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Founders Page
including a tribute to Thurman A. Smith


n 1940, the Loup County Historical Society was formed.
According to the September 19, 1940 Taylor Clarion, an organizational meeting was held at Mrs. Kitty Harvey's with 17 charter members in attendance. 

The first elected officers: Anna Jarvis, President; 
Frank Hubbard, Vice President; Marcia C. Smith, Secretary; 
Laura Clemens, Treasurer; and Thurman A. Smith, Historian. 

Mr. Smith, longtime owner and publisher of the Clarion, was instrumental in the Society and its greatest accomplishment, the Loup County Pioneer 
Log Cabin Museum."

Log Cabin

"Plans for the Museum were underway in 1941 and by the mid 1940s, it was completed.  Much of the labor in constructing the cabin was volunteer.  Various families . . . furnished or purchased logs while others donated landscaping items.   Countless others donated or loaned articles for display inside the museum."

Some of these original donors included:

Samuel G. Sears Wayne Cook John R. Ferguson
Sam Hesselgesser Kitty Harvey William D. Dunbar
Nettie J. Evans Walter Worth Mrs. Robert Rusho
Jacquetta McMasters Mr. & Mrs. B. B. Holmes Althea Wiley
Mrs. Messersmith William S. and
Joe Campbell
Mr. & Mrs. Guy Fletcher
John Dunbar George W. Abbott Mike Laughran
Bohy Brothers Oscar Bowley Ross Peterson
Mr. & Mrs. Frank Hubbard Mrs. Ralph Rose Eva Skiles
Sarah Britton

Lillian Wirsig

Ella Gurnsey-Donaldson
Phoebe Corell Mrs. & Mrs.
Daniel W. Strohl
Thomas Moore
Lem Britton Ella Harlan Robert Parkins
Martha Corrick Otto Clay Carl and Steve Copp
Jacob Strohl Jack Parkin L. A. Ruppel
Clara Cole James Starke Robert Wiley
William Stevens Mrs. C. D. Shipley Fred E. Replogle
H. R. Brown

Tribute to Thurman A. Smith

Man Writing With Quill

Thurman A. Smith, 
oldest son of Edwin B. and Anna L. Smith 
was born January  13, 1877 in New York. 
He came to Nebraska in 1880 and his family lived at
Ord, Valley County.
1884 their family  moved to Brewster, Blaine County Nebraska.
He married  Laura E. Hoyt on October 26, 1902.
Their family included six children,  five sons and one daughter.
Moved to Taylor, Loup County, in 1920.
Thurman A. Smith died on September 20, 1956, at age 79.

Among his many accomplishments  - - -

School Teacher
Printing Trade
Temperance Leader
Owner, and operator, of
Taylor Clarion 1920-1940
  Loup County Judge

 Local Correspondent for National Newspapers

Nebraska Historical Writer
Poet Collector of historical books, manuscripts, and scrap books
Loup County Historical Society
Leader in the planning and organization of Loup 
 Pioneer Memorial Museum
Thurman A. Smith, with the
help of fellow his townsmen, landscaped park that surrounds the Loup
Pioneer Memorial Museum
Many relics that 
Thurman Smith collected comprise  collections displayed in the Loup County 
Pioneer Memorial Museum

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