was a soldier.  If anybody has any information on him please let me
know.  Thank you.  Matthew Lopez email

I am looking for information on my ancestors on my father's side of the family. I am looking for birth/death information on Jose Lino Lucero and Aniceta Herrera his wife. My great parents circa 1840 in Pena Blanca, Sandoval Country. I am also looking for birth/death information on my grandfather Jose Lino Lucero, circa 1860. I know that my grandfather Jose Lino married my grandmother Herculeana Montano of Santa Fe in Santa Fe in 1882. This union produced two children, my aunt Rosenda Lucero born 1884 and my father Alberto Lucero born in 1885. My grandfather was killed by lightning in 1885 when my father was about 1 month old. My grandmother Herculeana died probably at child birth with my father or shortly thereafter. My father Alberto and his sister Rosenda were raised by my grandmother Hurculeana's brother Sixto Montano in Santa Fe. Seferino Lucero email

Evaristo Trujillo married to Pablita 1800's lived in Espanola, NM.  Believed to have purchased land From the Guadalupe-Hidalgo Land Grant.  Pablita died +/- 1940's at 102 years of age.  Evaristo was the post master in Pojaque NM in 1904 - their Daughter Delfina Trujillo married Juan Jose Lujan Lived in Espanola NM had 3 or 4 sons and several daughters - We are trying to put the pieces together from the 1800-about 1935 re: family history and the Land grant Purchase - any help
would be great . email

I am searching for the parents of my 3rd. great grandfather. His name was Bernardino Martin Maese AKA Bernardino de sena Martin Maese. The de sena part of his name was added because his parents wanted to name him after Saint Bernardin of Sienna and was not a surname. His father's surname was Martin (perhaps Martin Serrano) and his Mothers surname was Maese.
He was born ca.1743 in what was at that time (Santa Fe New Spain now Santa Fe New Mexico), he was married twice first to Maria Apolonia Garcia on !/6/1764, his second marriage was to Maria Juana Lopez AKA Juana Rosalia Lopez on 9/24/1785 she was the widow of the soldier Jose Ortiz. Please if anyone who reads this query has information or suggestions please respond by Email or to my street address at 1661 Cerro Gordo Rd.Santa Fe New Mexico 87501 Sincerely Carlos Martinez SR. email

SALAZAR Any knowledge regarding this family, additional siblings, reasons they settled in north-central New Mexico and where they originated is appreciated.
richhart@kingmanaz.net Glory Bee

JOSE BERNARDO SALAZAR, conquistador 1588 -
................................. 6 JuanJose- de SANTA FE -conquistador 1670 -
........................................ 7 FRANCISCO SALAZAR--conquistador 1630 -
Chamita, Rio Arriba, NM.......... 8 ENRIQUE de SALAZAR 1700 -
....................................................... 9 DEMETRIO JULIAN de SALAZAR 1750 -
.............................................................. 10 JULIAN LORENZO de SALAZAR 1780 -
.................................................................... +MARIA de las MERCEDES de SANDOVAL y SALAZAR
..................................................................... 11 JUAN FRANCISCO ESTEBAN de SANDOVAL y SALAZAR 1800 -
........................................................................... +MARIA del CARMELITA VALDEZ y SALAZAR
14 children total to JFE and Carmelita..
............................................................................ 12 CARLOS SALAZAR
............................................................................ 12 FELIPE SALAZAR
.............................................................................12Juan Eusevio Salazar
.............................................................................12 ANTONIO "Tonio" SALAZAR
..............................................................................12 Antonio de Jesus Salazar 1827-----
............................................................................ 12 PEDRO IGNACIO SALAZAR 1831 - 1897
............................................................................ 12 MIGUEL SALAZAR, SR
............................................................................ 12 LIBRIDO SALAZAR
............................................................................ 12 VINCENTA SALAZAR
............................................................................ 12 TULA SALAZAR
............................................................................ 12 GUADALUPE "LUPE" SALAZAR
............................................................................ 12 JUAN CANDIDO "JC" SALAZAR
............................................................................. 12 Maria de la Regugio Salazar Cantu

Trying to locate any possible information about my Great-Grandfather, Patrick O'Beirne. Patrick and his wife, Mary (Healy) were residents in Sante Fe for at least 10 years, maybe longer. My best guess would be from at least 1883 through 1895. They had 3 of their 4 children in Santa Fe. Patrick was originally from Ireland and came to the US in about 1865. Met and married Mary in Rawlins, Wyoming. I don't know how long they lived there but I do know their oldest child, Margaret was born in 1883 in Santa Fe. The other 2 children were Charles and John. The only hard evidence I have is a copy of John's marriage papers stating he took his religious training at St. Annes. Patrick eventually worked for the railroads but understand he also did some mining work. They were all Catholic so there should be records of baptisms and perhaps some other age appropriate sacraments on record. Could anyone advise on what other resources I might try? Any/all advice would be welcome. Please email me at  email Thank you, Patty O'Beirne

The ORTIZ history that I am interested in started with the Re-colonization ~ 1695 (de Vargas Expedition?) and family settled around Sante Fe and then moved North to Costilla, NM (Taos County).  I am trying to make the link between Alejo ORTIZ (Son of Blas Antonion ORTIZ) and my Grand father Eloy ORTIZ and his father Juan ORTIZ. On the VIGIL side, I have that Genealogy link back to Lucas Montes VIGIL (Spain 1540).  The Vigil side (Francisco Montes VIGIL) was also on the 1695 Expedition and settled around Santa Cruz, NM  and later moved to the San Luis Valley (Costilla Cnty, CO) .  email

Looking for Montena Cooper Nicholson d. after 1960, b. 1888. Lived in Hatch and Curry NM. Son, J. Ralph Nicholson was optometrist in Santa Fe, attended Immanuel Lutheran church. Trying to find where Tena was born and who her mother is (maybe who her father is). Keli Houston email

Research on Jacinto SANCHEZ descendents and Pedro DURAN Y CHAVEZ . Santa Fe to Bernalillo To Albuquerque to Tome and Los CHAVEZ to Cebolleta to Tucmcari to Puerto de Luna and back to Santa Fe. REV. FR.
Bill Sanchez

Ruperto Sandoval married Candelaria Tapia.  Ruperto is buried in Madrid, NM and Candelaria is buried in Rosario Cemetary in Santa Fe.  Would like help in locating my GGrandparent's tombstones.

Nellie De Lee married Francis (Frank) SCHERRUEBLE. Their son was John Emmanuel Scherrueble who was born on August 22, 1900 in Madrid, New Mexico. Nellie was from Ireland. Francis was from Germany. They met and married in Chicago, Illinois, then they moved to New Mexico where John was born. They relocated to Moffat County, Colorado. She may have moved back to New Mexico around 1920. Information regarding this family would be so greatly appreciated! 
Kathy (Scherrueble) Ellis Everett

I am looking for information about Ramon Sena y Garcia. He can be found on page 588 of the 1860 census, county of Santa Fe, city of Santa Fe. John Sena email

I am looking for information on Buenoventura (Ventura) Trujillo and his wife Maria Gertrudis Gonzales. They were born ca. 1800 in San Miguel del Bado (Vado), Pecos Mission, New Mexico. I would like to know the names of their parents and where they originated. Also, am searching for Juan Jose Romero (Romo) b-about 1791-Chama, d-1832. Maria Ignacia Vigil b-1794-Chama, d-1832. They were married July, 1812 in Santa Clara. I would especially like to know the names of their parents and where they were born. Am also researching my great grandfather, Jesus Maria Romero (Romo) and Basillia Arragon. He was born in El Rancho, New Mexico on 4-9-1829. I don't have any information on my great grandmother whatsoever. I really would like to know something about her. I think she died in approximately 1911. If you can help me with any of these names, I would be deeply appreciative. Please e-mail me if you have any information.
Thank you. Dee Trujillo Habeck

Sierra County Queries To Top of Page

Mollie Myrtle Clifton m Levi Chester Anderson in Chaves County in 1903 and had at least one child in Hanover NM.
Any further info contact me at email. Thank you

Antonio Archuleta married Maria Trinidad Maese. Their children included Manuel De Jesus and Maria Gertrudis, there may be more children. Manuel De Jesus married Maria G. Trujillo on 9/11/1811 in Ojo Calinete, NM by the Santo De Thomas de Abiquiu church. I am looking for the parents of Antonio Archuleta and of his wife, Maria Trinidad Maese. I believe they remained in Northern New Mexico in El Rito / Ojo Caliente. Most of my family records for the Archuleta are in Ojo Caliente, NM email

I am looking for information on the following people:
Vidal APODACA listed in the 1880 census in Dona Ana County (Chamberino) and also in the 1900 census for Sierra County (Derry). Born about 1934. He was married to Daria MARTINEZ, born about 1853, and had 6 children, that I know of: Tomasa born in October 1871 and married Jose MARTINEZ (their children:Luis Flores born 1891, Pedro born 1897, Nestora born 1899, and Tomas Martinez born in 1900); Melquiades, born about 1869; Maria, born about 1870; Luz, born about 1868; Eligio, born 1875, wifes name was Juliana; Guadalupe APODACA born December 1881, married Ramona DURAN who was born about 1884 and later died due to the Spanish influenza outbreak. I do not know whether or not they had children, but would like to know if they did. My great-grandfather, Guadalupe, then married Basilia APODACA, born in 1898 in Dona Ana County. Her family lived in Hatch/Rincon/Derry.
It is not yet known whether or not Basilia and Guadalupe were related. Basilias parents were Victoriano APODACA, born about 1876 and Felisita LOBATO, born about 1880. Together they had 7 children, that I know of: Basilia, born in 1898; Isidra; Inocente; Ernesto; Roberto, born September 1905; Apolonia; Fransisca, born June 04, 1902. Fransisca married Tomas MARTINEZ, who was the son of Guadulupes sister Tomasa.
Victoriano's mother is listed as Refugia "Cuca" LOVATO, born about 1854. Guadalupe, was at one time a judge, or justice of the peace and also a mail carrier. Many members of this family are found in the Sierra County census of 1900 in Derry. If anyone has any info at all, about any of the above mentioned names, please email me. Thanks, Stephanie Apodaca email

Does anyone have information regarding the deaths and burial places in Sierra County of Guy and Docia Dodd BROCAW. Deaths probably were sometime in the 1950's. Thank you. Donna Dodd Black

Am seeking information on the fatal fire in Arrey NM at the McNutt farm that occured on or about 3/19/1943 that killed Preston McNutt and two of his children.Any information is highly appreciated. email

MONTOYA / NEPOMUCENO / TRUJILLO / BACA Re: 106 year old Citizen
Juan Montoya was born in November, 1803. He died in either 1909 or 1910. Cañada Alamosa, New Mexico (Monticello since 1881) was his home for much of his life. On 8 June 1839, in Socorro, he married María Leonarda Trujillo, born 12 April 1826 in Socorro, daughter of José Desiderio Maríano Trujillo and Juana Rita Baca. Juan and María Montoya had the following children:
Juan Nepomuceno, born in 1842, Donaciano, born in 1844, Sotero, born in 1858.
Certainly Juan Montoya has to be one of New Mexico's longest living citizens. He is my wife's great, great grandfather, but we are trying to find out who his parents and siblings were. We believe he may have come from either Tomé or Isleta. Please contact me if you have any information about Juan Montoya. Muchas Gracías!

I am looking for several Pendergrass families burial locations. I also need information on any of these individuals. Any help is appreciated. 
William Albert Pendergrass b. Eastland Co., Tx b. 6 Sept 1878 d. Sierra Co., New Mexico 10 Feb 1958
Fannie Lee Pendergrass b.21 Jan 1877 Lingleville, Erath Co. Tx  d. 18 Nov 1964  Sierra Co., New Mexico
Vera Pendergrass b. 23 July 1902 Erath Co., Tx.  d. 27 Feb. 1977  Sierra Co. NM
Clyde Henry Pendergrass b 26 Sept 1904  Erath Co., Tx. d. 16 1969  Truth or Consequences, Sierra Co. NM   Thank you. Norma Lee Mayben  


Socorro County Queries To Top of Page

I'm looking for Longino Mora born abt 14 apr 1848 in Socorro, New Mexico.  I'm also looking for a Andres Alderete married to a Natividad Apodoca. It is said the Andres had a twin brother named Benjamin. Natividad is buried in Valencia county. Andres and Natividad had at least on child that i know of Eloise A Alderete. born in Polvadera, New Mexico email


Antonio Archuleta married Maria Trinidad Maese. Their children included Manuel De Jesus and Maria Gertrudis, there may be more children. Manuel De Jesus married Maria G. Trujillo on 9/11/1811 in Ojo Calinete, NM by the Santo De Thomas de Abiquiu church. I am looking for the parents of Antonio Archuleta and of his wife, Maria Trinidad Maese. I believe they remained in Northern New Mexico in El Rito / Ojo Caliente. Most of my family records for the Archuleta are in Ojo Caliente, NM email

Socorro County, New Mexico - Looking for info on Lee BROWN who married Josefa GARCIA in the 1890s. They lived in and around San Marcial, Socorro County, New Mexico. her parents were said to be Jose GARCIA and Maria SALAS. Need info on Lee BROWN's family and also the GARCIA and SALAS families. Lori Salim email

Chavez / Rayetas
We are looking for information on the family of Rayetas, the wife of David Chavez of Chico Springs, Colfax County, NM. As of the
1900 census Rayetas was no longer alive. Different lines of this family were known to have moved to Mora county, Socorro County, and even into Colorado. Some of Rayetas' family members died at young adult ages, and were known to suffer from severe headaches. I was told one of Rayetas' daughters, Tomasa Chavez died in 1920 at the age of 22. Rayetas was dead by the age of 27. We do not have a surname for Rayetas, nor have any idea if any other family members suffered from severe headaches or brain tumors. It may be a genetic condition. Please contact Clarissa at henpeckerssociety@earthlink.net  and/or Tom at tvc1@sbcglobal.net  if you have any information to help track the family lines in question. Thanks! email

Socorro County, New Mexico.  Seeking info about my great-great maternal grandparents: Juan A. CHAVEZ and spouse Victoria A., both born around 1790-1800 and living in Lemitar during the 1850 Census. Victoria's maiden name may have BACA or CHAVEZ,  since our family has a preponderance of Chavez-Chavez and Chavez-Baca marriages. Their daughter may have been Rufina who was born about 1843 and married Teodosio CHAVEZ of Peralta, New Mexico (Valencia County). Also, my grandfather, Juan C. CHAVEZ, was one of the first pastor's of the Methodist Church in Socorro, New Mexico.  Thanks.  John E. Chávez email

Malcolm CAMERON (born 19 October 1873 Glasgow, Lanark, Scotland) was appointed Postmaster of San Marcial 23 October 1913. His wife Elizabeth Fitzgerald CAMERON (born 16 April 1881 Clinton, Dewitt Count, Illinois) was appointed Acting Postmaster 21 June 1915, as Malcolm was arrested and jailed in Santa Fe 30 October 1915. The charge was related to the US Mail.
At that time they had one child, Allan Fitzgerald CAMERON (born 4 August 1906 Casper, Natrona County, Wyoming) and I have assumed they were living in San Marcial. Malcolm's prison record states that he is an "Editor" and printer. To date I have been unable to identify any newspaper that he edited. His trial was held 12 November 1915. Any help with published information about the trial. identification of a Socorro County paper which he edited, or any relative information about the family would be much appreciated. Nancy Cameron Armstrong

Arley T. Stewart, born: unknown spouse: Rosa Jean Johnson child: Arley Trafton Stewart, born 1908 in Texas married Ruby Lea Leslie/Lesley, born 1913 at White Oaks Robert Leslie spouse: Elizabeth Rebecca "Ruhaney Elizabeth Ann" Ward child: Lisha Leslie married Minnie English.
Thanks, Pat Stewart

I would like any information on these people: 
Jose Sostenes GARCIA married in Socorro County, NM on December 1, 1877 
to Maria SALAS born before 1877 (vecina de Paraje, New Mexico) (died after 1911)
His parents: Benigno GARCIA and Maria VACA.
Her parents: Jose SALAS and Manuela VACA Thank you for any help! email

I'm seeking information about my grandfather Estanilao Montoya Luna .email

My gg grandfather, Henry Edward Penney, was a Deputy Sheriff in Socorro, NM before 1890.  Looking for any info that might help trace when he was there.  He later lived and Died (1890)in Bisbee, AZ.  Any information would be appreciated.  thanks...email

Looking for (E.M.) Erastus Marion Phillips and his wife Mildred Mathilda Phillips, children: Blanch, Sam, Ella, Herbert, Marion,
Albert, and Mildred Marion Phillips. Karen Smith, email

Soldier (William?) Stretch, apparently stationed in Texas c1853-1856 and New Mexico c1858-1863; married by 1853 Mary (Mooney?), born c1827-1834, Ireland, who died 25 August 1881, Fort Randall, Todd Co., Dakota Territory after marrying 2. by 1870 John H. McLaughlin. 
1860 Fort Craig, Socorro Co., NM, 714: Mary Strech, 33, Ireland; Susana, 7, TX; Katrina, 4, TX; John, 2, NM; Maryann, 4/12, NM. That fits for the family on the 1870 census at Fort Larned, Kansas; the children then were identified as McLaughlin and Mary was a laundress.
Who was Mary's first husband? Where was he on the 1860 census? What was his military service? Did he participate in the Battle of Valverde in 1862? When and where was  he born, married, died, buried? Sally email

Searching for any info on Maria VACA, Manuela VACA, Benigno GARCIA, Jose SALAS. Manuela VACA married Jose SALAS and had a daughter Maria SALAS. Maria VACA married Beni(g)no Garcia and had a son Jose Sostenes Garcia. Their children, Jose S. Garcia and Maria Salas married Dec. 1, 1877 Padrinos were Jose VACA and Concicion GRIEGO matrimonies info mentions Paraje. Jose S. GARCIA and Maria SALAS lived near San Marcial later. Thank you, Lori Salim email

 Taos County Queries To Top of Page

Am seeking information from anyone in the following counties. Colfax, Mora, Harding, Union, and Taos counties. I'm searching for a baptism and marriage record for JOSE EULOGIO AGUILAR. Born approximately in 1854. He married Maria Gracia Leyba in approximately 1879. Maria Gracia Leyba was baptized in Penasco in 1857. All I know is that g-grandma Graica Leyba went to Trinidad, Colorado as a housekeeper for her brothers and met JOSE EULOGIO AGUILAR and they married and moved back to Ojo Sarco, New Mexico in the Penasco, Taos County, New Mexico area.
They baptized their children in the San Antonio Church, Penasco, Taos, County, New Mexico. I have already searched the Picuris, Penasco New Mexico, and Trinidad, Colorado LDS baptism and marriage records and have not found either a baptism or marriage record. Any help will be appreciated. I also heard that JOSE EULOGIO AGUILAR may have been a Presbyterian, however I believe that he was probably baptized Catholic and doubtful that they married in the Presbyterian faith since Maria Gracia Leyba was Catholic and their children were baptized and raised Catholic. Please email to: tweetyaguilar@hotmail.com Thank you.

My father Manuel Archuleta son of Bonifacio Archuleta,from Cerro New Mexico. Manuel Married Esther Celia Romero, Costilla NM at Alamosa Colo.on 26 Dec. 1925. I am trying to attempt to go beyond my grandfather Bonifacio Archuleta, where he came from, his parents etc.Anyone haveng info, please let me know.  Thanks... Roy Archuleta email

(Maria) NOVERTA ARCHULETA was a captured Ute maiden who was adopted and raised by a Mexican family.  Her adopted parents were Jose Miguel ARCHULETA and Maria Isabel CASADOS.  Noverta married (Jose) CORNELIO LUCERO.  They lived in Conejos county, which was on the NM/CO. border before moving to Lincoln county where their daughter, Benina, married Andrew McNeely RICHARDSON. Looking for information on any of these families.  email

Hello my name is Nate and i am looking for my grandmother's
heritage, simply to know where I came from. Her name was
Aurelia Lucero . She was Tewa/ Ute Indian from the Co/NM border area . Her daughter 's name was Julia Lucero / married to a Roger Archuleta . Aurelia  Lucero married a man who's name is either Stevenson or Richards/ Richardson. Some of this history may not be completly accurate, however if you have any further info . plz email me. email

My family's name in New Mexico is BACHICHA. I can find very little about them except the census records and baptismal dates. I searched every cemetery in and around Taos and Arroyo Seco and found no graves at all. I also tried cemeteries in Colorado, my grandfather Romulo BACHICHA was in Colorado in 1920. He was 70 and no graves there either! Were they Pueblo Indians, and if so, have different traditions? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you.Bobbi Grove

Hello, I'm researching Luciana Chavez b. late 1700s in New Mexico, not sure where exactly. She married Rafael Montoya in Taos in 1808. Her parents were listed on her marriage record as Antonio Chavez and Candelaria Maldonado. I would love to find Luciana's baptism record or any other information for her and her family. Any information would be appreciated.
Thank you, Tonya Newton

I have been researching the Herrera, Montoya, Cordova, and Sandoval names for some time. I would like some info on the Herrera, Montoya, and Sandoval names from Mora, Taos and Colfax Counties. email

I'm searching for any information EDYTHE S. COBBE - born  about 1908. Father George Cobbe - born about 1886 in Minn.  Had two brothers, Charles and George Jr.  Edythe served in the WAC - later the women's Air Force. She was an artist, worked in copper. Her parents ran the Sagebrush Inn in Taos during the 1940's. Her married name maybe "Lucero".  Any information would be appreciated. Alice L. Luckhardt email

We are looking for information on Casimiro Fernandez (1872-1930 est.) child of Santiago Fernandez (1832 approximate - 1930's) Wife of Casimiro was Ursula Cordoba (1895-1930 est.).  They were married in Herder Stock Ranch around 1912. Ursula was a Taos Pueblo Indian.
Joe Fernandez  email 

Looking for ancestors and descendants of Maximiano Graham, born in New Mexico and Died in New Mexico: Descendants of Maximiano Graham.
1 Maximiano Graham b: August 15, 1884 in Talpa, Taos County, New Mexico d: 1957 in Talpa, Taos County, NM .. +Maria Paz Torres b: May 05, 1893 in Taos County, NM d: March 07, 1991 in Hutchinson, Kansas m: June 06, 1908 in Mora, NM 
2 Filiberto Graham b: June 05, 1911 in Taos, NM ... +Emerenciana Maria Romo b: August 23, 1914 in Talpa, NM d: April 03, 2001 in Farmington, San Juan Co., NM m: December 27, 1935 in Taos, NM 
3 MARY IDA GRAHAM b: September 30, 1936 in Taos, NM .. +Onorio Arellano b: in Taos, NM m: Bef. 1957 in Taos, NM 
*2nd Husband of MARY IDA GRAHAM: ... +Lloyd Albert Elze b: August 22, 1938 in Wescliffe, CO m: March 01, 1958 in Taos, NM
*3rd Husband of MARY IDA GRAHAM: ... +Ralph Edward Spurlin b: December 03, 1939 in Mayfield, Oklahoma m: September 05, 1969 in Aztec, NM 
3 Carlos Benjamin Graham b: March 24, 1940 in Taos, NM ... +Lucille Angela Hernandez b: February 24, 1944 m: Bef. 1963 in Farmington, NM
3 Antonio Maria GRAHAM b: December 14, 1941 in Taos, NM ... +Delvina Virginia Shay b: October 16, 1946 in Farmington, NM m: August 31, 1964 in Farmington, NM 
3 Arnold Marcellano GRAHAM b: September 21, 1946 in Taos, NM ... +Marcia Vitalia Serrano b: December 26, 1949 in Farmington, NM m: November 15, 1969 in Farmington, NM  
3 Juanita Eliria GRAHAM b: October 18, 1946 in Taos, NM ... +Oscar Sol 
*1st Husband of Juanita Eliria GRAHAM: ... +Bruce Wayne Carter b: 1948
*2nd Husband of Juanita Eliria GRAHAM: ... +James Herbert Robinson b: May 09, 1954 in California m: Abt. 1975 in El Paso, Texas
3 Monica Manuelita GRAHAM b: February 12, 1950 in Taos, NM ... +Eugenio Sandoval b: January 29, 1949 in Farmington, NM m: June 19, 1971 in Farmington, NM
3 Sara Darline GRAHAM b: July 02, 1953 in Taos, NM ... +Steven Onesimo Jr Armenta b: August 15, 1953 in Farmington, NM m: June 06, 1970 in Farmington, NM
2 Emma Graham b: May 02, 1915 in Taos, NM d: September 08, 1991 in Hutchinson, Kansas ... +Reuben Perea 
2 Eduardo Graham b: September 05, 1917 in Taos, NM ... +Dorothy Garcia b: September 01, 1922 in Hutchinson, Kansas d: May 08, 1998 in Hutchinson, Kansas m: September 10, 1949 in Hutchinson, KS
3 Randy Graham b: Abt. 1955
2 Alphonso Graham b: February 28, 1921 in Dawson, NM ... +Angie E. b: in Taos County, New Mexico 
3 Harold Graham ... +Joanne
2 Vergie Eduvigen Graham b: June 24, 1923 in Taos, NM ... +Eloy Gonzales
3 Rita Gonzales b: April 22, 1961 in Pueblo, Colorado ... +Ben Mendoza
*2nd Husband of Rita Gonzales:... +Byron Brown b: June 22, 1959 in Colorado Springs, CO m: Jan. 01, 1999 in Pueblo
3 Richard Gonzales b: January 21, 1956 in Pueblo, Colorado
3 Sally Gonzales b: August 04, 1949 in Pueblo, Colorado ... +Wilford Glade
2 Doroteo Graham b: December 01, 1931 in Taos, NM ... +Mary m: Aft. 1970
3 Bruce Dean Graham
3 Gail Graham
2 Hugh Graham ... +Polly
Anyone wishing to share information, please contact me at Hennye@adelphia.net Thanks, Henny Elze

I'm looking on information on Pablo Antonio GRIEGO, and his second wife, Maria Soledad CRUZ - my g-g-g-grandparents.  They were married on 08 March, 1841.  I believe they lived in Taos (perhaps Talpa or Ranchos).  I have the date of Pablo's birth (27 January, 1786).  I would like a list of their children, Soledad's birth and death info, and Pablo's death info, if possible! If it helps in identifying him, Pablo's first wife was Maria Petrona GARCIA. Also, I'd love to have anything on Pablo's parents.  All I know is their names:  Nicolas GRIEGO and Maria Rosa Antonia DOMINGUES. If there is anything on Soledad's parents, that would be wonderful, as well.
Thanks so much. Karen email

 Looking for Information on Maria Miliana Guara-DOB-1852 in Taos, New Mexico. She was the child of Juan Del Carmen Guara and his 1st wife, Maria Manuela Martines. If possible seeking, information on her marriage date and any information about her husband (LUIS DOMINGO SILVA). She was his 2nd wife. They had 8 children. Maria Miliana Guara and Luis Domingo Silva are my Great Grandparents. To my Knowledge some of their children were born in New Mexico. Many THANKS in advance.  Virginia email 

Fernando Herrera was my husbands great grandfather. Fernando was Born July 2, 1836 in Santa Cruz de La Canada to Pedro Alcantara De Herrera, and Celedonia Archuleta. Fernando married Maria Juliana Martin in 1856, and they had 8 girls and 4 boys. A daughter Manuela born August 20, 1866 in Santa Cruz was my husbands grandmother also known as Manuelita. The family later moved to Ruidoso, Lincoln County, NM where Manuela married James R. Salsberry (spelling vary's) (my husbands grandfather) in the mid 1890's. I would like any information when Fernando De Jesus De Herrera and Juliana Martin died and where they are buried, probably a Catholic burial. Also I have not been able to find any marriage information about James R. Salsberry and Manuela (Manuelita) Herrera. I would appreciate any info. Mitzi Salsberry email

Jefferson was born Jun 1874 in Riley, Tippah CO, MS. Married Jennie WOMACK Aug 22, 1896 in Sans Bois, I.T. (OK) and hadfour daughters; Floy Mae - 1902, Eunice - 1905 and Beulah 1911 and Beulah's unknown twin. Beulah was the only one born in Taos, NM. Jennie was born Jan 1883 in Skullyville CO, I.T. (OK) and she died about 1930 in the Ardmore, Carter CO, OK area. My aunts say that their father, Jefferson "Jeff" William HILL was working in a Saw Mill in Taos, NM and there was an accident, and he was killed there in about 1920. I have yet to prove this with documentation, and if anyone has further information about this family, please let me know. Georgann Hunter

I am looking for the names Juan Bautista Lente-born June 3rd 1869 in Abiquiu-Rio Arriba county- New Mexico His parents were Juan de la Cruz Lente and Maria Juana Catalina Vigil. Juan Bautista Lente was married to Virginia Martinez who was born about 1876 at Arroyo Seco - Taos- New Mexico. Thank you. Joan Lente email

I am looking for information on my Grandmother, Amelia Lujan (or her family).  She was born in 1908 to Tobias Lujan and Syria/Siria/Cyria/Ciria Martinez.  She married Grandfather, Fernando Anglada.  Other than that, I have not other info except that she died after giving birth to my father (Federico Anselmo Anglada)in October 16, 1931.  She had another son, Tobias Valenine Anglada.  She also had siblings: Odocio, Pablo, Antonia, Predad, Arturo, and Eduardo Tobias Lujan.Any information would be helpful :)Blessings to you and thank you in advance! Rosemary Opatril. email


I need some help locating my ancestors really bad. If anyone can help me, please E-Mail me. Thanks. The only info I have on my family history is as follows: Jose Ramon Montoya (My father) Born: July 31, 1926 in Abiquiu, NM Bapt. on Sept. 1, 1927 in Abiquiu, NM Married on Aug. 12, 1944 to Maria Celia Martinez (My mother) Brothers: Jose Benedito Montoya born: Feb. 6, 1909 in Rio de Chama, NM Bapt. on Feb. 24, 1909 same pueblo Married on Oct. 20, 1949 to Evan Chavez Facundo Montoya born: (twin) Oct. 17, 1911 in Abiquiu, NM Bapt. Nov. 5, 1911 same pueblo Married to Dometilda Gallegos Maria Matilde Montoya born: (twin) Oct. 17, 1911 in Abiquiu, NM Bapt. on Nov. 12, 1911 Married to Antonio Manzanares (Brother to maternal Grandmother Maria Aurora Manzanares) Jose Miguel Montoya born: March 13 or 18, 1914 Bapt. on April 5, 1914 ame pueblo Married on July 11, 1944 to Teresina Manzanares Jose Luis Montoya born: Jan. 26, 1916 and Bapt. on Feb. 6, 1916 in Tierra Azul, NM (Never married) Genoveva Rosa montoya born: Aug. 20, 1919 in Tierra Azul, NM and Bapt. Aug. 30, 1919 same pueblo (Passed as an infant) Adolfo Eloy Montoya born: Oct. 25, 1928 in Abiquiu, NM Bapt. on July 14, 1929 same pueblo married to Ruth ? Antonia Montoya (No info) passed at the age of 12. Paternal grandparents: Nestor Montoya (No info) Buried in Medanales, NM Juanita Nepumosena Medina Raised in San Ildefonso Pueblo, NM (Near Taos) Buried in Abiquiu, NM Juanita's Brothers and sisters: Geronima Paulita Medina (Married to Martinez) Bernadita Medina (Married to Gonzales) Marcelo Medina Born: around 1904, taken to Las Vegas, NM at the age of 5. Admitted into Mental Institution on May 18, 1909. Deceased on Dec. 22, 1914 Filomena Medina born: July 29, 1898 Two children named Horacio Medina and Rosa Medina (Jaramillo) Juanita Nepumoseno Medina's Parents: Father: Reyes Medina born in 1851 Died in Santa Fe, NM at the Santa Catarina Church at the age of 57 around 1908. Left Filomena, Bernadita, and Marcelo at same church until adopted. Brothers were Ramo, Francisco and Maria Medina. Reyes Medina was taken captive from Agua Verde, NM or Utah (I don't know where Agua Verde is at. We believe he was a Navajo.) Married to Antonia Naranjo Medina( We believe she was Aztec Indian) Reyes was adopted by Reverend Ramon Medina. Reverend Medina was born in Chimayo, NM in 1834. His parents were Matias Medina and Trinidad Ortega. Rev. Medina traveled to Durango, MX to get training he needed to be priest. Returned in the winter of 1856. At the age of 22, he was ordained by Bishop Jean Lamy on Feb. 16, 1856 in Santa Fe, the Royal City of the Holy Faith of St. Francis. He was a parish priest at San Ildefonso, at San Juan de los Caballeros in Chamita, at Abiquiu and at the San Antonio in Penasco. In 1906, his health started to fail him. On April 21, 1911, he passed at the age of 77. He was laid to rest under the main altar of the old San Antonio Church in Penasco, NM. He was survived by nephews: Jose Dolores Medina, Daniel Medina, Facundo Medina, Ramon Medina and a niece Virginia Medina Sanchez.

I would also like info on my Mother's side of the family. Maria Celia Martinez born Jan. 23, 1918 and Bapt. on Feb. 10, 1918 in Tierra Azul, NM Married on Aug. 12, 1944 Married to Jose Ramon Montoya. My mom's brothers were Jose Eugenio Martinez Born: June 18, 1913 in Tierra Azul and also bapt. on June 29, 1913 in same pueblo margarito Albino Martinez born: Feb. 6, 1915 also in Tierra Azul bapt. on Feb. 14, 1915 One sister from her Mothers second marriage: Clorinda Martinez (No more info) Parents names were: Jose Rafael Martinez Married in El Rito, NM to Maria Aurora Manzanares on Jan. 18, 1912. Aurora born on Feb. 8, 1891 in Abiquiu, NM bapt. on Feb. 15 same pueblo (Aurora's parents were Albino Manzanares and Madalena Archuleta) Aurora's brothers and sisters are as follows: Jose Porfyrio Manzanares born: nov. 24, 1894 in Abiquiu, NM Bapt. on Dec. 9, 1894 married on Dec. 13, 1916 to Maria Eduarda Lucero in Abiquiu. Sencesles Manzanares (Don't know if that is his name but that is the way it is recorded) born: Jan. 20, 1890 and bapt. on Feb. 3, 1890 in Abiquiu, NM Perfecto Manzanares born: April 18, 1897 and bapt. on May2, 1897 in Abiquiu. Married on Jan. 27. 1919 to Josefita Lucero in Abiquiu. Maria Manuela Manzanares born: Aug. 6, 1901 and bapt. on Aug. 11, 1901 in Tierra Azul, NM Antonio Meario manzanares born: June 16, 1904 and Bapt. on June 19, 1904 in Rio de Chama, NM married to Matilde Montoya. Jose Ciprano Manzanares born: Feb. 20, 1909 and bapt. Feb 28, 1909 in Rio de Chama, NM Married to Maria Rosa Ortiz on Feb. 10, 1947 in El Rito, NM
If you have anything on anyone of these people, please let me know. Thanks. Rozanne Diaz (Montoya) email 

I'm looking for information on MARTIN Estevan, wife-Maria Manuela Martin, son Ramon Martin born August 21 1805 in San Juan de los Caballeros. I am trying to find a marriage record for MARTIN Estevan and Maria Manuela Martin.
Looking for marriage record for: 
Estevan Rafael Martin, Born- 7/31/1782
Baptized 8/1/1782 San Jaun de los Caballeros
Father- Juan Luis Martin
Mother- Maria Ysidora Lujan
Thank you. Angela Espinoza

Seeking baptismal entry from approximately 1820 for Juan MARTINEZ at San Geronimo de Taos. Parents listed as Julian Martinez and Josepha Chavez. Would love to hear from others researching this family.

Researching family of Mascarenas as follows: Jose Maria Mascarenas, born Rinconada, NM *1848, married to Maria Elenor(?) with four children, Consuela, Remedios, Socorro, Tomas, then widowed and married Maria Teofila Roybal, children, Pabla, Pefecto, Henriquez, Adelario, Octiviano, Maclovio, Lizardo and Eloisa. Any living relatives? email

Seeking genealogy information for Raels/Naranjos ancestry for the Socorro territory during the late 1800s. Names: Severo/Federico Rael; Antonio/Jose Naranjo. Towns: Frisco/Mangas/Quemado. Thank you for any information. Juan Rael email  

I am looking for the marriage and the baptism for my Great Great Grandparents Francisco Rael and Maria Perfecta Martinez Francisco Rael was Born around 1822 and Perfecta was born around 1836 in the Taos County census 1860 Francisco was 39 and Perfecta was 25 I only know they lived in Arroyo Hondo, Taos County New Mexico in 1860 they had one son Ramon Rael and a daughter Pula Rael. They moved to Huerfano County Colorado in 1870 you can email me at email

I'm looking for the Marriage of Francisco Rael and Maria Perfecta Martinez in or around the date 1850 in or around Taos area. Catherine Rael email

My father Manuel Archuleta son of Bonifacio Archuleta,from Cerro New Mexico. Manuel Married Esther Celia Romero, Costilla NM at Alamosa Colo.on 26 Dec. 1925. I am trying to attempt to go beyond my grandfather Bonifacio Archuleta, where he came from, his parents etc.Anyone haveng info, please let me know.  Thanks... Roy Archuleta email

I am looking for a greatgrand mother Maria Antonia Vialpando, born 1840 in New Mexico, she married Miguel Antona Segura and think in 1860 or so, they lived in Cerro, Taos, New Mexico all the time, my grand father was Antonio segura who married Ursuleta Lucero. would like to find the Vailpando line

My father, Fermin P. Valdez (1917), his father Jose I. Valdez (1891) were born in Costilla, New Mex. We believe that my grandfather's father Francisco Valdez was also born in Costilla. I need his birth date and information on his parents. My mother's father Juan de los Reyes Santistevan (1901)was also born in Costilla. I need to know who his father was and where was he born. Thanks. John J. Valdez email 

My Grandfather was John Stone, came  to New Mexico from Tennessee some time in 1865. He was married 3 times: 1 Gavina Chaves, 2 Carmelita Valdez, 3 Sofia Gutierrez. Carmelita was my GGrandmother. John Died in 1926 in Aguro; he was hit and killed by a train. My grandfather was Julian Stone, he was born 1891. Please share any information on this family, and especially looking for obituary. I appreciate any information. Thanks Lillian Acosta email

In Taos, Albina Trujillo (unknown maiden name) was born around 1840.  She had a son named Juan Trujillo in 1855 and Florentina Trujillo in 1870.  By the 1880 census, she was in Las Animas, Colorado and was widowed.  While in Colorado, she had another son, Pedro Trujillo, who was born in 1872.  I need to determine what her maiden name was and/or who she was married to.  Thank You, Melissa Garcia (Trujillo) email

This is the information I have Father: Romulo Trujillo was born in Taos in 1860. He died on 20 February 1938 in Taos New Mexico. Wife: Santana-- Lovato?-- who was born about 1864, and she was from Embudo of Rio Arriba County, New Mexico. She died 1 August 1942. They had 3 sons and 2 daughters, Antonio Jose, Olegio, Porferia, Maxamelinio, and Juanita. Any information about this family is appreciated. Thank you. Ron Trujillo

I am looking for information on Buenoventura (Ventura) Trujillo and his wife Maria Gertrudis Gonzales. They were born ca. 1800 in San Miguel del Bado (Vado), Pecos Mission, New Mexico. I would like to know the names of their parents and where they originated. Also, am searching for Juan Jose Romero (Romo) b-about 1791-Chama, d-1832. Maria Ignacia Vigil b-1794-Chama, d-1832. They were married July, 1812 in Santa Clara. I would especially like to know the names of their parents and where they were born. Am also researching my great grandfather, Jesus Maria Romero (Romo) and Basillia Arragon. He was born in El Rancho, New Mexico on 4-9-1829. I don't have any information on my great grandmother whatsoever. I really would like to know something about her. I think she died in approximately 1911. If you can help me with any of these names, I would be deeply appreciative. Please e-mail me if you have any information.
Thank you. Dee Trujillo Habeck

I'm researching the Williams/Starkweather ancestors.  Near as I can surmise Charles Williams was born Henry Rueben Starkweather in 1822 in New York.  Their was a name change from Henry Rueben Starkweather to Charles Williams.  He migrated to Taos NM sometime around 1840s and married Guillerma Lefebvre in Taos NM.  Guillerma's parents were Maria De La Luz Martin (ez) and Manuel Lefebvre.  Her father (Manuel) came from Missouri and her mother Maria was from NM.   Charles Williams and Guillerma Lefebvre had children Margarita, Mary Jane, Charles Asa and Maria Isabel.   Charles (originally fron NY) and Guillerma both lived their lives in Ocate, Mora NM.  I am hoping to find clues as to  why the name change from Henry Rueben Starkweather to Charles Williams.  Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.    email

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