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We hope that you will find our Research Center a valuable resource for locating sources of information on the internet. Our Poland Subject Index is very popular viewers who are looking for specific information on Poland. The Resource Destinations is composed primarily of significant sites related to Genealogy, Poland and History.
Like a beacon of light, links to Poland, Genealogy, History, Maps to help light your way to points of interest

The Maps section is a good collection of current and historic visual aids. In addition to these three major sections, we have quick resource links threaded into our data pages. Another good source is the "Viewers Add-A-Link" page where individuals have posted their home page or a favorite site.

You are welcome to participate in our resource community. You can do so by supplying content such as articles, original or public domain, for use in one of our resource centers. Or, links to resources not yet included in ATPC. Email your contributions to [email protected]

Maps Library
Collection of time period maps of Poland and Europe indexed by subject (Europe, Poland, citites, etc.) and year.

Polish Subject Index Libary
Links to Polish specific information indexed (cataloged) by subject.

Poland Community Web Sites
An extensive listing of links to communities in Poland (cities, towns, villages, provinces, major attractions).

Polonia USA Links
Links to most Polonia websites in US by state location.

Polish Specific Web Sites
Polish genealogy resource sites and other Polish sites of interest.

General Genealogy Web Sites
Resource sites for general genealogy including mailing lists and forums.

World History Library
Resources on general world history. Includes special pages for history "Photos Stories". (use Polish Subject Index for Polish history)

Viewers Link Board
View home pages of others, add your own home page or a favorite link to the our link board. (Courtesy of

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Surname Connections Board
View our master listing of surnames to see if your's are there. Each surname has a listing of email contacts for those who share that surname.
Surname Message Board
Our primary message board for posting surnames. Includes a "reply" feature to respond to messages.
Gen-Database Search
Genealogy database resources listed by search category, i.e., surname, census, cemetary, etc.
ATPC Discussion Forum
Our discussion group for genealogy and Polish related subjects.
Genealogy Articles Library
Helpful articles to assist your own genealogy. Personal and motivating stories.
Chronology of Poland
See a time-line of Poland's major historical events. Includes informational links.
Origins of Poland
A historical reference on Poland's beginning and it's early history. Includes informational links.
Heritage Articles Library
Written by authors who have researched various subjects related to Poland.
Polish American History
A part of our Polonia Center, this page has much historical data such as; Presidents of USA, Polish community settlements dates, 1990 US Census information on location of Polish ethnic population, and much more.
Polish American Links
Extensive links listing to Polish American web pages. Links are listed by subject and region.
Polonia World Links
Links to Polonia around the globe.
Polish Alphabet
Table of Polish alphabet, includes audio files hearing words in Polish.
Polish Common Word Translations
A brief Polish/English word cross-reference for those who doing genealogy on their Polish ancestors.
Polish Surname Origin/Meaning
The brief explanation of where many surnames originated from. Includes examples of several word origins.
Learning Tutors
Questions and answers on language, heritage and history.