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Clara Barton Detached Tent #3

Ancestor Bios A-F

The veteran ancestors of our Charter Members are in red.

All Ancestor Bios were created using documents from the individual Tent members' files. The primary documents used were the DUVCW applications, but additional information came from the Civil War veteran's Pension file or Military Records that were found in the Tent member's file, unless otherwise stated. If you would like more information about any of our ancestors, please contact, Peggy Munson, our Senior Vice President and Registrar.

Isaac Adams
Private in Company H, 2nd Arkansas Volunteers
Born:  30 Oct 1845,  Letcher Co., KY
Died:  04 Jan 1919,  Latimer Co., OK
Married:  14 Jan1866,  Sebastian Co., AR to Sarah Matilda McBride born 27 Aug  1845,
Alabama, died 21 Oct 1932,  Latimer Co., OK.
Enlisted:  01 Oct 1863, Discharged:  28 May 1865,  Memphis, TN

Nathaniel C. Adams
Private, Company I, 11th OH Regiment
Born:  02 Mar 1843, Tawstock, Devon, England
Died:  08 Aug 1933, Briggeville, WI,
Buried:  15 Aug 1833, Monticello, Wright Co., Minnesota.
Nov 21, 1865, Menomonie, Dunn Co., WI to Mary Emily Bradway
Enlisted:  22 Aug 1862, Dayton, OH. Discharged:  22 Jun 1865, Camp Dennison, OH.
Pension Granted.

James Samuel Ady
OH, Company H, 17th Regiment
Born:  07 Mar 1839, Malta, Morgan Co., OH
Died:   08 May 1929, Spencer, Clay Co., OH
Married:   30 Aug 1865, McConnellsville, Morgan, OH   to Mary Ellen Tracy
Enlisted:  Sep 20, 1861.  Discharged:  14 Jul 1865

William Wallace Allen
Private, 1st Lt. and Signal Officer, Companies A, B, and H, in the 11th and 26, IL Infantry
Born:  05 Aug 1897, IA
Died:  03 Sep1913, Los Angeles Co., CA
Married:  19 Nov 1874, DelNorte Co., CO to Ida C. Chadwick, born 23 Sep 1856 in IL;
died 05 Apr 1942 in Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA
Enlisted:  17 Apr 1861; Service Ended: 25 Apr 1865 at the close of the war.
GAR Membership: Dept of IL, Headquarters Thomas Layton-W.W. Allen, Post 121, Lewistown, IL


 Isaac N. Amos
Company E, 70th Indiana Infantry
Born:  24 Nov 1842,  Clinton Co., IN
Died:  24 Oct 1900,  Indianapolis, Marion, IN
Married:  03 Jul 1866 to Sarah Ann Conover born 28 Sep 1845,
IN, died 03 Sep 1922,  Indianapolis, Marion, IN
Enlisted as Private 21 Jul 1862; Mustered Out as a Corporal 08 Jun 1865

James Blauvelt Anderson
Quartermaster Sergeant, Company C, 47th Regiment, New York
Born:  ca 1837, NY
Died:  03 Feb 1903, New York, NY
Married:  24 Jun 1867, Hackensack, NY, to Rachel Wortendyke
Enlisted:  20 Jul 1861, New York, NY.  Discharged:  18 Oct 1862.

 Elias A. Baker
Private, Company F, 39th Iowa Regiment
Born:  1835, MD
Died:  30 May 1897, Urichsville, OH
Buried:  01 Jun 1897, Union Cemetery, Urichsville, OH
Married:   14 Dec 1865, Monroe, Harrison, OH to Ellen House Dicks
Enlisted:  17 Aug 1862, Discharged:  08 Jun 1865.  Pension Granted.

Norman Rockwell Barnes
Private, Company F, 11th Michigan Infantry Regiment
Born:  27 May 1847, Colon, St. Joseph, MI
Died:  09 Mar 1920, Shasta Co., CA
31 May 1865 to Margaret E. Lemon,  born Aug 1847,  OH, died 1902,  Reynolds, Jefferson, NE
Enlisted:  03 Dec 1863; Discharged:  13 Jul 1865 - Medical Treatment of Gunshot Wound.

Bernhard Belscamper
Private, Company K, 43rd Regiment, Wisconsin Infantry
Born:  c 1828,  Prussia/Germany
Still Living:  Jun 1905,  Liberty, Grant, WI
Married:  15 Jan 1855,  Grant Co., WI to Emmaranza R. Buhl, born ca 1831, Prussia/Germany.
Enlisted:  30 Aug 1864; Discharged:  24 Jun 1866.

William Barber Bingham
Sergeant, Company E and H, 11th Indiana Infantry
Born:  ca 1840, Franklin Co., VT
Died:  07 Feb 1902, Robertson, TX
Married:  Nov 8, 1879, Brazos Co., TX to H. E. Finnel Smith,
Enlisted:  16 Apr 1861, Discharged:  13  May 1863

   Joseph R. Black
Private, Company H, 78th Ohio Infantry
Born:  18 Oct 1849 in Columbus, Ohio
Died: 22 Aug 1914 in Cambridge, Guernsey, Ohio
Married:  04 Jun 1873 in Bloomfield, Davis, Iowa, to Isabelle Harris, born Jan 1852
in Bloomfield, Iowa, and died 27 Feb 1931 in Rye, New York.
Enlisted:  11 Jan 1862; Service Ended 11 Jul 1865

William C. Blackmore
Company C & F, 4th Regiment, Missouri Cavalry
Born:  23 Mar 1837, Madison Co., IN
Died:  15 Dec 1904, Verona, MO
Married:  18 Nov 1858, Jasper Co., MO to Vesta Mirilda Gibson
Enlisted:  26 Mar 1862, Mt. Vernon, MO.  Discharged: 25  Mar 1865
Promoted from Private to Sgt. May, 1863.  Pension Granted.

David Robert Bossert
Company A, 49th Pennsylvania Regiment
Died:  31 Aug 1887, Port Royal, PA
Married:  26 Jun 1866, Port Royal, PA to Nancy Jane Haines,
Enlisted:  11 Sep 1861, Discharged:  24 Oct 1864.  Widow's Pension Granted

James M. Broomfield
Private, Company K, 16th Iowa Regiment
Born:  15 Aug 1835, Bristol, England
Died:  31 Aug 1914, La Junta, Otero Co., CO
Married:  15 Apr 1864, Des Moines, IA to Frances Marsh
Enlisted:  21 Feb1862, Davenport, IA
Discharged:  19 Jul 1865 Louisville, KY
Buried:  La Junta, CO
Prisoner at Andersonville about Aug 1864.  Pension Grantedcaptain.jpg

Peter P. Brown
Bugler, Private, Company C, 3rd Regiment Kentucky Cavalry
Born:  Dec 1833,  KY
Died:  25 Sep 1908,  Rock Spring, Henderson Co., KY
Married:  25 Sep 1864,  Vanderburgh Co., IN to Mary Elizabeth Frazee, born
28 Jul 1848,  KY, died 07Mar 1925,  Evansville, Vanderburgh Co., IN.
Enlisted:  10 Oct 1861.  Commissioned as 1st Lieutenant, Company H, 8th Regiment,
Kentucky Cavalry to take office 26 Aug 1862, to fill an original vacancy.
Mustered out 23 Sep 1863.

Thomas Uriah Burke
Private, Company G, 30th Regiment, Illinois Infantry
Born:  09May 1836, Odell, Russell Co., VA
Died:  08 Jan 1907, Ivanhoe, Fannin County., TX
Married:  Jane Parisho Parker, 09 Mar 1870, Pleasant Hill, MO
Enlisted:  03 Dec 1861, Discharged:  17 Jul 1865, Louisville, KY
Occupation at time of enlistment:  LaborerPension Granted

Charles Warren Callahan
Private, Company H, 1st Iowa Cavalry
Born: 18 Feb 1843, OH
Died:  14 Jan 1933, Chariton, Marion Co., IA
Married:  22 Feb 1866, Marion Co., IA to Loretta A. Marsh
Enlisted:  25 Feb 1865, Chariton, Lucas Co., IA;
Discharged:  15 Feb 1865, Austin, Travis Co., TX

Charles Cariker
Private, Company C, 120th Illinois Infantry
Born:  ca 1834,  Cabarrus Co., NC
Died:  10 Oct 1864,  Eastport, TN
Married 14 Dec 1856,  Vienna, Johnson Co., IL to Melissa C. Worrell, born ca 1834.
Enlisted:  14 Aug 1862; Killed in battle 10 Oct 1864

 James Clunk
Private, Company F, 76th OH Regiment
Born:  10 May 1847, Lisbon, Columbiana, OH
Died :  20 Jul 1910, Lisbon, Columbiana, OH
Buried:  Jul 1910, Lisbon Cemetery, Lisbon, Columbiana, OH
Married:   19 Sep 1869, Lisbon, Columbiana, OH to Harriet Ellen Carlile
Enlisted:  25 Jan 1864; Discharged:  23 May 1865, Camp Dennison, OH
Wounded 18 Jun 1864, Battle of Kennesaw Mountain, GA
Amputation of right leg after being hit by rebel shell.  Pension Granted


John Baptist Clunk
Private, Company K, 143rd OH Regiment
Born:  20 Jun 1818, York Co., PA
Died:  09 Aug 1901, Lisbon, Columbiana, OH
Buried:  Aug 1910, Gaskill Cemetery, Lisbon, Columbiana, OH
Married:  ca 1846 to Julianna Kibler
Enlisted:   12 May 1864, Discharged:  13 Sep 1864, Camp Chase, OH
Medical Discharge Granted for rheumatism contacted Jul, 1864 at Ft. Pocahontas, VA.
Pension Granted.


John Baptist Clunk 

John Baptist Clunk was one of the 15 children born to Anthony Clunk & Anna Elizabeth Elder of Adams Co, PA.  The Clunk family moved from PA about 1825 to Columbiana Co., OH, based on the birth locations of John’s siblings.

About 1846 in OH he married Julianna Kibler, d/o Adam Kibler & Catharine Comer from Mt Calvary Shenadoah, VA.  Her family moved from VA to Carroll Co., OH during the 1830’s. 

John & Julianna had 7 children, the oldest being James (my 2nd Civil War Veteran - see above).

On May 12, 1864 John signed up for the OH National Guard. This group became Co. K of the 143rd Regiment of the OH Infantry.  The group was organized for 100 day’s service under Col. Wm. H. Vodrey, it at once moved to Washington City.  The Regiment performed garrison duty until June, when it was placed in the trenches at City Point and afterwards Fort Pocahontas.  It was relieved the last of August and returned to OH for muster out on Sept. 12, 1864.

Records indicate that August 3 -7, 1864 John was in the Fort Hospital at Wilson’s Wharf, VA with a Bilious disease & Malaria.

August 18, 1864 he was in Post Hospital, Fort Pocahontas, VA with constipation & Malaria.

A story taken from his pension files reads as followsOn the march between Washington City and Ft. Slocum, he came down with Rheumatism and was unable to carry his gun or knapsack.  He could not walk.  His Major gave up his horse and took him to the hospital at Ft. Pocahontas where he remained until his discharge.  He served as a hospital nurse for a short time, but was unable to rejoin his regiment.  He mustered out Sept. 13, 1864.  He attributes rheumatism to rain at Camp Chase in Columbus, where the water was inside of the tents and the soldiers were required to sleep on the wet ground.

His military pension was granted in 1887 because of his rheumatism.

On a trip to OH approximately 10 years ago, Gene & I visited a rural cemetery and located the grave of Julianna Kibler Clunk.  The only thing to indicate that John was buried there was a metal flag maker, but the marker was for WWII, which we knew was incorrect.

Julianna had passed away in 1884, and a year later John married a widow Elizabeth Swogger Degarmo Haines.  When John died in 1901, Elizabeth collected his civil war pension until her death in 1918, but she is buried next to her first husband, Mr. Degarmo.  Pension records indicate she was almost penniless, thus the reason for no tombstone for John Clunk.

With the help of the Lisbon City Cemetery officials, I was able to contact the Veterans Administration and they prepared a marker for John Clunk, which the son of the Lisbon City Cemetery administrator placed for me.  He provided photos of the plaque, so now the graves of both of my 3rd Great Grandparents are marked.

Israel William Cone
Private, Company I, 26th Connecticut Regiment
Born:  02 Nov 1838, East Haddam, CT
Died:  16 Jan 1916, Northfield, MN
Buried:   Oakland Cemetery, St. Paul, MN
Married:   16 Aug 1881, Minneapolis, MN to Helen Wilson Nelson
Enlisted:  30 Aug 1862, East Lyme, New London, CT
Discharged:  Aug 17, 1863, Norwich, CT
Occupation at time of enlistment:  Farmer
Served as a messenger for General Niel Dow and was in the Siege of
Port Hudson, Louisiana on Jul 8, 1863.
Pension Granted.

Benjamin Franklin Corbin
Private, Company G, 97th Indiana Regiment
Born:  16 Oct 1831, Green Co., IN
Died:  21 Jun 1874, Owenburg, IN
Married:   04 Nov 1855, Green Co., IN to Lucinda Hatfield
Enlisted:  19 Jul 1862, Discharged:  28 Jan 1865.  Pension Granted.

Ephraim C. Cornelius
Private, Company B, 73rd Indiana Infantry
Born:  28 Sep 1823,  Canada
Died:  21 Aug 1863,  Nashville, Davidson, TN
Married:  01 Jul 1849,  Northumberland Co., Upper Canada to Sarah Palmateer born 29 Oct 1828,
Canada, died Mar 1905,  IN
Enlisted:  01 Aug 1862; Service Ended 21 Aug 1863.

Dillis Dyer Critser
Private, Company C, 17th Regiment, Kentucky Infantry
Born:   ca 1841/2,  KY
Died:   Between 01 Jun 1880 and 25 Jul 1890
Married:   Bond dated 03 Feb 1869 to Isabel Hooker, born 19 Sep 1846,  Webster
Co., KY, died 21 Apr 1935,  Dixon, Webster, KY.

Enlisted:  04 Jan 1861; Discharged:  23 Jan 1865, Mustered out at Louisville, KY.

Joseph E. Davis
Private, Company I, 4th Pennsylvania Cavalry
Born:  ca 1822, PA
Died:  07Apr 1878, McCandless, Allegheny, PA
ca 1849, Apollo, Armstrong, PA to Alice Myers
Enlisted:  18 Feb 1865; Discharged:  01 Jul 1865

William Churchill Dinsmore
Private, Company D, 1st Heavy Artillery Minnesota Regiment
Born:  13 Jun 1824, Harpsel Island, Maine
Died:  26 Feb 1917, Greensburg, KS
Married:   25 Dec 1860, Shambourg, IL to Charlotte Louden
Enlisted:  05 Oct 1864, Port Snelling, Minnesota; Discharged:  15 May 1865 Chattanooga, Tennessee.
Pension Granted.

Justin Dwinelle, MD
71st Pennsylvania Infantry
Born:  1822, Cazenovia, NY
Died:  09 Dec 1871, Baltimore, MD
Married:  25 May 1847 to Mary Vial born Mar 1827, died 1900,  Tully, NY.
Enlisted:  21 May 1861, as Assistant Surgeon; Honorably Discharged:  Sep 1864
Served as Supervisor of New York Civil War Veterans

Dwight Hubbard Dodge
Sergeant, Company F, 34th Regiment, Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry/
Volunteer 5th Pennsylvania Reserves.

Born:  Feb 1838,  Oxford, NY
Died:  16 Apr 1901,  Towanda, PA
Married:  08 Jun 1865,  Towanda, PA to Ruth Kathleen Mason (McCabe), born
16 Jun 1839, in Towanda, PA, died 17 Dec 1929,  Towanda, PA.
Enlisted:  21 Jun1861; Service Ended 11 Jun 1864.  Mustered out with the Company.

Elgin Russell Ely
Missouri, 44th Regiment
Born:   ca 1815, Richmond County., VA
Died:   Autumn 1861, Rolla, Phelps County. MO
Buried:   Jefferson Barracks National Cemetery, St. Louis, MO
Married:   11 Jan 1835, Lee Co., VA to Elizabeth "Betsy" Vanover

Eugene Emmons
Corporal, Company B, 197th Regiment and Company F, 145th OH Regiment
Born:  24 Oct 1844, Milan, Erie, OH
Died:  05 Feb 1934, Memphis, TN
Married:  18 Nov 1869, Crawford Co., OH to Frances Schreck
Enlisted:  12 May 1864; Discharged:  31 Jul 1865.

George Francis Felty
Company I, 87th
Regiment, Pennsylvania Infantry
Born:  12 Sep 1841, McCalls Ferry, York, PA
Died:  30 Oct 1929, Hanover, PA
1864 to Josephine Magdalena Weaver Marshall
Enlisted:  27 Aug 1861, Discharged:  19 Oct 1864

Richard Lee Ferguson
Captain, Company B, 7th Cavalry, Missouri State Militia
Born:  14 Jul 1831,  Montgomery Co., KY
Died:  25 Feb 1880,  Sweet Springs, Saline, MO
Married:  10 Jul 1851,  Sweet Springs, Saline., MO to Nancy N. Lynch, born
Dec 1829,  KY, died 1904,  Sweet Springs, Saline, MO.

Enlisted:  28 Feb 1862; Service ended 24 Mar 1865.

John M. Fiero
Private/Corporal, Company E, New York 136th Infantry
Born:   03 May 1800,  Ulster Co., NY
Died:   unknown
Married:   date unknown to Isabella Gay.
Enlisted:  08 Aug 1862; Service Ended 13 Jun 1865. Mustered out as Full Corporal at Washington, D.C.

Austin Veeder Flint
Private, Company F, 64th Regiment, Illinois
Born:  01 Feb 1835, NY
Died:   25 May 1905, Valparaiso, IN
Married:   29 Oct 1860, Kankakee, IL to Alice M. Courtright
Enlisted:  25 Aug 1862; Discharged:  31 May 1865

  John H. Flood
Private, Company E, 88th OH Infantry
Born:  13 Jul 1830,  OH
Died:  14 Nov 1910,  Norman, Cleveland, OK
Married:  18 Sep 1830,  Jefferson Co., OH to Martha J. Younger, born 12 Nov 1835,  OH; died 04 Jul 1830,  OK.
Enlisted:  04 Jul 1863:   Service Ended 03 Jul 1865 when mustered out with Company.

 John Fry
Private, Company F, 31st Iowa Infantry
Born:  05 Feb 1844 Lehigh Co., PA
Died 12 Sep 1922 Bussey, Marion Co., IA
ca 1859,  IA to Mary Ida Davidson
Enlisted:  22 Aug 1862, Service Ended 23 Sept 1864 by reason of Medical Disability

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