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Our Features Page
... is designed to help you find your way around ATPC and to the many resources that are available. There are seven major Resource Centers; Genealogy, Heritage, Learning, Life, News, Polonia and Research. There are three menu systems.


ATPC is designed using "frames", that is, more than one window open at a time. In the left column window is the Menu while the large right column window displays the content of each new page. This set up is best viewed with a screen resolution of 1024 x 768. If you use a screen resolution of 800 x 600, you can switch to a non-frames version of ATPC from the Home page for a better viewing experience.

Each page has this menu. It identifies where you are on the web site. For example, "HOME|GENEALOGY|ARTICLES", means the current page is in the "Genealogy Center" in the "Articles" section. Clicking on GENEALOGY or ARTICLES takes you directly to those pages. Some pages will also have a "RELATED" or "PAGE" included in the Menu. The "RELATED PAGE" will take you to the pages shown that are related to the current page. The "PAGE" items are for jumping directly to a subject on the page you have open.

This is in the left-hand column. Above the Resource Center flag is "HOME", "Features", "Search ATPC", "Search WWW" and "GuestBook". Below are the major Centers or Sections of ATPC; Genealogy, Heritage, Learning, Life, News, Polonia and Research. The Desktop tools are below the Resource Centers. Items such as, Calendar, Greeting Cards, Translator, Music Library and direct Email to ATPC.

The Site Index is also in the left hand column below the eagle graphic. It is an excellent way for jumping around to specific items by pages the entry pages to a source.

SEARCHES: There are two Search Systems available to you. One is "Search ATPC" which will search all the contents of ATPC for specific search words. The other is "Search WWW" which offers a variety of search engines for doing internet searches.

We have tried to make the site user friendly and easy for you to find what resource you are interested in.

Our resources
... are comprised of content that is original, used with permission or are links to off-site resources that already provide a good reference. Our Polish Subject Index page in the Research Center with indexed links by subject is very popular with viewers. Our Surname Connection Board in the Genealogy Center has grown quickly and is second only to the Home page in page views. Polonia-USA in the Polonia Center is a new section of ATPC and has become the third most popular viewer resource. Take time to view the content each of the six Resource Centers for articles and other special resources.

We want your Learning Experience
... to be enjoyable and interesting. Throughout the site there are tidbits of information with this in mind. Some will simply state facts and other's will be a link to more information on that subject. Below is one example of this.

Polish HistoryIn 1791, Poland established the first written constitution in Europe.

A Link to "About"
... is included on the major pages. The About feature is to inform you on various information about the community or a subject. Each of these links will have different information.


We use Graphic Symbols for many of the utility pages that are a part of ATPC giving you a quick link to these Desktop features. They are:

Add your favorite links! - Viewers links page for sharing favorite sites.

- Polish Glossary/Guide, quick look ups for answers to many questions.

View/Post to the Community Calendar - Viewers community calendar for posting events or special dates.

Send an Ecard to family or friends. - E-Card, send a greetings card to a friend or that special someone.

Etaco language translation service. - Etaco's online translation service.

Play a Song from our Music page. - Music Library of midi-songs (Polka/Chopin).

Send us an Email - Quick link for sending email to ATPC.

Opens Help Page. - Opens "Help Page" for additional assistance.

Return to top of section. - Return to top of section or page.

Additional informaton would appear in this box. - Mouse over the "I" symbol for additional information on a subject.

Opens in New Window, Close when done! - Link "Opens in New Window" and should be "Closed When Done" viewing.

Directory of Data Pages - Indicates directory of data pages.

Data Page - Indicates data page.

(1)(2)(3) - More than one resource link on a subject.

Our Goal
... is to make ATPC one of the most popular spots on the internet for viewers interested in Polish Genealogy and Heritage. To achieve this goal, we need your support with contributions to the content of ATPC. As you browse our resources look for something that you can share with us that will enhance our current resources. Join the many viewers who have already contributed to our growing knowledge base. Take an emotional piece of the ownership in what we are doing! We'll appreciate it and your fellow viewers will too!

Resource Centers


Directory of Data PagesGenealogy Center
Post, check or discuss surnames, lost/found items. Find tips and information for doing genealogy and enjoying the experience.
  • Genealogy Hall
    - Surname Connections Board
    - Gen-Database Search
    - Surname Meanings Board
    - Surname Message Board
    - Surname Community Websites
    - Discussion Forum
    - Surname Origins
  • Lost/Found Board
  • Eastman Reviews
  • Genealogy Articles Library

Directory of Data PagesHeritage Center
Celebrate Polish heritage. Learn the history, culture and traditions of your Polish ancestors.
  • Ancestral Photo Library
    - Ancestors, My Oldest Photo gallary
    - Ancestral Photo pages
  • Culture Library
    - Christmas Remembered
    - Food and Recipes
    - Music and Dance
    - Pictorial Poland
    - Special Destinations
  • History Library
    - Origins of Poland
    - Chronology of Events
    - Historical Geography
    - Famous Poles
  • Heritage Articles Library

Learning Center
Just learning about the Polish heritage? Our Learning Center may be of assistance to you.
  • Polish/English Language Tools
    - Polish Alphabet
    - Surname Origins/Meanings
    - Common Word Translations
  • Learning Tutors
  • Self-help Articles

News Center
News and editorials about what's happening in Poland, Europe and elsewhere.
  • Poles Pulpit Editorials
  • Poland News
  • Europe News
  • Russia News
  • World News

Polonia Center - Polish communities around the world.
    World Polonia
  • Polonia-USA
    - Immigration Perspective
    - The Journey
    - History of Poles in USA
    - Panna Maria - Oldest Settlement.
    - Polish-American Destinations.

Research Center
Use our extensive link resources to help you do research or just find a new site of interest to you.
  • Polish Subject Index Links Library
  • Polish Sites Index
  • Polish Communities Sites
  • Genealogy Links Library
  • History Links Library
  • Maps Library

Life Center
A celebration of life. Inspirational articles and resources. Challenges and struggles to overcome.
  • Freedom and Peace
  • Terrorism 2001
  • Quotes to Ponder

DUDA!Do you know what this Polish item is?LEARN MORE!

Libraries of Articles & Stories

Articles, stories, essays -- all add depth to understanding of genealogy, Polish heritage, or Poland's history. We appreciate and are "thankfull" to those who have shared their thoughts here. We invited to do join with them and make a contribution to our library.

Opens in New Window, Close when done! - Please note, these links will open in a new window - close when done.

Genealogy Center
  • Help & Tips for doing Genealogy
  • Stories (Inspirational, Memories, Humor)
  • Articles and Reviews by Richard Eastman
  • Heritage Center
  • History, yesterday's tomorrow.
  • Memorable stories and traditions.
  • Memorable trips to Poland.
  • Research Center

    None at this time.

    Polonia Center

    The Oldest Polish Settlement in US

    Learning Center

    Motivational Self-help articles

    Help us grow the knowledge base of ATPC.

    Share a personal article or add to our resource data. Enjoy the satisfication of building a our resources and help others learn more about genealogy and their Polish heritiage.
    Send us an Email

    Community Boards

    An interactive community is the driving concept of ATPC. Contribution from viewers in articles, pictures and in messages boards. Below are the variety different boards for surnames, calendar, links and discussion.

    Opens in New Window, Close when done! - Please note, these links will open in a new window - close when done.

    Community CalendarYou can post to or view what's on the Community Calendar. Items such as family reunions, meetings, or any other date specific subject.
    Genealogy/Polish ForumDiscussion forum on Delphi.com. Requires free membership. However, messages can be viewed as a "guest".
    Guest Book Tell us what you think about our Polish website community!
    Surname Master ListA complete alphabetical listing of surnames with email connections. Is your family surname listed?
    Surname Message BoardPrimary board for posting of surnames. Includes reply message feature so others can respond to your posting.
    Viewer's PulpitFree topic board where you can post your thoughts or comments on most anything.
    Viewer's Add-A-LinkAdd your home page or anyother link to this board. Check on what other viewers are recommending.
    Viewer's Opinion PollsCast your opinion by voting on the various survey subjects. View the stats on what others have vote for.

    POLISH HISTORYPoles were contributing in America before the Pilgrims arrived.LEARN MORE!