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Clara Barton Detached Tent #3 Activities 2000-2020

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 Moments from Our Meetings from Chartering to May, 2020


May 25, 2020

Some of our members met in the San Antonio National Cemetery, 517 Paso Hondo Street, San Antonio
to honor the Union soldiers who died in action and are buried here.

Member Georgi Brockstein researched these individuals and prepared remarks which were read by
Candy Martin after a wreath was placed at the grave of Brigadier General Charles Atherton Hartwell.

President Marilyn Loop

Jeannette Kirts, Cindy Watson, Candy Martin, Marilyn Loop, Diane Scannell, Diane Leininger

Candy Martin
We are standing in the oldest military cemetery in Texas.  San Antonio National Cemetery was a part of the city's cemetery, which was deeded to the federal government in 1867.  The first interments were Civil War Union soldiers reinterred from the city cemetery and outlying cemeteries, over 300 of which are unknown. 

Texas has a very strong history of the Buffalo Soldiers that served both in the Civil War and later during the Indian Wars of the late 19th century.  There are over 280 Buffalo Soldiers buried in this cemetery.  It is only fitting that their final resting place is under the watchful memory of two of their commanding officers.  I would like to introduce you to two Civil War Generals who commanded black troops and one very young black soldier who earned the Medal of Honor during the Civil War.  It was only after the Civil War that the Negro soldiers became known as "Buffalo Soldiers".  The Indians they fought during the Indian Wars compared their hair to the curly coats of the buffalo.

Brigadier General Robert Francis Catterson was born 22 Mar 1835 and died here in San Antonio on 30 Mar 1914.  He was a physician when he enlisted in the 14th Indiana Volunteer Infantry.  He saw action at Cheat, Shenandoah and Antietam.  He rose through the ranks from Captain to Lt. Colonel to Col0el.  He took part in the siege of Vicksburg, the Tullahoma Campaign, Battle Chattanooga and the Atlanta Campaign.  He also saw action at Bentonville, North Carolina, the last major engagement of the Civil War.  After the war he became commander of the Arkansas Negro militia under Governor Powell Clayton and fought against the Ku Klux Klan.  He is buried in Section A, graves 176/177 with his wife.

Brigadier General Charles Atherton Hartwell was born in Massachusetts 6 May 1841.  He died in Castroville 3 Oct 1876 at the age of 35.  He enlisted as a private in the 7th New York State Militia, but procured a commission shortly thereafter in the 11th United State Infantry.  When the US Congress authorized the raising of African American Troops, he accepted a commission as Colonel and became commander of the 77th US Colored Troops.  He finished his Civil War career as commander of the 10th US Colored Heavy Artillery.  He remained on active duty after the war and died while still on active duty in Castroville.  His grave is in Section A, Site 62.

Every year, members of the Bexar County Buffalo Soldiers Association hold a ceremony here on Veterans Day.  They dress up like the soldiers, with yellow bandanas, blue pants and leather boots.  One of the four regiments of Buffalo Soldiers formed after the Civil War was stationed at San Pedro Springs Park in San Antonio.  When the African-American units were formed, some people were unsure how effective they would be, but the soldiers had one of the lowest desertion rate in the U.S. Army and included 14 Medal of Honor recipients.

Sadly our Anniversary Celebration Meeting scheduled for April 10, 2020 was cancelled due to the Covid-19 virus and pandemic.
The officers and members are anticipating being able to reschedule the event this coming September.

January 10, 2020

Our first meeting of the new year was another outstanding crowd of members, honorary members and guests who all
came to hear Mr. Pat Blackman.  He had a lively presentation of ladies of the Civil War who were spies for both the Union and Confederate armies.


Six new members were welcomed into the Tent, but only five were available for the photo.  They are Charleen "Charlie" Mullenweg, Lori Bravo, Pat Herron, Christine Herron (not pictured), Judy McKee, and DeNell Estes shown here with President Marilyn Loop.

Honorary Members welcomed into the Tent were Donna Asher, Diana Cloutier, Jeannette Kirts,
Karen Nauschuetz, and Cindy Watson.


Chaplain Debi Geltmeyer conducted a memorial service for two members
who recently passed, Kate Skinner-Klee and Anita Eisenhauer.  They are missed.

Junior Vice President Jean Kanter and President Marilyn Loop with
Mr. Pat Blackman and his wife of almost 60 years, Jackie.

November 8, 2019

This meeting once again exceeded all record attendance with 46 attendees who came to hear the life story of our Tent namesake, Clara Barton, as portrayed by the fabulous Deborah Moran, of Andrews, Texas.

In addition to Deborah's presention, we welcomed new member Denise Sonnichsen, and held a memorial for member Marilyn Smith who passed away September 25, 2019.  Members also donated Christmas Cards to be distributed to our hospitalized veterans.  A special guest of President Loop was Robin Terrazas, the president of the Albert Sidney Johnston 2060 Chapter, United Daughters of the Confederacy.  President Loop wryly commented it is time to end the Civil War.

Gigi Sanchez Welcomes Everyone, President Loop Calls the Meeting to Order, and Officers Participate in the Opening Ceremonies.        

Clara Barton Arrives  



Clara tells her story and President Marilyn Loop presents her with a gift and certificate of appreciation.

Special Guest, Robin Terrazas
President of Albert Sidney Johnston 2060
Chapter, UDC

  Membership Chair Peggy Munson
and President Marilyn Loop welcome
Denise Sonnichsen into the Tent

Chaplain Debi Geltmeyer
conducts a Memorial Service
for Marilyn Smith

President Marilyn Loop conducted the first meeting of the season on September 20, 2019, with the largest attendance recorded in recent history.
Gigi Sanchez welcomed everyone and distributed new yearbooks and membership cards.




Members, Guests, and Prospective Members all enjoyed the presentation by William Kiser,
“A Charming Name for Species Slavery: Debt Peonage in the Civil War Era Southwest.”. 

Five New Members were welcomed into the Tent by President Loop. 

Cathy Clare displayed her collection of Civil War era coins and currency.


President Loop displayed a certificate awarded by National
for Outstanding Participation in Patriotic Activities.
Rita McSorley (left) and Debi Geltmeyer (right)
installed Comrade Member Cindy Yates as Patriotic Insstructor.

The April 12, 2019 meeting of Clara Barton Detached Tent #3 was a busy and fun filled event.  Guests included
Brenda Chapa, Jeannette Kirts, Pat Herron and Joella Johnson.

Members and a guest shared the stories of their Civil War Ancestors.  Each was interesting in the details
of the types of service performed, occupations prior to their service, and events in which they were involved. 
Thanks to these ladies for sharing their stories.  Jean Kanter, Marilyn Loop, Jo Ann Lynch, Anthony Startz,
Gigi Sanchez, Diane Scannell, Ruth Ann Edney, Candy Martin, Brenda Chapa, Peggy Munson,
Judith Clemens, Susan D'Ambrosio, and Pat Haney.

Two new members were inducted into the Tent by retiring President, Kathryn Adam-Hurst.
Welcome to Alexandra Geltmeier and Candy Martin.


Retiring President Kathryn Adam-Hurst and Incoming President Marilyn Loop.

Ruth Ann Edney, Susan D'Ambrosio, Kathryn Adam-Hurst, Gigi Sanchez, Debi Geltmeier, Jean Kanter, Peggy Munson,
and Marilyn Loop were installed by Past President Rita McSorley.



Members and guests enjoying the meeting and fellowship of the Sisters of Clara Barton Detached Tent #3 are JoAnn Lynch, Ruth Ann Edney,
Ginny Alexander, Susan D'Ambrosio, Georgi Brochstein, Candy Martin, Pat Herron, Anthony Startz, Alex Geltmeier, Gigi Sanchez,
Debi Geltmeier, Pat Haney, Sandy Fortenberry, Brenda Chapa, Virginia Williamson, Marilyn Loop, and Marsha Jernigan.


Members of Clara Barton Detached Tent #3 donated $1000.00
in support of the Wall That Heals.  This traveling memorial
to our Vietnam Veterans who sacrificed so much for our freedoms
was on display in San Antonio February 28 through March 3, 2019.


January 11, 2019



December 28, 2018
Member Anthony Startz shared this photo of the wreath placed
on her ancestor's grave in
the Andersonville prison cemetery in Georgia.
Many thanks to the ladies of a local UDC chapter who worked on this project.

President Kathryn Adam-Hurst welcomed Member Marilyn Rushing, Honorary Member Diane Leininger, and
Comrade Cindy Yates during the November 9, 2018 meeting.

Members and Guests in attendance November 9, 2018.

Peggy Munson receives a Certificate of Appreciation for her program,
"Who is Charley Darkey Parkhurst?", on September 21, 2018.

Speakers Regina Aune and Aryn Lockhar on
"Operation Babylift-Mission Accomplished" April 13, 2018.

President Kathryn Adam-Hurst welcomes new member
Janice Brazil April 13, 2018


Scott Woodard presented a great program on Civil War Medicine on January 12, 2018.

New Members Joella Johnson and Judith Dee Wilcox
were welcomed to Clara Barton Detached Tent #3
by Sr. Vice President Peggy Munson
January 12, 2018.

Three new members, Barbara Ady, Kathy Denton, and Judy Palmer,
were welcomed to Clara Barton Detached Tent #3 by
President Kathryn Adam-Hurst and Chaplain Nancy James.
September 15, 2018

Kicking off the 2017-2018 season, our first meeting was held Friday, September 15, 2017.  Members enjoyed a presentation by Pat Blackman who spoke on "Mary Todd Lincoln and Varina Davis: Two Ladies Caught in a Tragic Time".  Chaplain Nancy James assisted installing officer Rita McSorley with the installation of two officers who were unable to attend the previous meeting.  Member Anthony Startz has donated note cards she created as a Tent fund raiser to support Wreaths Across America.  We enjoyed a delicious buffet lunch at the Petroleum Club and had a great time visiting with friends.

Speaker Pat Blackman and President Kathryn Adam-Hurst

Ruth Ann Edney, Chaplain Nancy James, Installing Officer Rita McSorley, and Jean Kanter taking the oath of office.

The Officers and Council Members of Clara Barton Detatched Tent #3 DUVCW
Seated: Peggy Munson, Kathryn Adam-Hurst, Diane Scannell
Standing: Donna Skinner, Meem Baumgartner, Jean Kanter, Georgi Brochstein, Susan D'Ambrosio,
Nancy James, Rita McSorley and Ruth Ann Edney

The note cards created by member Anthony Startz are a water color of the Treue der Union Monument (loyalty to the Union), which is located in the Kendall County community of Comfort, Texas. It was dedicated on August 10, 1866 to commemorate those who died at the 1862 Nueces massacre. Thirty-four were killed, some executed after being taken prisoner. With the exception of those drowned in the Rio Grande, the remains of the deceased are buried at the site of the monument. It was listed on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places in 1978.

The funeral cortege was accompanied by Federal troops who fired a salute over the mass grave. Eduard Degener, father of victims Hugo and Hilmar, delivered the eulogy. With donations from local residents and families of the victims, the Treue der Union Monument was dedicated on August 10, 1866. The obelisk stands twenty feet high and was constructed of native limestone by local stonemasons and several carvers. The main obelisk weighs 35,700 pounds, with the top containing the original four name tablets. The United States 1865 flag has thirty-six stars, representing the number of states at the time of the monument dedication. On the lawn at the base are four name tablets in German. Inside the second course of the monument is a time capsule. This is one of the few monuments outside of a national cemetery that flies the US Flag at half-mast into perpetuity.

These cards will be available at the November 10, 2017 meeting for purchase for $5 per package.

In the regular meeting of Clara Barton Detached Tent #3 held on April 14, 2017, several members spoke about their Union Ancestors.  Each of the talks was interesting and varied in their content.  Some detailed units and/or battles in which the ancestor served, and some talked about hardships and how the families were affected.  Some had documents and photos to show, but the quilt displayed by Kathy Stahlman, stole the show.

Susan D'Ambrosio                   Ginny Alexander                        Rita McSorley

Kathy Stahlman

   Loretta Smith                          Peggy Munson                 Kathryn Adam-Hurst

Rita McSorley served as Installing Officer for our newly elected officers. 

Kathryn Adam-Hurst relinquished the gavel as she prepared to be re-installed as President along with the other officers.


Left to Right are Council Member Rita McSorley, President Kathryn Adam-Hurst, Sr. Vice President Peggy Munson,
Chaplain Nancy James, Patriotic Instructor Georgi Brockstein, Treasurer Donna Skinner,
Secretary Meem Baumgartner, and Council Member Susan D'Ambrosio.  Jr. Vice President Jean Kanter and Council Member Ruth Ann Edney
were unable to attend this meeting and will be installed in our September, 2017 meeting.

2017 brought many members and guests to the January 13 meeting of Clara Barton Detached Tent #3
where Maxine Heath presented a program about her ancestor Adam Shoemaker.
Adam Shoemaker had the distinction of being an educator and one of the men who taught Abraham Lincoln

Mrs. Heath prepared a display board and binders with her documentation and photos.

President Adam-Hurst presented a certificate of appreciation to Mrs. Heath for a great program.

January guests included Mrs. Joella Johnson, mother of member Donna Skinner, and Fannie Fortenberry.

Ginny Alexander, Nancy James and Rita McSorley are listening intently to Ruth Ann Edney.

Virginia Williamson, Marilyn Loop, and Marsha Jernigan were among the attendees.

Also in attendance were Gigi Sanchez, Diane Scannell, and Loretta Smith.

Kathy Stahlman, Debi Geltmeyer, and Patricia Haney were on hand to enjoy the program and meeting.

Kathryn Adam-Hurst, Meem Baumgartner, and Peggy Munson kept the meeting on track.

Your webmaster has made a promise that no bad pictures will be published or even kept on file, so....
Not pictured, but also attending were Donna Skinner, JoAnn Lynch, Susan D'Ambrosio and one unidentified lady.

Clara Barton Detached Tent #3 meeting of November 11, 2016
held at the Petroleum Club, San Antonio, Texas

                    President Kathryn Adam-Hurst                        Patriotic Instructor Susan D'Ambrosio    

New Member Joan Jackson (center) received her certificate, yearbook, and U. S. flag from
President Kathryn Adam-Hurst and Chaplain Maxine Heath.

Members and Their Guests
Judith Boeckner, James Heath, Rich Stahlman, Maxine Heath, Rev. David Reedy,
Kathy Stahlman, Barbara Ady (prospective member), Pat McConnell (charter member), and J. Robert McConnell.

President Kathryn Adam-Hurst presented a Certificate of Appreciation to speaker, Reverend David Reedy, Major (Ret.)

September 16, 2016 meeting of Clara Barton Detached Tent #3.  Photo Credit to Anthony Startz.

    Rosemarie Taylor presented Nancy Hanks Lincoln. 

President Kathryn Adam-Hurst thanks Rosemarie for her very interesting talk.

President Kathryn Adam-Hurst (left) and Chaplain Maxine Heath (right) welcome new members
Nancy Blackburn, Donna Skinner, Gigi Sanchez and Debi Geltmeier.

Each new member was presented a Tent Certificate, Yearbook, and US Flag.

Monument Plaque; DUVCW Information Table; Opening Ceremony; Placing the Wreath

Historian Comments; Unveiling the Monument; Chaplain Comments; Members with Wreath

Beautiful Wreath designed and created by
Rita McSorley

Saturday, August 13, 2016 Kathryn Adam-Hurst, Patricia Haney, and Diane Scannell attended the 150th Anniversary of the Dedication of the Treue der Union Monument in Comfort, TX.  The event was sponsored by the Comfort Heritage Foundation, Inc., and the Foundation President Lisa DeWitt conducted the memorial dedication.  Jo Ann Pankratz Stiles, Comfort Historian, gave a brief talk of the history of the event.  Rudy Johnson, Chaplain for Special Forces Association led the Pledge of Allegiance and gave the benediction.  Many descendants gave the names of their ancestors who died fighting for the Union and are memorialized here.
Kathryn Adam-Hurst placed the Clara Barton Detached Tent #3 wreath at the monument.

Conrad Netting IV spoke to the members and guests In our April 8, 2016 meeting.

He shared the fascinating history of learning about his father and he has written a book, Delayed Legacy
to share this story.  Copies were available.

Nine ladies proudly display their new membership certificates following their
induction into Clara Barton Detached Tent #3 on April 8, 2016.

Our newest members! 
Standing are JoAnn Lynch, Patricia Haney, Meem Baumgartner, Anthony Swartz, and Susan Francis.
Seated are Loretta Smith, Georgi Brochstein, Mary Richmond, and Sherrie Jowers.

Members and prospective members on hand to meet National President Sally Redinger.

Tent Officers and National President --
L to R: Peggy Munson (Secretary), Maxine Heath (Chaplain), MiMi Clifton (Treasurer), Sally Redinger (National President),
Kathryn Adam-Hurst (President) and Judith Boeckner (Sr. Vice President).

2016 January 08
Rita McSorley, in period dress, presented a program titled "Best Little Stories from the Civil War".
She is shown here with National President Sally Redinger.

2015 April 11
New officers take their oath of office.  Ruth Ann Edney (Council Member and Yearbook Chair), Peggy Munson (Secretary) ,
MiMi Clifton (Treasurer), Susan D'Ambrosio (Patriotic Instructor and Council Member), Maxine Heath (Chaplain),
Judith Boeckner (Sr. Vice President and Registrar), Kathryn Adam-Hurst (President), and Rith McSorley (Council Member).

2012 August Comfort, Texas
Rita McSorley, Ruth Ann Edney, and Peggy Munson participated in a
wreath ceremony observance of the 150th Anniversary of the Nueces Massacre.

Granderos de Galvez Celebration
On July 4, 2011, then Tent President, Ruth Ann Edney, presented the Tent's wreath during the ceremony held
at the Fort Sam National Cemetery by the Order of the Granderos de Galvez.

Display of Civil War literature and artifacts.

2010 September 10
Debbie Russell, in period dress, spoke on "The United States Sanitary Commission: A Civil War Sisterhood".

2010 April 09
Nancy Clayton shared her display of Civil War Drummer Boys and demonstrated some of the cadences.

2010 April 09
Bob Russell presented a program titled "A German Tragedy of the Civil War".

Bob Russell poses with the charter and anniversary cake and Presidents celebrate.

Members attending the 10th Anniversary Luncheon:
Standing L to R: Pat McConnell (charter member), Ruth Ann Edney, Susan D'Ambrosio, Kate Skinner-Klee,
Rosemary Sanders (charter member), Cathy Clair, Zipra Morgan, and Nettie Williams (charter member).
Seated L to R: Rita McSorley, Carolyn Lee, Elizabeth Jordan, Susan Smith, and Peggy Munson.

2010 January 08
Judith Boeckner gave us a glimpse of "Hoop Skirts & Reticules: 1860's Fashions.

2009 April 10
John Knox presented a program on Flags of Our Nation.

2009 January 09
Mary Frances Bennett shared an Invitation to Cat Springs.

2008 September 12
Robert Russell presented a program on Civil War Armaments and Medical Instruments.
His wife Debbie joined him in period dress.

2008 April 11
Charter Members attending the 8th Anniversary Luncheon of
Clara Barton Detached Tent #3.
L to R: Nettie Williams, Ruth Wilke, Pat McConnell, Kathy Teele and Rosemary Sanders.

2007, September 14
Lt. Col. Clyde Smith, USAF (Ret)
Presented a program on the History of Arlington Cemetery

2007, February 11
Zipra Morgan (left), President of the Clara Barton Detached Tent #3, presented Susan Salm,
newly installed President of the Sarah Emma Edmonds Detached Tent #4,
with an engraved gavel as DUVCW National President Pat Mullenix looks on.

Charter Members, May 2000

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