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The heart of our Genealogy Center is the Genealogy Hall where family surnames can be posted and searched. However, our community interests extend beyond surnames only. We have a section for Lost/Found items, a large collection of articles on genealogy and Eastman Reviews of genealogy related products. Take time to browse these resources, they contain a wealth of information to help you with your genealogy.

  • Webster's Dictionary: Defines "Genealogy" as an account of the descent of a person, family, or group from an ancestor or from older forms.
  • However: Genealogy is also an emotional experience filled with anticipation of a finding. A journey shared with new friends towards looking for completeness of who we are.
  • Genealogy Community Hall - Main Page

    Articles & Stories Library - Main Page
    Covers topics such as: Understanding names, Finding records, Doing research, Inspirational stories, Quotes & poems, and Reference tables.

    Lost and Found Boards - Main Page
    Postings from viewers for lost or found items. Include listing for items with a photo and one for messages only.

    Eastman Reviews Library - Main Page
    Stay on top the latest in genealogy items, tools and tips from Richard Eastman who publishes a regular genealogy newsletter. Each article provides extensive information to help you make an informed choice. We've include the links to his newsletter archives and personal site for finding even further information.

    Additional materials and resources.....
    Heritage Center
    Covering subjects of: Photos (family/snapshots), History (famous/chronology/geography/pictorials), Culture (customs/food/music/destinations) and Articles (help/memories/names)

    Learning Center
    Covering subjects of: Language (alphabet/translation), Surnames (understanding, meanings), Tutors (quiz yourself), and Articles (self-improvement/help)

    Polonia Center
    Covering subjects of: Polonia World (world links) and Polonia USA (history of Poles in America)

    Research Center
    Covering subjects of: Maps Library (cataloged by subject/time period) and many Resource Links (Subject/Polish/genealogy/history)