Wells Family Research Newsletters

Wells Family Research Newsletters

Over the years there have been three Wells Family Research Newsletters of which we are aware.

The first was The Wells Family Research Bulletin independantly published between February 1973 and December 1975 by Elaine Ramsten Wells.

The Wells Family Research Bulletin

The Wells Researcher was published independantly by Ann L. Wells of Crystal Lake, Illinois between January 1988 and December 1991. There may have been later issues, but we have not seen them. There were 395 pages published which were indexed by The Wells Family Research Association. These will be brought on-line as time permits and we obtain permission from the Editor to do so.

In 1988 the Wells Family Research Association was founded in Portland, Oregon and The Wells Chronicles began publicaion. The Chronicles were published between October 1988 and February 1997. There were 667 pages plus indexes published with a gap in publication between November 1994 and February 1997 and again following February 1997. The Wells Family Research Association intends to resume publicaton in 2000. Old issues will be brought on-line as time permits.

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