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Arlington Hotel.

Army and Navy Football Team.

A view of the Arlington Hotel looking down from West Mountain.  Courtesy of Joy Buchheit Robinson #1 was coach Richard M. Ryan, a Hot Springs attorney; #2 Reeder; #3 Roberts; #4 Neiman; #5 Campbell; #6 Nelson; #7 McConathy; #8 Smith; #9 Elkins; #10 Crawn; #11 Hoffman; #12 was Martin Bozak,  #13 Kosler; #14 Farrell; #15 Crouette; #16 Anderson.  Mr. Bozak was the uncle of the submitter Harry Reinert.

Army and Navy Football Team.

Ozark Bathhouse.

Army and Navy Football Team; champions 1918.  Courtesy of Harry Reinart Ozark Bathhouse -- The Ozark is of Spanish Revival Style and contains 14,000 square feet. It is located on "Bathhouse Row" in downtown Hot Springs on Central Avenue.  Courtesy of Dave Hays

Quapaw Bathhouse.

Quapaw Bathhouse -- Completed in 1922 and boasts 24,000 square feet. It is of Colonial Revival Styling located on "Bathhouse Row" on Central Avenue in downtown Hot Springs.  Courtesy of Leon Rowland Moore