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Seeking info on James W. Angus died Bernalillo County  10/19/32 who was married to Ivy M. Hungerford Roberts. He was killed in a traffic
accident. Also any info on Paul L. Jones (mother's first name Belle). He died in 1985 in Albuquerque. He was married to my grandmother Wilma Jean Roberts. She married under her stepfather's last name of Angus. Paul was later married to Rose Carlisle.
Contact me at Julianne McKellips email

I am looking for information about W. G. Baker, Deputy Sheriff of Bernalillo County, New Mexico. Apparently he was a large man judging from the size of the grips on his pistol. The pistol is a model 1878 Colt Frontier Six Shooter in the 44/40 caliber sent to Montgomery Wards in Chicago, Illinois in 1890. I shot it 23 years ago but not since. I have also contacted the Bernalillo County Sheriff's Public Information Officer and they are working on this as well. The pistol actually belongs to a long time friend who bought it in 1978 in Omaha, Nebraska at a gun show. He is now in stage 4A pancreatic cancer. It only goes to stage 4B. I would like to give the parting gift to him of knowing who W. G. was. I have found a Harlan Jewell Baker, born in 1895 in Bernalillo County but no documentation on W. G. has ever turned up. Evidently, the river in that area was prone to overflowing its banks during that era and the county offices where flooded resulting in the destruction of records. If you have any other resources that may be helpful to me, please email them to me at the following address: Richard Schuster. Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

I have found one lead in regard to W. G. Baker, Deputy Sheriff, Bernalillo County. The name W. G. Baker appears in the August 30, 1937 obituary of the Albuquerque Journal. It states: "W. G. Baker, Amarillo merchant who died in the Texas city Friday will be buried here Monday. Rev. Robert E. Dickenson will conduct graveside service. Baker formerly lived in Clovis." What strikes me is that this appeared in a Bernalillo County paper where I am looking for a W. G. Baker, Deputy Sheriff. Any leads would be greatly appreciated. Sincerely, Richard Schuster

Botwinis, Adam last known residence was Albuquerque. He died January 1963. He was born January 9,1892 or raised in Springfield, Illinois. Would like to locate descendents. He may have worked for the railroad. His father was William BOTWINIS. Thank you for your help. Betty

I'm looking for any information on Verle SEED, born 1903, wife's name was Gertrude CARPENTER, born 1908 Pheonix Arizona. Verle died in 1967, Albuquerque, Bernalillo County. New Mexico. Gertrude passed away in 1990, in Albuquerque, Bernalillo, County, New Mexico. I would like any information pertaining to this couple. Obituaries, marriage announcements, Cemetery location. Thank you for your time and help. Charlene

My ancestry goes back to the early 1800 in Albuquerque beginning with Jose Garcia who married Inez Lucero around 1833. Their daughter Juanita Lucero married John A. Hill around 1860. Their son Pantaleon Hill married Natividad Lechuga around 1892. Their daughter Rose Lee Hill married Alfredo Chavez around 1813. My father Orlando Chavez was born May 23, 1917. I am looking for anyone related to this family group and perhaps exchange information. Rolanda Chavez - Leyva  email

My uncle Fred Fleischmann was born in Baltimore Maryland on 09/07/1908 had 3 daughters but moved out of state. I've recently become interested in genealogy and saw an SSDI entry for a Frederick Fleischmann with a last location of Bernalillo, NM. I just found this entry on the Bernalillo County Cemetery Project in the 'Gate of Heaven Cemetery and Mausoleum'. Is there more information available on him? Thanks very much. email

My father Ramonon Nonato GONZALES born in New Mexico (not sure of city) ca.1920. He passed away: 02/08/1965, in Holbrook, Az. Parents: Jose & Frances (Griego) GONZALES. Brothers: Toby G. GONZALES; Gene GONZALES of Albuquerque, New Mexico; Frank GONZALES. Any help with information is appreciated. email

I'm looking for information about Dr. James KASEY who was in the Albuquerque area in the early to mid 1900s. His home was Missouri. email

I'm looking for a marriage record for Robert S. Kemery dob 8/15/1904 it would be between late 1923 and  1924 in Sandoval County or Bernalillo county.  All I know is it was 'near Albuquerque'  and looking things up I think some of it is in each county. I appreciate any help you can give me. Thank you, Brenda Poole brendap@1st.net

SALAZAR Any knowledge regarding this family, additional siblings, reasons they settled in north- central New Mexico, and where they originated is appreciated.
Glory Bee
JOSE BERNARDO SALAZAR, conquistador 1588 -
................................. 6 JuanJose- de SANTA FE -conquistador 1670 -
........................................ 7 FRANCISCO SALAZAR--conquistador 1630 -
Chamita, Rio Arriba, NM.......... 8 ENRIQUE de SALAZAR 1700 -
....................................................... 9 DEMETRIO JULIAN de SALAZAR 1750 -
.............................................................. 10 JULIAN LORENZO de SALAZAR 1780 -
.................................................................... +MARIA de las MERCEDES de SANDOVAL y SALAZAR
..................................................................... 11 JUAN FRANCISCO ESTEBAN de SANDOVAL y SALAZAR 1800 -
........................................................................... +MARIA del CARMELITA VALDEZ y SALAZAR
14 children total to JFE and Carmelita..
............................................................................ 12 CARLOS SALAZAR
............................................................................ 12 FELIPE SALAZAR
.............................................................................12Juan Eusevio Salazar
.............................................................................12 ANTONIO "tonio" SALAZAR
..............................................................................12 Antonio de Jesus Salazar 1827-----
............................................................................ 12 PEDRO IGNACIO SALAZAR 1831 - 1897
............................................................................ 12 MIGUEL SALAZAR, SR
............................................................................ 12 LIBRIDO SALAZAR
............................................................................ 12 VINCENTA SALAZAR
............................................................................ 12 TULA SALAZAR
............................................................................ 12 GUADALUPE "LUPE" SALAZAR
............................................................................ 12 JUAN CANDIDO "JC" SALAZAR
............................................................................. 12 Maria de la Regugio Salazar Cantu

Researching August Klein, born Germany in 1866 and his wife Odile Meistertzheim Burrus, born 1862 Blienschwiller, France, both went to Albuquerque, probably in 1880's. Rob Thompson email 
I'm looking for records of my father's death. Thank you for any help. email

I'm seeking information about my grandfather Estanilao Montoya Luna .email

Denso Neito (Nieto?) born 1850? Bernalillo / Refufio Neito (Nieto) born 1850? Bernalillo / Antono M. Gallegosborn 1840? Bernalillo, NM
I am looking for birth dates, death dates, Marriage certificate, etc. I am looking for their parents, their children and all of the above on them as well. I know they were Native American, but registered as white on the census. How do I find out what tribe they were from? Please help with any information you can provide. Lisa Shawver email 

I am looking for the family line of Ortiz, Vigil, Jinso. Ortiz family lived and owned property in Old Town. Two homes behind the church in old town
were owned by the "Tias" sisters to Delodia Ortiz. email

Am earnestly seeking the whereabouts of Eduardo "Lalo" Rincon & family. It is my father's dying wish to know what has become of this wonderful family who were so kind and loving to him as a young boy and young man. Lalo was his very best friend all of those years and he has never forgotten him nor his dear family. He last saw Lalo/Eduardo the day of or the week of his departure into the US Army during WWII. He has never
had the opportunity to return and visit them. If anyone can give me help in locating Eduardo/Lalo or a member of his family will you please contact me at 519 N. 3rd Street , Patterson, CA 95363 or email

I am doing a search for my New Mexico relatives. Specifically, I am looking for information on Ophelia Maxine Romero who married Henry J. Romero. I do not know Ophelias maiden name and Im hoping to find their marriage certificate. They were both Catholic. Ophelia was born in 1919 or 1920, probably in northern New Mexico (most likely in Colfax County). How do I go about securing a copy of their marriage certificate? Any help on this will be greatly appreciated. Jennifer Martin jenmartin@surewest.net

I am looking for information on Jacinto Sanchez. He is a long lost relative. I am almost certain that he is deceased and lived, died and is buried in and/or around Albuquerque, New Mexico. He originates from the Hondo Valley, Ruidoso area in Lincoln County. I know that he married in Albuquerque, had a large family and owned a tire repair shop or similar shop. Any information would be most appreciated and helpful. Thank you. email

Research on Jacinto SANCHEZ descendents and Pedro DURAN Y CHAVEZ. Santa Fe to Bernalillo To Albuquerque to Tome and Los CHAVEZ to Cebolleta to Tucmcari to Puerto de Luna and back to Santa Fe. REV. FR.
Bill Sanchez

In search of José Salvador Sedillo and Maria Rita Candelaria de Baca Sedillo descendants (Mora/Colfax/Bernalillo County).  Had children:  Juan Antonio Sedillo (b. abt. 1851, m. Salome Maes), Carlos Sedillo (b. abt 1852, m. Juliana Martinez 4 Aug 1877), Guadalupe Sedillo (b abt. 1854, m J. Roswaldo Trujillo 18 Aug 1873), Paz Sedillo (b. abt. 1857, m. 1. Edward Dolbow 27 Nov 1870, 2. Samuel Eden, 3. George Willson), Tiburcia Sedillo (b. abt. 1859) email

I am looking for information on Buenoventura (Ventura) Trujillo and his wife Maria Gertrudis Gonzales. They were born ca. 1800 in San Miguel del Bado (Vado), Pecos Mission, New Mexico. I would like to know the names of their parents and where they originated. Also, am searching for Juan Jose Romero (Romo) b-about 1791-Chama, d-1832. Maria Ignacia Vigil b-1794-Chama, d-1832. They were married July, 1812 in Santa Clara. I would especially like to know the names of their parents and where they were born. Am also researching my great grandfather, Jesus Maria Romero (Romo) and Basillia Arragon. He was born in El Rancho, New Mexico on 4-9-1829. I don't have any information on my great grandmother whatsoever. I really would like to know something about her. I think she died in approximately 1911. If you can help me with any of these names, I would be deeply appreciative. Please e-mail me if you have any information.
Thank you. Dee Trujillo Habeck

I am looking for information on Thomas Cleveland Woodall who died and was  buried in Hyer, NM. He married a Hattie Ethel Brown, and they had 3 children  born in Bernalillo County. These are my grandparents. My father  said he was born a trading post ran by his uncle, I don't remember the  names, but the Post was located about 70 miles from Albuquerque. Does anyone  have any information or remember a trading post? Jeanne Markert email

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I am looking for information regarding Julian Marcus BASSETT in Grant County, and Catron County. He lived in Gila, New Mexico and also worked in some way with Lyon's Lodge. I believe he moved to New Mexico in 1928 and left a couple years later back to Dryden Texas. I want to know what he did while living in New Mexico. email

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Mollie Myrtle Clifton m Levi Chester Anderson in Chaves County in 1903 and had at least one child in Hanover NM.
Any further info contact me at  email Thank you

I am looking for birth/death information about my grandparents. My grandfather, Librado Solis, died in New Mexico between 1935 and
1945, worked for the railroad and immigrated from Monterey, Nuevo Leon, Mexico. My great-grandmother, Juana Maria Atelier, died in the 1980's in New Mexico and immigrated from Mexico in 1910-1930. Librado Solis Lascano email

My Grandmother Manuela BILLESCA/ VILLESCAS was born in Picacho, Lincoln  County, New Mexico on the 5th of October 1880, her parents were Casimiro BILLESCA and Delores BALDONADO.  Santa Rita Catholic Church Baptismal records in Carrizozo, Lincoln County, New Mexico show she was baptized on the11th of November 1880.  Some of her sister's and brother's that are listed are Maria Candelaria, born on May 22, 1886 and her twin sister Mari  Emenencia, were  also born in Picacho, Lincoln County, New Mexico, and were baptized on June 5, 1886; Marisela was born in Ruidoso, Lincoln County, New Mexico and was also baptized on the 11th of  November 1880; Pedro, was born on February 3, 1872 in Lincoln, New Mexico, and was baptized on May 2, 1872; David, was born on  April 10, 1884 in Lincoln, Lincoln County, New Mexico and baptized on May 2, 1884; Pilar, was born in Picacho, Lincoln County, New Mexico on May 20, 1876, and was baptized on August 5, 1876; the earliest being Ma Ines, born in Richardson, Lincoln County, New Mexico on June 10, 1870 and baptized on July 10, 1870. Many are not listed. Casimiro BILLESCA remarried Emiliana TAFOLLA and had many more children. I was told he lived in Lincoln County until his death. My Grandmother Manuela BILLESCA/VILLESCAS married a man chosen by her parent's and after many attempts succeeded in running away.  She and many of her siblings moved to Roswell, Chaves County, New Mexico; she may have run a boarding house.  Her son, Faustino LUCERO, father unknown, was born on February 15, 1902 and her daughter, my Mother Geneva THOMPSON was born on May 8, 1919, both in Roswell, Chaves County, New Mexico. My Mother's father was Francis Marion Thompson owner of the Paco Valley Grocery and Market on Main Street in Roswell.  Any and all information will be greatly appreciated! Sincerely, Rose Pinon email 

Looking for my BOWEN ancestors. (John Felix BOWEN  Maggie  Ellen Tucker BOWEN Joseph Noah BOWEN )
They moved from Texas to NM between 1920 & 1930.  Thank you for any info you can give me. email

Am looking for decendants of James Lewis Courtney, Minnie Pendleton Courtney and George W Jernigan who all lived in Otero and Chavez Counties from 1890 thru 1930's.  My husband is the son of John Emmett Tebbetts and Mary Courtney Tebbetts.  Would love to hear from any relatives from the area.  email

My father Ramonon Nonato GONZALES born in New Mexico (not sure of city) ca.1920. He passed away: 02/08/1965, in Holbrook, Az. Parents: Jose & Frances (Griego)  GONZALES. Brothers: Toby G. GONZALES; Gene GONZALES of Albuquerque, New Mexico; Frank GONZALES. Any help with information is appreciated. email

I am looking for information on the Benjamin Franklin family, who may have settled in Roswell or nearby, in the early 1900's. My grandmother Margaret Lee Franklin married George Washington Myler about 1918. So the Franklin's could have been in Roswell at that time. I think some of the family given names are Ben, Hattie, Betty Jean. and others that I can't recall. Thank you for responding to this query. Mary Lucas Johnson. email

I have an ancestor Najib Haman/Hamam who arrived in Chaves County between 1912-1914 for treatment of Tuberculosis.  Family records indicated he died in Roswell, New Mexico and was buried in a Paupers Grave at the age of 26. His family did not attend him on the trip from Nebraska to Roswell due to financial circumstances. Is anyone aware of a City Cemetery or Paupers Cemetery in Roswell.  Also I am looking for facilities that might have accepted him for treatment of T.B.  I am trying to locate his place of burial and a death certificate.  Any suggestions or information is welcome! Thank You! email

I would like to add the surname HIGGINS for Chaves County, New Mexico. I'm looking for any information on the family of Frederick Higgins who was born June 15, 1860 in White County Georgia, to Newton Higgins and Lucinda Smith--my gg grandparents. Frederick married Katherine Hanna AKA: Katie Rainbolt on December 7, 1890 in Roswell, New Mexico Territory. Her parents were Liberty Ware Rainbolt and Rebecca Pankey. Katie and Frederick had Alfred Liberty Higgins who was born in November 1893 in New Mexico. He married Julie Annie Hughes on October 14, 1930; Ralph Higgins 3 September 1995 in New Mexico; and William Higgins who was born July 1897 in New Mexico. Frederick was a sheriff of Roswell from 1899-1906. He was also a US Deputy Marshal. He was responsible in the shooting of Black Jack Christian. My e-mail address is jpclark@pldi.net Thank you for this service. Sincerely, Sherri Higgins Clark

In right-handed script in an old Family Bible, the marriage of RC Taylor and Alishea (spelling uncertain) Jane "Jennie" McClintock is stated to have occurred in Newton, Iowa on the 22 day of August in the year of our Lord 1874. The wedding was done in the presence of C. Howard, and is signed by E. W. Mitchell, J. P. (Justice of the Peace)
Rex, RC's 93 year old grandson, says that sometime after their marriage, Jennie and R. C. moved to New Mexico, and somehow came to own 300 acres there. This land is currently owned by Rex. Rex said that when he was a boy, maybe around 5 or 6, he remembers R. C. and Jennie moved back to Iowa. Within a year, though, Jennie and R. C. parted company. She returned to SE New Mexico, where she got a hotel job in Lake Arthur, around/near Chaves County. (When Rex graduated from High School, he took a motorcycle trip to see Jennie and look for work. He found her, but no work. He remembers deep caves were near where she lived.) Rex believes she died in New Mexico, and was buried back in Iowa. Any info on RC or Jennie Taylor would be greatly
appreciated! Thank you for your great website! Scott Taylor

Am looking for any and all information regarding Dr. Edwin Henry Skipwith, who moved to Las Vegas, NM, in 1880, where he practiced medicine until he moved to Roswell in 1889, where he remarried in that year and eventually had three children by that marriage. He lived in Roswell until about 1905, where he moved his family to the El Paso area and worked as a physician for several companies in northern Mexico. email

Looking for information on Isaac F. and Margaret Thompson. in Otero, Eddy, and Chaves Counties ca. 1915 Oneida Bynum

I am looking for information on my husband's grandmother.  Not
much is known.  Her name was Petra Trujillo and she lived in LincolnCounty, probably never married, and had at least four children, Moises, John, Vincenta,and Teresa.  It is known that she died in 1935 at South Spring Acres, close to Roswell.  Any help would be appreciated.email


Cibola County Queries To Top of Page

Antonio Archuleta married Maria Trinidad Maese. Their children included Manuel De Jesus and Maria Gertrudis, there may be more children. Manuel De Jesus married Maria G. Trujillo on 9/11/1811 in Ojo Calinete, NM by the Santo De Thomas de Abiquiu church. I am looking for the parents of Antonio Archuleta and of his wife, Maria Trinidad Maese. I believe they remained in Northern New Mexico in El Rito / Ojo Caliente. Most of my family records for the Archuleta are in Ojo Caliente, NM email

I am looking for marriage info on Jose Romulo Lucero and Maria Isabel Marquez m. April 28, 1879 in San Rafael, Cibola, NM.
Dayna Garrett email

I'm in search of a Melquiades Otero, the father of Fermin T. Otero, born in Cubero, NM in March 17, 1913. Roy Otero email

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Am seeking information from anyone in the following counties. Colfax, Mora, Harding, Union, and Taos counties. I'm searching for a baptism and marriage record for JOSE EULOGIO AGUILAR. Born approximately in 1854. He married Maria Gracia Leyba in approximately 1879.Maria Gracia Leyba was baptized in Penasco in 1857.All I know is that g-grandma Graica Leyba went to Trinidad, Colorado as a housekeeper for her brothers and met JOSE EULOGIO AGUILAR and they married and moved back to Ojo Sarco, New Mexico in the Penasco, Taos County, New Mexico area.
They baptized their children in the San Antonio Church, Penasco, Taos, County, New Mexico. I have already searched the Picuris, Penasco New Mexico, and Trinidad, Colorado LDS baptism and marriage records and have not found either a baptism or marriage record. Any help will be appreciated. I also heard that JOSE EULOGIO AGUILAR may have been a Presbyterian, however I believe that he was probably baptized Catholic and doubtful that they married in the Presbyterian faith since Maria Gracia Leyba was Catholic and their children were baptized and raised Catholic. Please email to: tweetyaguilar@hotmail.com Thank you.

Chavez / Rayetas
We are looking for information on the family of Rayetas, the wife of David Chavez of Chico Springs, Colfax County, NM. As of the
1900 census Rayetas was no longer alive. Different lines of this family were known to have moved to Mora county, Socorro County, and even into Colorado. Some of Rayetas' family members died at young adult ages, and were known to suffer from severe headaches. I was told one of Rayetas' daughters, Tomasa Chavez died in 1920 at the age of 22. Rayetas was dead by the age of 27. We do not have a surname for Rayetas, nor have any idea if any other family members suffered from severe headaches or brain tumors. It may be a genetic condition. Please contact Clarissa at henpeckerssociety@earthlink.net  and/or Tom at tvc1@sbcglobal.net  if you have any information to help track the family lines in question. Thanks! email

Herculano CHAVEZ was born in El Manzano, New Mexico , Valencia County. His mother was Mde de Jesus BAENA or PENA she married a man surname of HIDALGO . Herculano was listed in the 1870 census under his step-father's name of HIDALGO in Upper Las Vegas, New Mexico, County of San Miguel. He later lived in Dawson, New Mexico, County of Colfax. His son Arthur Chavez was born in Dawson (His mother's name was Clara RitaST. JOHN. Herculano was a friend of William Bonny or Billy the Kid as he was known then. He eventually went to Stockton, California, San Joaquin County where he died on October 21, 1947. He was born in El Manzano, New Mexico, Valencia County on November 11, 1860. His son Arthur CHAVEZ was born in Dawson on March 3, 1908. By his first wife he had a son, named Manuel CHAVEZ, Mela or Manuela CHAVEZ, Clarita CHAVEZ all born in Las Vegas, New Mexico, San Miguel County email

I have been researching the Herrera, Montoya, Cordova, and Sandoval names for some time. I would like some info on the Herrera, Montoya, and Sandoval names from Mora, Taos and Colfax Counties. email

I'm looking for information on my families and would appreciate any help that you can give. The surnames are BRYANT, DIMITROFF, DORTON, FERGUSON and GOESLING. I was born in Clayton, Union County New Mexico in 1935 I think that I might have two brothers buried at Clayton Cemetery and one brother at Grenville Cem. I still have family living in and around Clayton. Please email me at BY2PY@aol.com Patsy DORTON Hawley

I am looking for information on the following families in Quay County: Fletcher, Fitzwater, and possibly Messick or Musick, as well as Clark. These families had land patents during the early part of the century. William H. Fletcher and his son, Manson H. Fletcher, received these patents in 1915. Manson was my grandfather. He married a Bertha Fitzwater--my grandmother, in 1918. There only child, my father, was Charles Fletcher. William H. Fletcher married Martha Messick (or Musick, or Music) in Coffee County, Tennessee and had eleven children there. They moved west around the turn of the century--1900. I do not know why they would have moved so relatively late in life and from a more fertile land to the semi-arid land. The homesteads were eight miles north of Endee. Endee is on I-40 (it has its own exit) and bout 3 miles from the Texas border. Any help would be appreciated. John L. Fletcher

I'm looking for information on the following families who lived in Colfax County: Gallagher, James was born March 18, 1893 in Eagle Nest. He married Fern Knight on October 4, 1917 in Raton, Colfax, New Mexico. McBride, Ed was born April 12, 1892 in Cimarron. He married Sallie Knight on March 13, 1920 in Raton, Colfax, New Mexico. Karlin, Fred was born 26 May 1896 in Maxwell. He married Eva Knight on 17 September 1913 in Raton, Colfax, New Mexico. Gallagher, John was born 7 October 1880, Eagle Nest, New Mexico. He married Edith Knight on 14 June, 1916 in Union County, probably Clayton. Please send any information about these family to Kay King

Gabriel J. GONZALES married Henrietta LOVEJOY 1909 in Las Vegas, NM. Gabriel worked for the railroad and moved to Las Animas County, Colorado around 1910 then later to Wyoming and finally Washington State. Gabriel and his wife had 6 children:
Gabriel- Settled in Aguilar, Las Animas County Colorado
Carolina Gonzáles-Branson

I am need help, as I have reach an impasse in my research. I am looking for the Marriage records and Birth records of my Great-great grandparents. I have only found one record of them existing and it is in the 1900 census of Spinger, Colfax co. There Names were Manuel GONZALES and Juana SANCHEZ here is the information I gathered via the census... Manuel GONZALES (b.1852 NM) and Juana SANCHEZ (b. 1855 NM) and married possibly in 1882 (my great-great grandparents) they appear in the 1900 NM census Colfax Co., Springer, NM. They had 5 children listed in the census and 3 others that I know of: Felicitas b. 1879 Colorado Vincente b. 1882 Colorado Gabriel Jose b. 1885 Springer, NM. Eutimia b. 1891 Patrocinia b. ? Mitilde ? Lucadio ? Family Stories put them in a few different places Springer of course, Maxwell, Wagonmound, and Las Vegas. My own grandfather was raised by Juana in Las Vegas around the early 1920's. He passed away in 1973 so he is unavailable for questioning. Also Manuel was thought to have passed in the early 1900's I have been able to find a Manuel Gonzales b. 1851 in Pecos, Rio Arriba that looks like a good Candidate and a friend in Las Vegas sent me another possible candidate (Gonzales, Jose Manuel bap.2 Dec. 1850.) from Las Vegas. I got an email from a lady who told me Springer's Church had burned down and all the records destroyed and the graveyard had been destroyed by a flood in the early 1920's. Here is my question where do I go from here?? Any help would be greatly Appreciated. Thank You, Carolina Gonzáles-Branson

I am searching for info on Manuel GONZALES (b.1852 NM) and Juana SANCHEZ (b. 1855 NM) and married possibly in 1882 (my great-great grandparents) they appear in the 1900 NM census Colfax Co., Springer, NM. They had 5 children listed in the census and 3 others that I know of:
Felicitas b. 1879 Colorado
Vincente b. 1882 Colorado
Gabriel Jose b. 1885 Springer, NM.
Eutimia b. 1891
Patrocinia b. ?
Mitilde ?
Lucadio ?
Family Stories mention other possible locations for Manuel GONZALES and Juana Sanchez as: Wagon Mound, Maxwell and Las Vegas, NM. Manuel Possibly died from being gored by a bull in the late 1800's. Another family rumor was that they originally came from Barcelona, Spain.
Carolina Gonzáles-Branson Gonzgrl1@aol.com

Vincente GONZALES Married Aldina ? and appeared in the 1910 Springer, NM. Census Vincente and his wife had 5 children:
Vincente, jr. b. 1901
Luis b. 1902
Gilberto b.1906
Rudolfo b. 1908
Cita ?
Some of Vincente's children were later know to live in Albuquerque Carolina Gonzáles-Branson Gonzgrl1@aol.com

Please post this name to Harding County New Mexico query. Looking for info. re. Frank and Fern (Knight, Gallagher) Hartley. Frank Hartley was born 24 September 1887 and he died in April 1967 per the SSDI. He may have been born in Colfax County. Both Frank and Fern were listed as residing at Roy, Hardin County New Mexico. I'd appreciate any information from anyone who knew about them. Thanks. Kay King

My great, great grandfather, John E. JOHNSON/JOHNSTON, was born in 1821 and immigrated from Durham County England with his family to Blossburg, New Mexico in 1870's or 1880's. He was a mine foreman for the Raton Coal and Coke Company at Blossburg. And I think the mural in Shuler Theatre depicting the mining operation is possibly either my great great grandfather, John E. Johnson,or his son William Johnson.
John E. Johnson shot himself on a Saturday, in July 1895 according to an article in the Raton Register, and he is buried in Raton. No record has been found but the possibility is that he is buried in Fairmont cemetery along with his son in law George DALE, husband of Susan Johnson Dale. Newspapers of Raton mention his involvement in the community when Blossburg was thriving and coal was king. His daughters and husbands also were part of Blossburg.
1. Susan (Johnson) and George DALE are my great grandparents. George who died tragically at age 41, supposedly hit by a train near Sophris or Piedmont, Colorado. He is also buried in unknown and unmarked grave in Raton. He played the flute in the Raton Dance Band. I believe his picture is in the book titled Ghost Towns and Mining Camps of New Mexico.
2. William and Isabella (Conley) JOHNSON
3. Grace (Johnson) and James CONLEY
4. Mary Ellen (Johnson) and William BETTON. I believe that other sons of John and Isabella JOHNSON , also lived either at Blossburg or Raton at some point and descendents may still be in New Mexico. His sons were Joseph, Robert, James and John. Other surnames associated with my JOHNSON and DALE lines who lived and worked in New Mexico before the 1900's were LePlats and Durands. There are5th, 6th and 7th generation of these ancestors still living near Trinidad, Colorado. My roots and my memories are etched in the history of Colfax County and the town of Raton and surrounding area.
Nadine Williams Britton

My grandmother was Sinforosa Lovato and lived in Cimarron and died in 1932.  Sinforosa had 3 brothers, Juan (Denver), Dan (Ocate NM) and Roberto (? killed while traveling to Ocate in late 1800/early 1900's by Indians), and a sister, Matilde (Cimarron).  I know Juan had 2 sons, one named Dempsey and about 6-7 daughters, Flora Carrillo (Denver), Susan (Denver), Nephor Rivera (Raton-aged 90 when I met her in 1974). Sinforosa's children were Antonio Lovato (Springer), Mary Briselli (Raton), Sabina Martinez/Sanchez 1911 (Albuquerque), Arthur 1926(Cimarron), Leonor 1909-15(Cimarron), Elmo Jake Lovato 1914(Bernalillo), Della Lovato 1920 (Albuquerque) Rosie Sullivan 1928 (Albuquerque).  I have located a niece of my Great Uncle Dan's wife Escolastica living on Escolatica's grand parent's homestead in Ocate NM. This niece used to play with my mom in 1934. I have also discovered a distant cousin who is a Montoya and is a cousin by marriage and a
descendant of Juan Lovato. Any additions to the above Lovato family would be appreciated. email


I am looking for any information on Jose Mathis Perea,born 1873 somewhere in New Mexico. Married Isabel Segura had 3 sons Frank Perea,Pete Perea, and Joe Perea. Worked for the railroad was also a Lawman in Trinidad Colorado. email

Victor Pitts was born November 7, 1892, and he died July 1968 Raton. Margaret Pitts (ELLIS) was his sister. Please provide any information available.
Thank you. Kerry Shepherd

I'm looking for a Augustin Salazar who was married to Floripa Lovato sometime between 1900 and 1920. Floripa died having a son named Apolonio. Augustin took his son and moved to Raton. Apolonio was my grandfather's only nephew. LovatoDuran@cs.com

I am looking for information regarding CHARLES WILLIAM WILLIAMS.  I believe he was born in Otero, July 2, 1873. His family may
have lived near Raton in 1870.  Charles Williams had older brothers named Felix and James. The parents were killed in about 1880. The story goes that Charles Williams lived in an orphanage until he was 16 years old. I would appreciate any help or advice. 
Thank You very much. Peggy Vonk, email

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