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Suggestions for the
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future Web Site functions and features

Other Wells researchers and members of the Wells Family Research Association have made the following recommendations for future features and functions that they would like to see at this site. If you would like to comment or add your own suggestions, please e-mail us at the address at the bottom of the page.

The items marked in Green are already planned

  1. Links to other genealogical resources including related areas.
  2. "The Wells Chronicles" in down loadable format.
  3. A "bulletin board" so that researchers can easily contact and communicate with each other.
  4. Bulletin board including postings with E-Mail addresses with auto links.

    NOTE: Both of these are currently available. Check the "Wells Queries" & "Wells Genealogy Lists" on the home page.

  5. A bulletin board divided into topic areas relating to different lines of Wells/Welles genealogies.

    NOTE: This is available in a limited manner with several different Wells lists on RootsWeb. See "Wells Genealgoy Lists" on the home page

  6. A Queries section for Formal posting

    See the "Wells Queries" on the homepage.

  7. Post to a conference at the web site so we don't get the noise of a public news group.
  8. A place for each researcher to list the name, along with the place and time of the person they are stumped on.
  9. A means of entering your Wells name or a spouse's name you are researching and see if anyone has already submitted information on them and have the e-mail address attached so we could correspond directly.
  10. A way to peg queries to a specific family if possible and file them by individual, family, geographical area and time period along with all responses.
  11. A surname list with apha first names and locations.
  12. Query the name by state/county/territory/shire or some type of regional area and possibly by date, instead of looking up every single George Wells in the world.

    NOTE: This is currently possible for the WFRA site by using the search on the home page. This also searches several other Wells specific sites.

  13. A way of identifying those researchers who are looking in a specific geographical area (including international)
  14. A way to show people's similar interests across the world -- especially Australia & New Zealand connections to UK
  15. A photo section of family members to which users could contribute and down-load.
  16. The ability to download content and read off-line.
  17. A way to list all of the GEDCOM data that the WFRA holds and search it.
  18. An e-mail directory or list of some sort of known Wells researchers and their interests.
  19. A weekly or monthly offering of special documents, like articles on Wells research
  20. Bibliography and good sources for Wells researching.
  21. A list of any available Wells published histories and where they are located.

    Note: This is now partially available through the homepage link of "Published Wells Genealogies" & " Wells Genealogy Books"

  22. Links to other genealogical resources including related areas.
  23. Links to book sellers that have information about the Wells family (like Higginson Books).
    Note: This is available under "Wells Genealogy Books" on the homepage
  24. Information about the various Wells lines,
  25. Include names associated with the WELLS/WELLES, as in maiden names of wives and names of husbands of daughters who marry.
  26. Links to Wells data, such as Gene Stark's GENDEX site,
  27. A history of the various Wells families and a migration route for each.
  28. A "famous" (biographies) section that would include notable Wells. Perhaps include military and/or other famous leaders and interesting Wells people.
  29. Descendancies of various Wells families (something similar to GED2HTM)
  30. A Research Swap area - where you could offer local research in return for research done by the other person. {e.g a person in Maryland offers to research locally in exchange for research done by someone in New York}
  31. A volunteer page for those willing to do look-ups in specific articles or places.
  32. Other Wells Associations and their addresses.
  33. An area with news of family reunions and other Wells Family related information.
  34. Content ahead of style.
  35. A space to type in the readings of tombstones and locations.
  36. Family group sheets, descendant charts, family histories, marriages, obituaries and cemetery records.
  37. Put the International Wells Research Index on the site with cross reference to specific county and state data.
  38. Provide access of some sort to the database(s) you have assembled, via a search script which returns either data on the person and/or info on the submitter.
  39. Show the database information that is available along with discussions of the conflicts, theories, ideas, etc. on each family.
  40. Index to the WFRA newsletters, so that people can determine which ones to order.

If you have additional suggestions or wish to comment on one or more of the above suggestions, please email us your thoughts. This site is intended to provide assistance to all Wells researchers world-wide. It will not deliberately focus on US Wells to the exclusion of other geographical areas. We have members in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and Sweden.

We will need volunteers to help us realize all these ambitious ideas. If you are willing to contribute time and effort in any way, please e-mail us to let us know you are available and the area(s) to which you would be interested in contributing.

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