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We expect features to be added to this site on a regular basis, so if you have Wells ancestors please keep an eye out for changes by looking at:

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For the convenience of our users, we have added a search engine so that you can quickly search the database for names, locations or any other word combination that might appear in a record or page in this site. The search engine index is current and will be rebuilt every Sunday night to catch additions for the week.


We do NOT recommend you search for JUST "Wells"!!

EVERY page will have Wells on it. If you are looking for a family with a unique given name (Thaddeus), try that first. If the family lived in a known area such as Lexington, KY - search for Lexington. If you are looking for a Richard Wells who lived in Lexington, KY try "Richard & Lexington" separating the two words with the ampersand (&).

Once you have a set of pages, you can further refine this by entering a different search word, such as the name of a spouse or child, selecting the "Refine" radio button to the right of the search button and then click "Search"


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