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Loup County Historical Society

Loup County, Nebraska

Double Line


17th Annual Loup County Historical Society
Spring Creek and Strohl Neighborhoods
Monday, June 2, 2003
Taylor, Nebraska

Living in the Past Lane


1 PM - - Monday, June 2, 2003
Carpools at Loup County Pioneer Museum, Taylor.

Stop 1.

John Trindell Homestead, 1884.
William Patterson-1912; Kentucky Home Life, 1935; G. D. Hyde, 1947; George & Vallie Steven, 1957; Otho & Vera Homes, 1964.  Now owned by Holmes' daughters & leased to Dewayne Barta.

Stop 2.`

Johnny & Sandra Schroder Ranch.  
Alfred Belcher Homestead, 1893;
Jameson, Adams, John Troxel to Garrison Hyde, 1918; Kenneth Dittmar, 1947; Russell & Helen McFadden, 1970; Don & LeRoy Smith, 1996; Johnny & Sandra Schroder, 2003.

Stop 3.

Otto H. Conrad Homestead, 1889.  
Mary Ralls, 1914; Paul Ralls, 1929; Bisbing, 1940; Eva Sears, 1947; George & Maggie Trent, 1948; Allen & Hazel Dunbar, 1952; Otho & Vera Holmes, 1964; 
Now owned by Holmes' daughters and leased to Dewayne Barta.

Drive-By #4.

Section 35.  
James H. Richardson, Axel Swanson, Mary Capek & John Zuidulka Homesteads; later owned by John C. Cram;  Now owned by Abigail Clevenger, and 
operated by Jack Ruppel.

Stop # 5.

Spring Creek School District 25 site. 
Organized in 1894 and dissolved in 1949.

Drive-By #6.

David M. Gregg Homestead.  
Owned by Mattie Moore for many years; 
Now owned by Casey Moon.

Drive-By #7.

Timothy Griebel Farm.  
Former Carl Hall & Dean Hall place.
It is in Madison Square School District #11.

Stop #8.

John C. Rush Ranch.  
The George W. Kinder Homestead and
Ashley B. Cooley Homestead.

Stop #9.

Jack Ruppel Ranch, established, 1883.  
Located in Madison Square School District.  
Jack Ruppel owns and/or operates the Josiah Clark, Gerald Vanderveen, Olaf Simmonson, William Jackson, James Richardson, Axel Swanson, Mary Capek, John Zuidulka Homesteads in Spring Creek District, as well as the William Moore Homestead.

Drive-by #10.

Lonnie Owen Ranch, Madison Square District. 
A 100-plus year farm in the same family!  

Drive-By #11.

Diane Dilsaver Farm.  Madison Square District.
A 100-plus year farm in the same family!

Stop #12.

Tom Dilsaver Farm. 
The Lewis E. Snurr Homestead.
This was the Orin & Ruby Dilsaver place where they raised their family.  Now owned by Tom Dilsaver.

Drive-thru #13.

Drive through Spring Creek.

Stop #14.

Dean & Dode (Stevens) Ralls home. 
Julie & Thomas Fry Homesteads.
It is part of the Stevens Farms and the former home of George & Vallie (Weber) Stevens.

Stop #15.

John McFadden Ranch Headquarters.

Stop #16.

John McFadden Ranch. 
This is the William Clark Homestead and others.
John & Susie Ferguson purchased it in 1910, and sold it to the McFadden's in 1971.
"Clark's Point," was the name of an ill-fated town that never developed midway between Taylor and Almeria.
The town was probably to be situated on the William Clark Homestead. "Clark's Point" was in the 1883 battle to be the new Loup County seat, which ultimately went to Taylor.  Almeria lost to Taylor by a scant two votes!

Stop #17.

Taylor Dam, built in approximately 1936 and 1937.

Stop #18.

Elva Brown and Greg Ralls Homes.  
Part of Stevens Farms.
100-year plus farm n the same family!

Stop #19.

Jacob Strohl Homestead.
100-year plus farm farm in the same family!
Mary Strohl Homestead. 
Strohl School site and Strohl Pond.
Strohl School #6 operated from 1883 to 1938.  Dissolved in 1959 and attached to Consolidated District #1, at Taylor.

Stop #20.

Lynn & Barb Strong home. 
William Vinnedge Homestead.
Strohl Post Office was located on this homestead from 1880-1887.

Drive-by #21.

Asher & Irene Linden Home.
Berton & Helen (Anderson) Raish lived here for many years.

Stop # 22.

John A. Beals Homestead.  
Fred & Zora Raish lived for years, and raised their children, Berton, Elva, and Clive.  
Now owned by Ramond Sheldon.

Stop #23.

Jacob H. Roblyer Sr. Homestead. 
Now owned by Mike Dunbar.

Stop #24.

Clara M. Eldridge Homestead. 
Purchased by Henry & Pearl (Moninger) Roblyer in 1904; Woodrow & Alyce Witt in 1947;
Currently leased to Terry Clements

Notice #25.

To the west, and mainly south of the Clements home, 
is the Marian Helmkamp Homestead.

Drive-By #26.

John W. Troxel Homestead. 
Now owned by Charles Harden family.

Stop #27.

Bernard & Karole Strohl Home. 
Julian H. Hogue Homestead. 
This has been in the Strohl family for 111 years. 
In addition to the Strohl School, the voting precinct centered in Almeria, was known as "Strohl Precinct" for many years.

Drive-by #28.

Quarter north of Bernard Strohl's, and east to the river, was the Sarah Williams Homestead.

Drive #29.

Drive back to Taylor.

Stop #30.

Supper at the Taylor Community Center!

A Note from Kevin Brown - -
for those of us who were not able to take
Caravan 2003

We were blessed with an IDEAL day for the tour!  Partly sunny, partly cloudy, and not too hot, or too cool.  We had a total of 60 on the tour, so it was well attended.  Had folks from Ashby, several from Colorado, and one from Phoenix.

The drive up the old Spring Creek Road(s) was a special highlight as part of one has been closed for many years!  Had four Spring Creek # former students with us:  Kathryn Ralls Greenstreet, 
Betty Ralls Goos, Colleen Dilsaver Beals, and Harry Bishop.  Two Spring Creek teachers were accounted for: Maxine Scherzberg Brown and Elva Howard Stevens Brown.  Only two Strohl School scholars could be with us:  Isla Ferguson Emerton and Ivan Freguson.  Everyone enjoyed the stop at the John and Karolyn McFallen Ranch, and their home with four bathrooms!!

At supper, back at the Community Center, we honored Melvin Hyde for this efforts.  
Quite a historic and fun day, all told.


All who came enjoyed the day!

If you were fortunate enough to be able to go, we would love to be
 able to "share" pictures of this highlight LCHS event with others. 

Any photographs will be returned, promptly, to the owner. 
Please give them to Kevin Brown, and he will forward them to the LCHS webmaster to publish on this page..



Created and copyright by Loup County Historical Society - - Patricia C. Ash - - 30 May 2003.