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Thank you for taking time to visit ATPC. The sole purpose of this site is to "share." It's began as a simple attempt to share what I was able to learn about my Polish ancestors and has grown to what it is today because others have shared their knowledge on Poland. It's a journey with only one goal, to better understand the roots of descendancy.

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Featured Articles and Special Subjects

Stories by Aleksandra Ziolkowska-Boehm - Accomplished Polish author whose work has been published in magazines and books. Featuring excerpts from her books:
  • "Dreams and Realty" - Six short stories.
  • "The Roots Are Polish." - Interviews with
    Zbigniew BREZEZINSKI, Charles S. KRASZEWSKI, Gen. Donald J. KUTYNA, Andrew V. SCHALLY, and Zdzidiaw J. STAROSTECK.
    and informaton on Aleksandra's latest book!

    Memorials of Polish Sacrifices - Remember those Poles who paid the ultimate price or sacrifice.
    Ancesters, My Oldest Snapshot - Old photos from our viewers. Send your "oldest ancestor photo" to include here!
    Culture Library - Enjoy Polish music and food, learn about arts and customs.
    History Library - Poland's origins, historical events, changing geography and it's people..

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    Glossary - Quick reference for terms, many in Polish to English.
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