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Union Veterans of the Civil War 1861-1865.

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Clara Barton Detached Tent #3

Ancestor Bios G-K

The veteran ancestors of our Charter Members are in red.

All Ancestor Bios were created using documents from the individual Tent members' files. The primary documents used were the DUVCW applications, but additional information came from the Civil War veteran's Pension file or Military Records that were found in the Tent member's file, unless otherwise stated. If you would like more information about any of our ancestors, please contact, Peggy Munson, our Senior Vice President and Registrar.

Alonzo L. Gaines
Corporal, Michigan, County A, 2nd Regiment
Born:  1837, IN
Died:  26 Oct 1899, Seadrift, TX
Married:   28 Jun 1874, Matagorda Island, TX to Amanda J. Wilson
Enlisted:  30 Aug 1861, Discharged:  17 Aug 1865, Macon, GA

Hiram Randall Gale
Private,  Company K, 46th Wisconsin Infantry
Born:  08 Nov 1846,  Waterbury, VT
Died:  15 Mar 1951,  American Lake, Washington
Married:  Aug 10, 1870,
Gale, Trempealeau, WI to  Laura Ann Perkins  born 08 Oct 1849,
Lowell, MA,  died before 1880, probably in Minnesota.
Enlisted:  25 Jan 1865; Service ended 27 Sep 1865 when he mustered out.

Stephen Franklin Gordon
Company. B, 26th Iowa Regiment
Born:  Aug 1837, Huron County, OH
Died:  after 15 Mar 1910, Clinton, IA
Married:   13 Mar 1862, Jackson Co., IA to Martha Jane Perry
Enlisted:  08 Jul 1862, IA, Medical Discharged:  04 Jan 1864, Keokuk, IA
Occupation at time of enlistment:  MechanicPension Granted.

Charles W. Greene
Captain, Company B, 12th Regiment Connecticut , and 25th United States Colored Infantry
Born:  14 Mar 1839, Providence, RI
Died:   Unknown
Married:   22 Oct 1866, Columbus, KY to Orilla Sublette Reed
Enlisted:  14 Nov 1861; Discharged:  06 Dec 1865.
Enlisted as Private promoted to Captain.

Isaac Guiher

Private, Company A,  103rd Pennsylvania Infantry
Born:  1823, PA
Died:   15  May 1862, Hampton, VA
Buried:   Hampton National Cemetery, Section B, Site 4289
Married:   09 Apr 1846, Clarion Co., PA to Elizabeth Watson
Enlisted:  07 Sep 1861.  Widow’s Pension Granted.

Edwin Hadley
First Lieutenant, Company E, 26th Regiment, Michigan Infantry
Born:  28 Aug 1839,  Mooresville, IN
Died:  Jan 1883,  Chicago, Cook, IL
30 Aug 1862,  Ann Arbor, Washtenaw, MI. to Nancy Halsey Wines born 04 Apr 1840,
Long Island, Queens, NY and died 07 Dec 1913,  Ann Arbor, Washtenaw, MI
Enlisted:  01 Sep 1862.  Service Ended as a Captain on 19 Dec 1864 with an honorable discharge.

Jacob Hanf
Private, Co. K, 5th Maryland Infantry
Born:  ca 1816 in Meiningen, Germany
Died:  04 Jul 1866 in Baltimore, Maryland
Married:  25 Jun 1848 in Baltimore City, Maryland to Louisa Behleft, born ca 1825 in
Germany, and died 24 May 1907 in West Arlington, Baltimore, Maryland
Service Ended 01 Sep 1865

Thomas Harvey Hammontree
Company H, 5th Regiment Tennessee Infantry
Born 10 May 1837, Blunt Co., TN
Died:  11 Nov 1910, Dennison, Grayson, TX
Married:  22 Mar 1870, Whitley Co., KY to Obedience "Biddie" Jones born 27 Jun 1844,
Whitley Co., KY; died:  04 Jul 1928,  Dennison, Grayson, TX.
Enlisted:  27 Feb 1862; Service Ended 16 May 1865, Honorable Discharge.

George Willeford Hartwell
Private, Company L, 16th Illinois Regiment
Born:  06 Apr 1845, Marion, Williamson, IL
Died:  04 Jul 1928, Greenville, Hunt, TX
Married:   05 May 1864, IL to Clarinda Hendrickson
Enlisted:  27 Jul 1863, Discharged:  19 Sep 1865.  Pension Granted.

 Johann (John) Gottfried Haufler

Private, Co. C, 1st Texas Cavalry
Born:  05 Sep 1830, Wurttemberg, Germany
Died:  15 May 1887, Waring, Kendall, TX
Buried:   In cemetery at his home in Waring, Kendall, TX

08 Nov 1857, Smithson Valley, Comal, TX to Louise Magers
Enlisted:  01 Feb 1864, Discharged:  31 Oct 1865, San Antonio, Bexar Co., TX.

John T. Campbell Hawkins
Private, Company G, 130th Regiment Illinois Infantry
Born:  24 Jun 1838, KY
Still Living in 1900,  Vesta, Chase, NE
Married:  22 Mar 1857,  White Oak Springs, Lafayette, WI to

Elizabeth Conlee, Born:  13 Mar 1841; Died:  02 Nov 1930,  Arriba, Lincoln, CO.
Enlisted:  01 Oct 1862; Discharged:  01 Feb 1863.

Christian H. Hileman
Private Company D, 109th and 11th Regiments, Illinois Infantry
Born:  19 Jan 1797,  NC
Died:  19 Oct 1868,  Anna, Union Co., IL
Married:  05 Mar 1823,  Union Co., IL to Nancy Davis, Born 17 Aug 1805,
Rowan Co., NC; Died:  04 Jun 1894,  Anna, Union Co., IL

Enlisted:  15 Aug 1862, Mustered out 14 Jul 1865.

James Milton Hill, Sr.
Private, Company D, 7th California Infantry
Born:  19 Jan 1844,  Kiantone, Chautauqua, NY
Died:  16 Feb 1916,  Jamestown, Chautauqua, NY
Married:  30 Mar 1873 to Mary Gowan, born 04 Jul 1845,  Ireland;
died 29 Apr 1910,  Jamestown, Chautauqua, NY
Enlisted: 20 Oct 1864; Mustered Out 22 May 1866.

John C Hoffer
Private, Company F, 3rd Regiment, Maryland Infantry, PHB
Born: 30 Mar 1840, Hagerstown, MD
Died: 29 Nov 1925, Fullerton, ND
Married: 03 Mar 1876 to Margaret Kager, born 14 Sep 1853, Belford Co., PA,
died 24 Oct 1927, Shelby, NE
Enlisted 05 Nov 1861Service Ended:  04 Jan 1864
Reenlisted 05 Jan 1864 at Ellicotts as Veteran Volunteer.  Mustered out 31 Dec 1864.
Member of GAR

 Azro Holmes
Private, Company B, 37th Missouri Militia
Born:  1820,  VT
Died:  ca May 1888,  Lincoln Co., MO
Married:  Mary Glover, born ca 1825,  MO; died ca Aug 1860, possibly in WI
Enlisted:  28 Jul 1862
Discharged:  Relieved of Duty 21 Nov 1864.

William Russell Holt
Private, Co. F, 31st Missouri Infantry
Born:  13 Apr 1840, Gasconde Co., MO
Died:  04 Dec 1920, Hartshorne, OK
Married:  10
Nov 1877, Douglas Co., MO to Martha Jane Johnson
Enlisted:  19 Aug 1862, Discharged:  16 Apr 1863 for Disability.

William Hosking
Private, Company I, 16th Regiment, Wisconsin Infantry
Born:  24 Jul 1837,  Redruth, Cornwall, England
Died:  20 Apr 1915,  Butler, Morris Co., NJ
Married:  04 Apr 1773,  Paterson, NJ to Wilhemina Luther Charles, born 15 May 1856,
Bloomingdale, NJ; died 27 Apr 1925,  Clifton, Passaic, NJ

Enlisted:  02 Oct 1861; Service Ended 12 Jul 1865.
Member of Grand Army of the Republic, John E. Beam Post, Bloomingdale, NJ

John Wesley Hudson
Sergeant Company B, OH, 93rd Regiment
Born:  1832, Clinton Co., OH
Died:  19 Dec 1863, Atlanta, GA
Buried:   Marietta National Cemetery, Sec A, Site 233
Married:   27 Dec 1853, Meigs Co., OH to Electa F. Root
Enlisted:  06 Aug 1862, Dayton, OH.  Occupation at time of Enlistment:  Finisher
Widows Pension Granted.

Aquilla Huff
Private/Corporal, Company G, 53rd Regiment,
Indiana Infantry
Born 18 Nov 1810, Faquier County VA
Died:  16 Mar 1887, Douglas Co.,  IL
12 Nov 1835, Coschocton Co., OH to Elizabeth Patsy McMorris
Enlisted:  24 Feb 1862, Discharged:  21 Jul 1865

   William M. Jones
Private, Company G, Regiment 106, Illinois Infantry

Born: 09 Nov 1837, OH
Died: 06 Jul 1928, Gutherie, OK
Married: 20 Dec 1866 to Elvira Warren Bowersock, born 1832 in OH
Enlisted 05 Aug 1862; Service ended 12 Jul 1865

Hugh B. Kinter
Private, Company B, 67th Regiment, Pennsylvania Volunteers & Company I,
1422nd Regiment 1st Battalion VRC
Born:   ca 1824-1825 Indiana Co., PA
Died:  05 Feb 1864 of smallpox, Kalorama Hospital, Washington, DC
Buried:   Arlington National Cemetery, site #9644

Married:   06 Oct 1846 Indiana Co., PA to  Emily Adaline Warden
Enlisted:  12 Mar 1862, Philadelphia, PA
In the battle at Winchester, VA in Jun 1863, he was captured and sent to Richmond.
He was later exchanged at Camp Parole, MD.
1850 census shows his occupation as Carpenter.

John H. Kreider
Private, Company E, 79th Pennsylvania Infantry
Born:  21 Nov 1834 Lancaster Co., PA
Died 15 Apr 1901, Lancaster Co., PA
Married:  11 Nov 1858 to Mary Ann Eshleman born 10 Apr 1839, PA,
died 20 Aug 1921, Lancaster Co., PA
Enlisted:  07 Oct 1861, Service Ended 07 Oct 1864
Wounded Right leg at Hoover's Gap, TN

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