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Clara Barton Detached Tent #3

Ancestor Bios S-Z

The veteran ancestors of our Charter Members are in red.

All Ancestor Bios were created using documents from the individual Tent members' files. The primary documents used were the DUVCW applications, but additional information came from the Civil War veteran's Pension file or Military Records that were found in the Tent member's file, unless otherwise stated. If you would like more information about any of our ancestors, please contact, Peggy Munson, our Senior Vice President and Registrar.

Carl Wilhelm Schupp
Private, Missouri Company F, German HG
Born: 16 Jan 1825, Nassau, Germany
Died: 18 Oct 1864, Morgan Co., MO
Married:  29 Oct 1850, Prymont Lutheran Church, Prymont, Morgan Co., MO
Carolina Jakobina Yost.
Enlisted:  13 Jun 1861, Benton Co., MO -  Discharged 13 Sep 1861
Served in Capt. Bruehl's Co. F. German Regiment MO Home Guard.
Widow's Pension Granted.

George Washington Shaffer
Private, Company B, 211th Regiment, Pennsylvania Infantry
Born: 14 Sep 1836, Lockport, Niagara Co., NY
Died: 23 Aug 1909, Warsaw Townships, Jefferson Co., PA
Married: 30 Oct 1857, PA to Sarah Ewing Humphrey, born 04 Dec 1841
Richardsville, Jefferson Co., PA, died 02 Aug 1913 Richardsville, Jefferson Co., PA.

Enlisted:  06 Sep 1864, Service Ended 02 Jun 1865, end of war.

William R. Shannon
Private, Company H, 178th Regiment, Pennsylvania Infantry
Born:  09 Apr 1843 in PA
Died:  26 Nov 1908 in Berwick, Columbia, PA
Married:  1866 in PA to Emma M. Boone, born 1840 i Summerhill, PA; died 1904 in Berwick, Columbia, PA
Enlisted 28 Oct 1862; Service Ended 27 Jul 1863, Mustered Out

Jacob Shepherd
Private, Company E, 153rd Regiment, Ohio Infantry
Born:  ca 1825 in Prussia
Died:  16 Dec 1891 in Cleveland, Cuyahoga, OH
Married: before 1857 in OH to Philippina _____, born ca 1831 in Bavaria, Germany;
died after 1880 in Cleveland, Cuyahoga, OH
Enlisted:  02 May 1864; Service Ended 09 Sep 1864

George Shoemaker
Private, Indiana Home Guard (served with 6th Legion)
Born:  18 Dec 1848, Perry Co., IN
Died 10 Dec 1905 Garland, Park Co., WY
Married: 15 Dec 1870, Perry Co., IN to Emaline Taylor
Enlisted as:  Private Jun 1863. Fought with the 6th Legion under the command
of Col. Lewis Jordan, in the battle at Corydon  against Morgan's Raiders.
After this battle the Home Guard returned to Perry Co. and protected that area until the end of the Civil War.

 Michael Slack
Private, Company B, 17th Light Artillery Battery, New York Regular Army
Born:  11 Aug 1840, Ireland
Died:  04 Feb 1917, Medina, Orleans, NY
Married:  before 1870 to Catherine Dolan, born Aug 22, 1844, Canada, died May 10, 1892, Medina, Orleans, NY
Enlisted:  02 Sep 1862 -   Service Ended 12 Jun 1865.  Mustered Out.

   Jehial Smith
Private, Company H, 89th Regiment, New York Infantry
Born:  1832, NY
Died:  19 Apr 1863, Suffolk, VA
Married:  09 Feb 1861,  Dearborn Co., IN to Sarah Ann Jillison/Jellison born
1834, NY, died unknown.
Enlisted:  16 Nov 1861, Binghamton, NY.
Service Ended 19 Apr 1863, killed in action - Battle of Suffolk, VA.
Buried at Hampton National Cemetery.

John Henry Smith
Private, Company G, 202nd Regiment. Pennsylvania Infantry
Born:  27 Sep 1831, Adams Co., PA
Died:  15 Oct 1893, Adams Co., PA
Married:  15 Aug 1859, Adams Co., PA,
Marie Anna Groft, born 26 Jul 1841,  Adams Co., PA, died 23 Jul 1916, Adams Co., PA.
Enlisted:  29 Aug 1864, Discharged 03 Aug 1865

Joseph M. Smith
Private, Company K, 147th Regiment, Indiana
Born:  22 Jun 1824, KY
Died: 01 Nov 1898, Jackson, Clinton Co., IN
Married:  14  Mar 1878, Clinton Co., OH to Mariah M. Cunningham, born 25 Mar 1839, IN -  Died 29 May 1923, Jackson, Clinton Co., IN.
Enlisted:  08 Mar 1865 -  Discharged 04 Aug 1865, End of War.

Stephen Alvaro Smith
Company F, Ohio Infantry
Enlisted as a Private in Apr 1861 and again 15 Oct 1862.
Service Ended 25 Jul 1865 with rank of Corporal.

Merritt Depew Stalbird
Private, Company B, 8th Pennsylvania Infantry
Company F/C, 49th PA Infantry
Born 19 Sep 1841,  Madison Twp, Luzerne Co., PA
Died:  05 Dec 1926, Moosic, Lackawana Co., PA
Married 05 Jun 1867, Stroudsburg Monroe Co., PA to  Eliza Ann Miller born 1841,  PA and died 31 May 1891,  PA
Enlisted:  19 Apr 1861, attained the rank of Corporal -  Service Ended 15 Jul 1865 due to
complications of disease while in service in Chain Bridge, VA 01 Jan 1862.

Thomas Wells Stevenson
Adjutant, Company E and H Field & Staff, 9th Illinois Cavalry Regiment
Born: 14 Mar 1820, MD
Died: 30 Oct 1896, Orion, IL
Married: 20 Apr 1845, Adams Co., IL to Sarah Newhall
Enlisted: 12 Feb 1861, Discharged:  11 Apr 1865
Mustered out as 1st Lieutenant
Pension Granted

Adam B. Stineman
Private, Company E, 21st Ohio Infantry
Born: 13 Sep 1838, Muskingum, PA
Died: 11 Apr 1911, Bangor, Michigan
Married: 12 Jul 1860, Hancock Co., OH to Rachel Tullis
Enlisted: 8 Oct 1862, Hancock Co., OH, Discharged:  7 Aug 1863, Louisville, KY
Occupation at time of enlistment:  Carpenter
Pension Granted

Jacob Croyle Stineman
Sergeant, Company F, 198th Pennsylvania Regiment
Born: 09 Apr 1841, Cambria Co., PA
Died: 02 Apr 1913, South Fork, PA
Married: Dec 20, 1866, PA to Ellen Varner
Enlisted: 02 Sep 1864 Johnstown, PA:  Discharged:  04 Jun 1865, Near Washington, DC.
Entered Ranks as a Private, Promoted to Corporal 13 Sep 1864 and to Serfeant 23 May 1865.
Pension Granted.

William Sylvester Taylor
Private, Company M, 13th Kentucky Cavalry
Born 23 Jun 1845, Liberty, Casey Co., KY
Died 08 Dec 1860, Casey Co., KY
01 Apr 1884, Casey Co., KY to Mary Judith Lucas
Enlisted: 20 Nov 1863 -  Service Ended Jan 10, 1865

 Richard Tea
Private, Company I, 169th OH Infantry
Born:  01 Jan 1830 in PA
Died:  18 Dec 1902 in Toledo, Lucas, OH
Married:  ca 1852 probably in PA to Susan Huff, born 15 Apr 1832; died 12 Aug 1905
Enlisted: 02 May 1864; Service Ended 04 Sep 1864, Mustered Out

John Holt Thacker
Private, Company A, 3rd Kentucky Cavalry Regiment
Born: 20 Sep 1845, Christian Co., KY
Died: 23 Nov 1919, Alvard, Wise Co., TX
Married: 13 Jun 1897, Wise Co., TX to Henrietta Virginia Patterson
Enlisted: 11 Dec 1861, Discharged:  26 Dec 1864
Widow's Pension Granted

Harmon M. Thomason
Private, Co. M, 1st Arkansas Cavalry
Born: c 1826, Georgia
Died: aft 1880, Long Creek, Boone Co., AR
Married: Sarah Lucretia Blackwell

Van Renselaer Vanscoy
Private, Company A, 101st Regiment Ohio Infantry, and
Company D, 17th
Illinois Regiment Cavalry
Born: c. 1837, New London, Huron Co., OH
Died: after 05 Jul 1865
Married:  ca 1863 to Isabelle Ansell
Enlisted in 101st Regiment:  13 Aug 1862 -  Discharged: 17 Jan 1863
Enlisted in 17th Regiment Cavalry:  28 Sep 1864 -  Discharged:  05 Jul 1865

Henry L. Wagoner
(Heinrich Friedrich Ludwig Wegener is his name on his birth record.
He immigrated to the US in 1859, possibly to avoid military service in Germany.
German records (1862) show he was to be flogged for not reporting for military duty.)
Sergeant, Company H, Illinois 3rd Cavalry
(transferred to consolidated Company B in 1864)
Born: 14 Aug 1840, Empede, Hannover, Niedersachsen, Germany
Died: 17 Apr 1926, Clarinda, Page Co., Iowa
Married:  Rebecka Margarethe Dorothee Grieme, 20 Mar 1868, Cook Co., IL
Enlisted:  13 Aug 1861, Sugar Grove, IL
Mustered in:  26 Aug 1861, Camp Butler, Springfield, IL
Re-enlisted:  15 Mar 1864, Memphis, TN
Remained in the Army after the Civil War to help with "Indian troubles in the Dakotas"
Mustered Out:  10 Oct 1865, Fort Snelling, MN (or possibly Springfield, IL)
Promoted to Corporal on 18 Feb 1865, promoted to Sergeant on 4 Jul 1865
Occupation:  Farmer. Pension Granted.

 Joseph Francis Wahl
Private, Company M, 14th Pennsylvania Cavalry
Born: 14 Sep 1845, Germany
Died21 Jun 1930, Altoona, PA
Married: 22 Jul 1869, Brady's Bend, PA to Magdalene Britting
Enlisted01 Oct 1862 Discharged 30 May 1865

John Leland Weaver
Private, Company I, 51st New York Infantry
Born:  21 Feb 1841,  Cooperstown, NY
Died:  17 Mar 1900, Hil City, SD
Married:  18 Aug 1870, Dodge Co., Nebraska to Lucratia Cramer, born 09 Nov 1853, IL, died 17 Apr 1908, Deadwood, Lawrence, SD.
Enlisted:  24 Sep 1861 -  Transferred 31 Aug 1863 to VRC as Sergeant -
Service Ended Nov 11, 1865 as Sergeant Major
Member of Grand Army of the Republic, Gen. Shedd, No. 155, Hill City, SD

 Phillip John Weber
Private, Company B, 17th Wisconsin Regiment
Born:  16 Jul 1831, Germany
Died:  06 Jan 1926 Plymouth, Junau Co., WI
Buried:  Millard’s Prairie Cemetery, Hillsboro, Vernon Co -  WI
Married:  (2) 31 Jan 1894, Wonewoc, Junau Co, WI, Mary Weber
Enlisted:  19 Nov 1864.  Pension Granted.

John West
(Ancestor of our Tent's first President who is now deceased.
Sergeant, Company E, 25th Regiment, Illinois Infantry
Born:  15 Oct 1834, Vermillion Co., IL
Died:  13 Nov 1893, Sumner Co., TN
Married:  28 May 1868 Mary Dallas Tooley
Enlisted: 01 Jun 1861, Discharged 05 Sep 1864
Entered Ranks as a Corporal, Promoted to Sergeant.

Peter Torball White
Company I, 50th Regiment, New York Infantry
Born: 23 Mar 1828, Essex Co., NY
Died:  27  Feb 1912, Union, Broome Co., NY
Married: ca 1847 Susan J. Harris born ca 1830, Vestal, Broome Co., NY, died after 1870
probably in Owego, Tioga Co., NY

Enlisted:  14 Aug 1861 -  Service Ended 31 Jan 1862 by reason of disability.

Richard Evans Williams
Private, Company E, 17th Iowa Regiment
Born: 15 Jan 1843, Muskingum, OH
Died: 13 Jan 1924, Sacramento, Sacramento Co., California
Married: Catherine Jane Simmons, 25 Jan 1866, Wapello Co., Iowa
Enlisted: 07 Mar 1862 -  Discharged 15 Apr  1865.  Pension Granted.

Charles Wilsey
Corporal, Company F, 1st Regiment, Minnesota Infantry
Born: 04 Feb 1824/5, Great Bend, PA
Died: 25 Jan 1908, Yucatan Township, Houston Co., MN
Married: 26 Jun 1856, Windsor, NY to Harriet Melisa Comstock, born 31 Oct 1832, NY -  died 13 Jan 1913, Yucatan Township, Houston Co., MN
Enlisted: 20-22 Mar 1865 -  Service Ended 14 Jul 1865 with Honorable Discharge.
Member of the Grand Army of the Republic.

Jasper Wilson
Private, Company E, 5th Regiment West Virginia Cavalry
Born: 15 Mar  1838, Monongalia Co., WV
Died: 27 Nov 1897, Kearney Co., Nebraska
Married:  07 Aug 1865 to Elizabeth Ann Shriver
Enlisted:  29  Jun  1861 -  Discharged:  16 Jun 1864

Raamah Nathan Yeats
Company D, 17th Kentucky Regiment
Born: 1843, Trigg Co., KY
Died: 12 Jan 1865, Hopkins Co., KY
Married: 1863 Calhoun Co., AL to Amanda Newton
Enlisted: 2 Nov 1864, Russellville, KY -   Killed in Action:  12 Jan 1865.
Widow's Pension Granted.

  ose Sepeda or Zepeda
Private, Companies L and C, Regiments 1 and 2, TX Cavalry
Born:  26 Aug 1829 in San Antonio, MX
Died:  10 Mar 1884 in Canada Verde, Wilson, TX
Married:  24 Aug 1851 in San Antonio, Bexar, TX to Justa ____, born ca 1838 in Republic of Texas,
died 18 Jun 1902 in Canada Verde, Wilson, TX
Enlisted:  01 or 11 Dec 1863; Service Ended 04 Nov 1865, honorable discharge at end of Texas Cavalry.

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