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Following, you will find photographs of various Garland County, Montgomery County, and Saline County Schools -- both old and new.  You will also find class photographs.  If you can identity anyone who is not identified or if you know more about a particular school, please send the webmaster an email

If you have a photo to include, please email it to the webmaster and we will post it.

We have divided up the schools into four pages.  Be sure to visit all four pages.

This page last updated September 18, 2006

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Quapaw School.

Sunshine School.

Present Sunshine School site.

Quapaw School in Hot Springs.  Submitted by Garland County Historical Society Sunshine School located on Sunshine Road off Highway 270 West.  Once part of Lake Hamilton School System.  Submitted by Garland County Historical Society This is the Sunshine School now.  It is now a private residence -- once the home of Rod Jewell.  Submitted by Garland County Historical Society

Marble School in 1930.

Jessieville 1954 Class.

Jessieville School.

Marble School in 1930 (Pearl Hull teacher).  Top l to r:  Vera Gates, Mildred Gates, Ray Green, Harvey Baldwin, Allen Green, Walker Tillery, Gladys Newkirk, Orpha Baldwin.  Second row from top l to r:  Sherman Newkirk, Jim Young, Edd Curtis, Ikey Baldwin, Gladys Johnson, Ida Hatley, Rosalee Curtis, Helen Howard; 3rd row l to r:  Clyde Smith, Marvin Howard, Gene Clemons, Lester Newkirk, Opal Johnson, Flora Tucker, Jeff Green, Fred Gates; 4th row l to r:  Leonard Cockman, Clarence Baldwin, James Newkirk, Charlotte Baldwin, Alpha Hull, Lucy Johnson, Litha Cockman, Geneva Waterman, Mary Gates; front row l to r:  Melvin Johnson, Buck Baldwin, Clifton Smith, Pauline Waterman, Eva John Howard, William Waterman, Olivia Baldwin.  Submitted by Jim Johnson Jessieville 1954 Senior Class.  Front left to right:  JoAnn Teal, Electa Noles, Mary McElrath; second row left to right:  Alva Jean Caldwell, Jessie McClelland, Faye Bean, Edna Mae Shaw; boy in center is J. C. Oates; back row left to right:  Joe Harper, Jerry Evans, Jimmy Dale Johnson, Lilburn Clemons.  Submitted by Jim Johnson First Jessieville High School Senior Class -- 1937.  Submitted by John Newkirk, Jr., son of the John Newkirk shown in the photograph.

Garland School 1.

Garland School 2.

Kemp School in 1907.

Garland School -- the first one.  There were two Garland Schools, and this was the first of the two.  Submitted by Garland County Historical Society Garland School -- the second one.  It was located on St. Louis Street in Hot Springs.  Submitted by Garland County Historical Society Kemp School in 1907.  Submitted by Garland County Historical Society

Oaklawn School.

Oaklawn School Mrs Porterfield Class.

Hawes School.

Oaklawn School on Oaklawn Boulevard, Hot Springs.  Submitted by Garland County Historical Society Oaklawn Elementary, Hot Springs 1956-57; teacher was Mrs. Porterfield.  Submitted by Joyce Lesoing top row (second from teacher) Hawes School -- once located on the Mountain Pine Highway in Garland County.  The school no longer exists.  According to the 1968 Record (Garland County Historical Society) pictured are: 1st row:  Guy Howard (holding cap), Marvin Godwin (White collar), Sid Davis, Edith Howard, Oma Dillard, Lillie Godwin (in white), Unknown (in striped cap), Unknown (in fur cap), Rosa Rhey (With folded hands).  2nd Row:  Frank Rhey, Jessie Wright, Fred Dixon,  Obert Dillard (white collar), Frank Brown, Vollie Davis, Lillian Howard, Bertha Dixon, May Davis, Orah Vaughan, Una Rhey (in dark dress), Lillie Brady, Jessie Reeves (holding doll).  3rd Row:  Otto Davis (white shirt & tie), Ussery Owen, Roscoe Owen, Dale Owen (with suspenders), Unknown, Jimmie Vaughan, Janie Neighbors (holding doll), Ethel Godwin, Osie Vaughan, Mrs Rhey (slightly behind), Nettie Brady, Nellie Brown, Eva Brown.  4th Row: Martha Godwin (in print dress), Sarah Jackson (In hat holding child), Maggie Godwin, Eliza Davis (In white blouse), Sally (Mrs Ed) Brown.  5th Row:  Ples Huddleston, Mr Rhey - Teacher (holding son), G. Dillard, Mary Dillard (standing to his front). (Typed by Ron Taylor, relative to the Dixon and Davis family.)  If anyone recognizes any of the students, please send us an email. It is believed that Annie Vaughan is standing in the second row, second girl from the right. Annie, the daughter of Thomas Vaughan who donated the land for the Hawes School, married George Duren.  The Vaughan "girls" were sisters. The photo was taken about 1904.  Submitted by Garland County Historical Society

Buckville School.

Mountain Pine 1946 Class.

St Joseph 1964 LPN Class.

Buckville Church -- it was once used as a school.  Submitted by Debra Slater Garner Mountain Pine 1946 class.  Top row, third from the left, is Debra's mother, Frances Thornton Slater.  As far as Debra knows, only three are deceased from this class:  Jo Ann Huddleston, Wayne Davis, and Carl Goins.  Carl was a pilot and died in a crash.  Debra says her mother said in school his dream was always to fly planes.  Submitted by Debra Slater Garner St. Joseph LPN 1964 graduating class. Some of the people pictured are Freddye Mae Atkins, Kathryn E Campbell, Mary Louise Dennis, Emogene Drobena, Melodee Joy Duncan, Mary Elizabeth Gee, Geneva Helen Gleason, Betty E Hoops, Jessie E Hunter, Charlotte F Knight, Bethel K Kymes, Odell P Lambert, Ethel Moore Cartwright (first row fifth from left), Iona Muldrew, Nina Dean Nixon, Lucille V Redlund, Peggy Lou Rucker, Barbara L Toatley, Mary B ?   Submitted by Ethel Bradshaw Cartwright.  (If you know to which faces these names belong or the other names, please email us.)

Whittington School.

Whittington School 2.

Whittington School about 1915.

Whittington School.  Submitted by Garland County Historical Society Whittington School.  Laura Carpenter is found in the back row.  Submitted by Glenda Henry Jenkins Whittington School about 1915.  The child in the very middle of the front row was Turner Ellis Edds.  Submitted by Carl Edds

Jones School 1945-1946

Jones School 1946-1947

Jones School 1947-1948

Jones School, Grade 3, 1945-1946
Row 1: Betty Lowery, Unk, Shirley Muncrief, Beverly Griffin, Bertha __, Joann Rice, Unk, Mary Lou Lingo
Row 2: Jimmy Lockett, Ray Schwieter, Bob Harrison, Eugene Rasmussen, Johnnie Outler, Clara Tate, Montina Simmons, Shirley Ussery, Joyce Green, Connie Patton
Row 3: Unk, Unk, Raymond Mace, James Barnett, Bobby Roach, Ollie Powell, Thurman Love, Ray Garner, Unk, Unk; Teacher Daisy Miles. Photo courtesy of Shirley Ussery Howell 
Jones School, Grade 4, 1946-1947
Top row: teacher Alameda White, Unk, Cherie Akers, James Barnett, Josephine Denty, Riley Holder, Sylvia Sanders, John Allen Humphries
Row 3: Fred zipkes, Helen Hale, Jim Withrow, Barbara McAfee, Elwen Bingham, Marcella Baumgartner
Row 2: Carolyn Outler, Bobby Marks, Janice Gibson, Unk, Gail Ann McMichael(s), Ray Garner, Betsy Stone, __ Petty
Row 1: Ronnie Baber, Gerald Allen, Ray Schwieter, Shirley Ussery, Unk, Montina Simmons, __ Reynolds. Photo courtesy of Shirley Ussery Howell
Jones  School, Grade 5, 1947-1948
Top row: teacher Evelyn Hilliard, Ray Garner, Marilyn Short, James Barnett, Beverly Griffin, Curtis Williams, Patsy Kallsnick, Riley Holder
Row 3: Philip Smith, Shirley Ussery, Unk, Helen hale, Jimmy Lockett, Barbara Bunn
Row 2: Sue Harper, Shelby Duncan, Mae Stevens, Elwin Bingham, Neda Fay Allen, Kenneth Moore, Connie Patton, Marie Sanders
Row 1: Wilma Ann Brown, Mary Ella Ermey, Flora Nell McMoran, Delores Wynn, Lynn Fleming, Dona Nichols. Photo courtesy of Shirley Ussery Howell

Jones School

Jones School

Cutter Morning Star 1951-1952

Jones School about 1921
The young man with the arrow pointed toward him was Jack Blamey. The teacher was Mrs. Evans. Photo courtesy of Jeanne Gray Couillard
Jones School about 1921
Margaret "Peggy" Blamey is in this photograph on the bottom row. The arrow is pointed toward her. Photo courtesy of her daughter, Jeanne Gray Couillard
Cutter Morning Star School, fifth grade, 1951-1952.
The only known person is Don Hall found on the second row from the top, sixth from the left.
Fourth row from the top, third person from left, Edwin "Eddie" Clamon per Robin Clamon-Kraha. Photo courtesy of the Michael Hall collection