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This section contains pleas from relatives or friends of Wells Individuals who are thought to be still living. If you can help find someone on this list, please give the submitter a hand.
Am looking for Ara Wells . Related to Alexander or Deans family from Scotland via Canada, last known area was New Zealand. She is or was my mother's cousin. Am not sure from what side.
We are doing the tree and would like to find her or her family.

Charles McDonnell
[posted 29 Apr 2000]

Looking for the children of : Charles Earl Wells Born May 16, 1905 Died in 1938

I am Georgene M. Winters, maiden name Wells. My sister is Irena and we are searching for our half brothers and sisters. Just to get aquainted. I have wondered about them all of my life

My father was born in Decatur, Alabama. Was playing in a band and running a newspaper in Ramona, South Dakota when he and my mother were married. They were divorced when I was 2 years old and we moved to Illinois.

My mother was his second wife. There were children born before us and he was married again after their divorce, and had two children. He died in 1938. His wife, at the time, had my mother meet her at the Union Station in Chicago when she was transporting his body from So. Dakota to Alabama for internment.

I have never found out why she wanted to do this but I do remember meeting them, briefly. I was six years old. The lady was expecting a child at the time and wrote to my mother later and told her that it was a girl.

That is about all I know about them. My mom didn't remember where the letter was written from but I think the woman probably went back to So. Dakota.

Georgene Winters
[posted 13 Feb 2000]

Rick/Richard Wells lived in the Rock Island, Illinois area. He would have been born around 1949. In 1967, he lived very close to Washington Central Junior High School. It is very important that we find this person. My husband is an adoptee and he was recently contacted by his birth mother. She gave him the name of Rick Wells as his biological father.

Steve and Laurie Colby
[posted 20 Feb 2000]

Victor Author Wells father of Barbara Wells. Barbara Wells born 17 Feb 1947 Grimsby, Lincolnshire England. Married to David Eddison St James parish church Grimsby 18 Jan 1969. Seeking Barbara's father Victor Author Wells. Last known poplar London, UK. Also seeking brother John Wells. Was Bombardier Billy Wells an uncle/great uncle?. Barbara is now living in Perth, Australia

Barbara Eddison
[posted 13 Feb 2000]

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