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Memories of another time... we all have them. Those special moments from the past that can bring a smile and joy to the present. Genealogy tends to stimulate us into recalling our own special moments as we research, find and document a time we did not know.

The articles and stories presented here will cover different aspects of Polish heritage. Heritage that is associated with the country of Poland and heritage that is uniquely family. (We invite you to join with us in sharing an article on Polish culture, family or any subject related to your Polish heritage. Send your articles to "ATPC - Heritage Articles".

Stories to remember.....
Most of us enjoy reading a good story. Some entertain us, others may cause us to think more deeply about life. Maybe you have one to tell as well?

Writings of Aleksandra Ziolkowska-Boehm
Alexsandra is an accomplished author of many books based on a Polish theme. She has also written articles for several magazines. You'll enjoy the depth of insight and a delightful writing style for the subjects of Aleksandra's stories.

History, yesterday's tomorrow.....
Family articles you've done the research and discovery, so why not share what you've learned with others?

Rev. Romuald Byzewski: An Advocate for the Polish People
by Sherlyn Meiers & Marty Byzewski on the history and contributions of this individual.

Wincenty Wojcik: A Lifetime of Service to the Polish Community
by Irena Wojcik Gabon, an essay on the story of her father's mission to Poland after WWII.

Pulaski Memorial Day
Proclamation by President George Bush of the United States, on 11 October 2001.

Silesia to America -- A Heritage
by Robert Prokott on the history of the Poles who came from Silesia and settled in central Minnesota.

The First Polish Settlement in AmericaOpens in New Window - Close when done!
by Richard Lysiak A group of Poles from upper Silesia came to Texas in 1854 and would established themselves as the first permanent Polish community in American. (Article is Located in the Polonia Center/USA/Panna Maria.)

Parisville, MI: The Oldest Polish Community in USA.Opens in New Window - Close when done!
by Arthur A. Wagner. Through his research he provides insight as to why many consider Parisville, MI as being settled before Panna Maria. (Article is Located in the Polonia Center/USA/Parisville.)

This is not an easy task for many of us, especially when it is intended to be made public. Most of us struggle with one thing or another when capturing our thoughts on paper. While, it is nice to create a perfect document with all the "i's" dotted and "t's" crossed, it is not nearly as important as the content of a story. Content is what makes the process of writing worth doing. Don't let the technical skills of writing get in your way of telling a story worth sharing with us. You have something special to offer that only you can express. If it goes untold, we both lose an opportunity to share a special moment or understand we are not alone in our thoughts.

Thank you:
As you read an article of special meaning to you, consider sending the author an email thanking them for sharing it with you.
Memorable stories worth sharing.....
Stories, traditions, moments in time forever etched into your mind.

Wigilia: A Family Tradition
by Irena Wojcik Gabon recalling memories of early celebrations of Wigilia.

Searching for My Mother's SonOpens in New Window, Close when done!
by Maria Nolan, a personal story about triumph and sorrow in finding her family's past.

Christmas Remembered - ATPC's Christmas page
Personal short stories recalling the special memories of this holy time of celebration.

Memorable trips to Poland.....
Share your story and feelings for those who will never be able to visit the homeland of your answers.

Poland 2001
by Evelyn Micolichek who shares her experiences from her trip in August 2001 which covered many areas of Poland.

Bernie's Taste of Poland
by Bernie Sadowski in a series of essays about his trip to Poland in June 2001 (includes pictures, and a few recipes).

A Pilgrimage to Poland
by Jeanne M. Carley on memories from her 1998 trip to Poland. Join Jeanne as she makes an unplanned but memorable trip into Poland.

Miscellaneous tid-bits of joy.....
Share a poem, humor, prayer, song or subjects related Polish heritage or genealogy.

Quotes, verses, poems and more - ATPC page
Quotes, verses, poems, etc. submitted by viewers.

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  • An Unforgetable Journey by Maria van der Linden
    In book form, Maria describes what life was like during pre-war Poland and the years of turmoil that followed.
  • Political History of Poland - E.H. Lewinski-Corwin
    Published in 1917, this article covers Poland's history up to WWI.

    History from the life of Stanislaw J. Kowalski:
    ("Stanislaw has a remarkable personal history and fortunately, he shares it with us in detail." - M.A.Kusmierz)

    • Autobiography...
      "The small Polish town of Jazlowiec, where I was born at almost the same time as the big guns of World War One fired their last shells in Eastern Europe, never made it into the history books."
    • The Town Lost in History...
      "The small pre-war Podolian town of Jazlowiec, Post-World War Two history, and the will of victorious powers caused this once-prosperous community in the southeast of Poland to disappear from contemporary maps."
    • Kolyma: The Land of Gold and Death...
      "The people of the Soviet Union feared Kolyma more than any other region of the Gulag Empire. 'Kolyma znaczit smert' was the common phrase whispered at the time, and translates, without loss, to 'Kolyma means death'."<

  • Events in Poland's History - OnWar.com
    Index to articles on major events in Poland's history offered by OnWar.com.

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