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The articles in this library are mainly from viewers who have taken the time to write and article about their experience and knowledge on various subjects associated with doing genealogy. You'll find some excellent tips and interesting reading that may give your further insight and help in doing your family genealogy.

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This is not an easy task for many of us, especially when it is intended to be made public. Most of us struggle with one thing or another when capturing our thoughts on paper. While, it is nice to create a perfect document with all the "i's" dotted and "t's" crossed, it is not nearly as important as the content of a story. Content is what makes the process of writing worth doing. Don't let the technical skills of writing get in your way of telling a story worth sharing with us. You have something special to offer that only you can express. If it goes untold, we both lose an opportunity to share a special moment or understand we are not alone in our thoughts.

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What's in a name.....
Articles about Polish surnames, what they mean, their origin and the problems confronting the genealogist.

Family Surname Suffixes - J. Armata
An understanding of how and when suffixes were used in Polish surnames.
Names: A Logic for Understanding - S. Wisniowski
Your grandfather like to be called Stan, but was his real name Stanley or Stanislaw? Stefan sheds some light on where some given names most likely came from.
What's In A Name? - M. Kusmierz
Be open to your surname possibilities.
Polish Naming Conflicts - M. Kusmierz
Pitfalls in the accuracy of Polish surnames. What they are, how they can happen, and what to do.
Lost and Found! - M. Kusmierz
Avoid the pitfalls of assuming family connections. It's an easy trap to fall into.

Surname specific
If you have knowledge about your surname, consider sharing it here for those who don't know.

The Opatz Surname in America - R. Prokott
Quote from this article, "All persons name Opatz in America are descendants of Thomas Opatz and Mary Krystosek who spent their lives in a small Upper Silesian village of Dombrowska."

Stories to share.....
Inspirational, memorable, humorous or informative.

Genealogy: Lessons Learned - M. Kusmierz
Lessons I've learned since I began researching my family history two years.
Searching for My Mother's Son - M. Nolan
A two part personal story of triumph and sorrow in shedding light on her family's past.

The First Day of the Rest of Your Life - M. Kusmierz
How I began my journey into genealogy.
Strangers In The Box - P. Harazim
An inspirational short essay about the significance of ancestors.
Essay of thoughts.....
A series of articles with a theme.

Poland and Genealogy: An Insider's View - J. Taran
This author from Poland shares his personal perspective genealogy in a series of essays on a variety of topics.

Research & records.....

Where to look, understanding, documenting and maintaining your records.

Searching White/Yellow Phone Directory - Jim Cupedro
Finding possible living relatives using an online phone directory. Includes keyboard commands for entering Polish characters.
How to Find the Best Genealogy Program - R. Eastman
Finding the best program for meeting your personal needs.
Tools: Getting Started - M. Kusmierz
Basic tools for keeping your records.
Breathing Life into Ancestors - T. Pack
Some thoughts on the importance of journals.
Historical Geography of Poland
Your Polish ancestor's immigration paper says they are from Austria/Poland and your confused! This page may have you get beyond this confusion.
Introductory Remarks for Genealogy Research - B. Turkulich
Insights in how to successfully research important international records.
Using the Social Security Index - R. Eastman
Things to consider when doing look ups.
Sending Money Overseas - R. Eastman
Tips on sending money overseas.
Sources of Information - M. Kusmierz
Major sources for gathering genalogy information.

Reference tables.....

Months, Foreign Language - M. Szelog
Table of calendar months in Polish, Latin, German(Austrian) and OCS(Church Slavonic) languages.
Common Foreign Words in Records - M. Szelog
Listing to help translate the Polish, Ukrainian and Russian languages that are commonly used in vital records.
German Illnesses to English
List of illnesses in German language that may be found on records for Poles.
Gregorian versus Julian calenders - M. Kusmierz
Includes table list date of changes by country.
Given Names Cross Reference (PDF File)
English given names cross-reference to equivalent names in Czech, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Polish, Slovak, Russian or Yiddish. This file was compiled courtesy of Paul M. Kankula from index cards over 25 years old that was maintained by a friend. The data may or may not be fully accurate. (The Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view this file.)
Learning Center
Resources on surnames, given names, and language.

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