Mystery of the Month / February 2000

Mystery of the Month - February 2000

Earnest Wells buried in Erick, Oklahoma 1900

On a farm in Erick, Oklahoma near Sayer is a lone tombstone. It reads

son of
W. F. & Hattie Wells
Born: Aug 7, 1889
Died: May 4, 1900

According to the farmer who owns the property, Melvin Mills, recalls hearing the story that a 10-year old boy who was travelling west with his parents became ill and died. The owner of the land allowed the boy to be buried in the cemetery on his land.

The Mystery of the Month is:

  1. Who was Earnest Wells?
  2. Who were his parents W. T. & Hattie Wells?
  3. Where did they come from?
  4. Where did they go after they left Erick, Oklahoma?

View the tombstone and accompanying article from Sayre Journal 12 Mar 1998


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