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Hot Springs High School 1946
Hot Springs, Arkansas

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This is not the entire annual -- just the senior class photographs.
If any of these people are deceased and you know the information, please
email us so that we may include that information.  Also, please let us know if any of the links do not work properly!  We may have the obituary online.  Just click on the obituary link after the name.

We wish to thank Harry Reinert for scanning this yearbook for us!!

Adams, Mary Sue

Akers, Mary

Allen, Carolyn

Ambers, Lois Pauline

Antonio, John

Athanas, Analee    Analee Athanas was born December 11, 1928, and died May 10, 2005. Analee Athanas Vaught Obituary

Aubuchon, Anna Belle

Baber, Sarah

Baldwin, Gertrude

Banks, Gene

Barrett, Betty Lou

Bates, Mary Louise

Beardsley, Lorraine

Bearfield, Lola

Beavers, Kenneth

Bernard, Kenneth

Bernard, Kenneth

Bevill, Katherine

Boaz, Rodney

Boaz, Scott

Bowen, Willene

Bradford, Norma Jean

Braughton, Billie June

Breazeal, Dorothy

Brewer, Patricia

Bright, Anita    Vivian Anita Bright was born 8 July 1927, in Hot Springs to Floyd and Myrtle Brown Bright.  She was married to Herman C. Walton.  She died 29 November 2006, in Hot Springs and is buried in Memorial Gardens Cemetery in Hot Springs.  Vivian Anita Bright Walton Obituary

Bryant, John Thomas

Byrum, Bonnie

Caristianos, Michae

Caristianos, Michae

Childs, Clara Faye    Clara married a Haywood Frailey and then Lyle Petersen. She died December 26, 2012.    Clara Faye Childs Frailey Petersen Obituary

Cohen, Lewis

Coker, Mary Lou

Coley, Jo Ann

Contos, Helen

Cox, J R

Danley, Joyce

Davis, Richard

Dean, Norman

Dean, Norman    Leonard Norman Dean was born September 3, 1927, and was married to Lonnie Jean Daniels. He died March 29, 2013.    Leonard Norman Dean Obituary

Dillard, Velda

Dugan, Allene    She was born September 4, 1925, and died December 10, 2006. Allene Dugan Obituary

Dwiggins, Jane

Edwards, Vivian

Fager, Charles

Felts, Mary Lou

Fisher, Lela Beth

Ford, Barbara June

Freeman, Joy

Furr, Edward

Gaither, Jennie Lee

George, Earldean

Gillham, Richard

Glidewell, Gerald

Grant, Dorothy

Gray, Helen Sue

Green, Rice

Griffin, Lera    Lera Mavis Griffin was born September 29, 1927. She was married to George James Contos and George Douglass, Jr. She died October 31, 2011. Lera Mavis Griffin Contos Douglass Obituary

Grisham, Verna Jean

Gullett, Dorothy

Height, Charles

Height, Charles

Helms, Jeannetta    Jeannetta Mae Helms was born May 1, 1928. She married William Leslie Atherton. She died November 22, 2009. Jeannetta Mae Helms Atherton Obituary

Hogue, Loreba

Holmes, Jack

Hopson, Charles

Howard, Joy

Howard, Shirley

Huey, Clinton

Hunter, Nancy Lee

Hurst, F L

Hurst, F L

James, Lorraine

Jones, Beverly

Kassaw, Elfreda

Kassaw, Mary Helen    Mary Helen was born August 28, 1929, and died May 14, 2000. She was married to John Thomas Jordan Sr. and is buried in Willamette National Cemetery, Portland, Multnomah County, Oregon.

Kaufman, Ben

Kaufman, Joe

Kemp, Beatrice

Kincaid, Frank

Knox, Jack

Kunasch, Kathleen

Kuntz, Peggy

Lang, Ruth

Leiber, Jay

Lewallyn, Marian    Marian Ruth Lewallyn was born March 31, 1928. She married H. Ross Wisely. She died November 25, 2009.    Marian Ruth Lewallyn Wisely Obituary

Logan, Rosamond

Longinotti, Robert

Lynch, Elva Jean

Lynch, Oran

McCrory, Terrel

McLeod, Betty Jo

McNeil, James

McManus, Norma Jean

Manning, Louise

Martin, Lee Allen

Martin, Nathalie

Mathews, Peggy

Maus, Robert

Meador, Ruby Leigh

Melonas, Paula    Paula Helen Melonas Barker died June 15, 2008. Paula Helen Melonas Barker Obituary

Melton, Vera Lu

Merryman, James    James H. Merryman died June 24, 2003.  James H. Merryman Obituary

Moore, Amanda

Moscowitz, Maurice

Munford, Faye

Muse, Bobbie Jeanne

Nickels, Nell

Otwell, Dorothy

Overton, Reba

Pakis, Mary Frances

Panzer, Irving

Payton, Mary Frances    Mary Frances was born November 20, 1927, and died June 2, 2011.    Mary Frances Payton Stephens Kinsey Obituary

Peden, Alleta

Penny, James

Poe, Pauline

Porterfield, Jack

Preston, Marilyn

Prichard, Merrill

Radford, Inez

Reader, Billy Frank

Reinert, Harry

Riddle, Mary Dee

Ridley, Norma

Riley, Roy

Rodwell, Theresa

Rushing, John

Ryan, James

Schulman, Doris

Shackelford, Vernece

Sheets, Lina

Sheets, Melvia

Shook, Jeanne

Shuman, Beverly Jean

Skrivanos, George

Smith, Norma Sue

Soward, Patricia

Standiford, Lillian

Starnes, Beulah

Stephens, J W

Stewart, Gerry

Stonecipher, Gene

Stuart, Lynn

Stueart, Don

Stueart, Donald

Swartzbaugh, Mary

Swearingen, Jack

Talley, Mary Elizabeth

Talley, Mary Lois

Talley, William

Tarleton, Pat

Taylor, Frank

Taylor, Levinia

Teed, Dick

Thomason, Dewey

Thompson, Connie

Thornton, Frank

Tuberville, Verla

Turner, Frances Lee    Frances Lee Turner Westermann died March 8, 2009.  Frances Lee Turner Westermann Obituary

Vann, Jimmy

Van Zyverden, Albert

Waites, Dewitt

Walden, Charles

Walters, Norman

Ward, Anna Sue    Anna Sue Ward was born August 22, 1928, and died September 11, 2014.    Anna Sue Ward Ray Obituary

Ward, Betty

Waterman, Gene

Wattles, Leta May

Weaver, Juanita

Wehunt, Bill

Westerman, Norman

Williams, Carolyn

Wright, Robert

Wolf, Robert

Woodson, Jane

Yankie, James

Yenawine, Maxine

Young, Rosalie

Young, Rosalie