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martindale church.

Marble Church in 1900.

 Martindale Methodist Church on Maumelle Creek.  I am not certain in what county this church was located.  Submitted by Mary Lou Roberts Messersmith Marble Church in 1900.  In the top row the tall man next to the middle door post is Calvin T Glenn.  The bald man to his right is Daniel Smith (pastor).  On the second row from front the man close to the left end with hat and beard is John Clubb.  Next to him, the woman with bonnet is his wife Margaret McBee Clubb.  Submitted by Jim Johnson

Smith Creek Missionary Baptist Church

Piney Baptist Church in Hot Springs, Arkansas

Smith Creek Missionary Baptist Church about 1980 from the H B Haley Family Collection.  The history of the church may be found here.  Submitted by Anita Haley Millard Piney Baptist church: Under the archway at the top of the steps is a child being held up by its grandmother. That child was Debra Garner at age two. Debra's Grandma Ollie Thornton is holding her and her mother, Frances Thornton Slater, is to the right. (Photo was taken in 1954.) Submitted by Debra Slater Garner

Marble Church in 1990.

Bethleham Church
Marble Church in 1990.  Submitted by Jim Johnson, retired pastor of Marble Church Bethleham Church