WFRA Unsolved Mysteries

Unsolved Wells Mysteries

Mystery for June 1997

Richard Wells b: 11 Sep 1760 & Dr. Humphrey Wells of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Richard & Humphrey Wells

Mystery for July 1997

Zachariah Wells b: Cir 1739 VA m: Abigail Osborne and lived in Lee and Wise Counties, Virginia (at Big Stone Gap).

Zachariah Wells and Abigail Osborne

Mystery for August 1997

David Green Wells b: 20 Jan 1859 m: Alivilda Holt (b: 16 Feb 1863) of Pope county, Arkansas

David Green Wells and Alivilda Holt

Mystery for September 1997

Isaac Wells b: Cir 1784 and Margaret McGill of Lincoln County, North Carolina

Isaac Wells and Margaret McGill

Mystery for October 1997

Abraham Wells b: 08 Jan 1766 and Nancy Whisby of Monongalia County, Virginia and Marion County, Indiana

Abraham Wells and Nancy Whisby

Mystery for November 1997

Thomas Wells b: Cir 1600 and Frances Albright of Evesham, Worcestershire, England and Wethersford, Connecticut

Thomas Wells and Frances Albright

Mystery for December 1997

Nicholas Wells b: Cir 1796 and Mary Hammond of Kirten Fen, Lincolnshire and Taradale, Victoria, Australia

Nicholas Wells and Mary Hammond

Mystery for January 1998

The Seven Wells Brides for Seven Hutcheson Brothers in Saco Maine, USA married 24 Dec 1831

7 Brides for 7 Brothers

Mystery for February 1998

Isaac Wells b: Cir 1709, Warwickshire, England

Isaac Wells b: 1709, Warwickshire

Mystery for March 1998

Benjamin F. Wells, Jr. b: Cir 1843 Pennsylvania or Illinois?
Killed at the battle of the Little Big Horn.

Benjamin Wells b: 1843

Mystery for April 1998

Elisha Wells b: Cir 1794 Connecticut & Mary Silvas
Lived in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Elisha Wells b: Cir 1794

Mystery for May 1998

James & Mary Wells b: Cir 1590 England
Lived in Marshton Parish, York County, Virginia

James Wells b: Cir 1590

Mystery for June 1998

Joel Wells and Virginia "Jinsy" ____ b: Cir 1773
of Dinwiddie County, Virginia

Joel Wells B: Cir 1773

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