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What's New 2015?


Garland County, Arkansas Cemeteries and Burial Site Directory.  New Release July 2015

Library Inventory


Obituaries Index Updates

Archived Obituaries an update to general page information.  New links added to page for newspaper abbreviations and for how to request copies.    July 2015

The obituaries that were in 2009 and 2010 and 2011 and continuing for the letters "A" - "D" have been previously moved to their own pages. Eventually all from 2009 and forward will be listed by their own alpha page.
2009 and continuing - A
2009 and continuing - B
2009 and continuing - C
2009 and continuing - D


General Updates

Removed broken entry to Links, July 2015

Family Records has been renamed Family Stories.

Whats new for previous years has been archived here



Added to Strolling Down Central Avenue Page 8  Due to the increasing number of photos in our collection, page 8 is no longer just for "unknown".  New additions to the collection will be posted to page 8 beginning in 2015.  Photos added May and July 2015.

Cemetery Updates since January 1, 2015:

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