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If you live in Poland, you most likely have family in another land. The same is true of those living outside of Poland... you have family in Poland. It is the bringing together of these families and their histories inside and outside of Poland that we wish to share in the Polonia Center.

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Featuring: Perspective - The decision, their times, Journey - The immigration process, History - Where they settled and when, Panna Maria, TX and Parisville, MI - Oldest Polish Settlements, and Links - Polonia sites in USA.

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Links to Polonia sites around the world.


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Genealogy is full of treasure moments. Those occasions of enlightenment that we so dearly hunger for. To be sure, there are also disappointments, but they are a part of the process of elimination in our quest to know more about our family. Our persistence is rewarded through encounters with new friends that share our noble desire to identify our ancestral roots.

You can help others by sharing your experiences here on ATPC. Contribute an article about doing genealogy, an up lifting story about the joy of a "finding", or a memory about your treasured moment.

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