Florence Montgomery Wells Collection

The Florence Montgomery
Wells History Collection

Florence Montgomery was a very active and careful family researcher of various Wells famlies. She was never hesitant to help out a Wells researcher when asked to do so. When she died in 1986 her records were donated by her son to a local LDS Library in Hampton Virginia. They were microfilmed and are now available through the LDS libraries.

Florence went to the primary sources whenever possible and there are so many bits and pieces of Wells information that she collected over the years, we felt it would be useful to post her collection as we can organzing it as well as we are able. She did employ a unique manual indexing and filing system that makes it a challenge to figure things out at times.

Some of Flo's notes will appear a bit cryptic at times. We will do our best to expand the abbreviations, but will leave her other notes as they were in the original documents.

In some cases timeline will be adjusted to put them in order. Florence had a tendency to write everything by hand and just add on to a page when something new was found, but couldn't put it in order.

There is a lot of duplication and rambling in the material. However, we have copied it pretty much as it was in the original form.

This material will also eventually be cross-filed with the corresponding counties in the respective states.

We are indebted to the following researchers for contributions of major parts of the Florence Montgomery Collection

If the reader of this happens to have correspondance from Florence Montgomery, we would welcome copies that we can use on the website.

Samuel Wells 1734 Virginia and Kentucky

Samuel Wells 1759 Scott County, Kentucky

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