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*  Hot, miserable conditions on June 7 cut back on attendance at our 18th annual caravan tour, this one to Hillsdale #3 and Sioux Creek #4 in southeast Loup County.  But we who went had an enjoyable afternoon!  Sandra & Gaylord Man hosted the mid-afternoon break in their beautiful new home.  As always, coordinator Melvin Hyde's tour booklet was eagerly received.

* March 15 History Day local contest hosted by LCHS at the school cafeteria drew over 90.  Traci Jensen & Jill Petersen, LCPS 8th graders, won the local history award sponsored by LCHS for "Exploring the Sandhills, Encountering the Sioux."  Seventeen from Loup County eventually qualified for state competition in Lincoln.

*  11 Garfield Historical Society members joined 22 from LCHS for the Christmas Gala in Taylor on December 7th.  LCHS's gift to GCHS was a copy of the new Nebraska 24/7 which features many photos from Burwell and Taylor.

*  Community appreciation ice cream social held on July 5th was smaller in numbers, falling the day after a holiday, but everyone enjoyed a good time on the museum lawn.

*  Sponsored prize at the Loup County Spelling Bee in February.

*  Several members attended an Orphan Train Humanities Council presentation by Pippa White at Mason City on March 26 hosted by Muddy Creek Historical Society.

*  This year's LCHS article in the "Legends and Landmarks" feature of the Silver Salute of the August Grand Island Independent was on Loup County's Kinkaid Fair & Picnic held on the Calamus river from 1908 to 1914 consecutively.  Our column, "Photos from Loup County Historical Society" appears weekly in the Burwell Tribune, of course.

*  In December, quilt expert Sandi fox, of Los angeles, notified LCHS that a circa 1870 doll quilt made by Anna L. (George) Smith, once of Blaine & Loup counties, has been selected for an upcoming exhibition of Midwest quilts at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, D.C., and will be featured in a publication coming out in conjunction with the display.  The quilt has long been in the possession of the Loup County Museum's collection.  Anna's son, Thurman, was the first historian/curator of this group & its museum in Taylor.

*  All new grave markers are in place at the Long Valley & Gracie cemeteries in Loup County as a part of an LCHS effort.  Jean & Randy Harden hosted a "Long Valley Workday" with a wonderful dinner at their ranch home on June 23rd following the labors.  21 were present for  grand time.  Painting and fix-up went with a similar workday at the Gracie Cemetery by the president and vice-president pm a later date.

*  Two fireproof, locking file cabinets were purchased for the schoolhouse museum to house historic Loup County school records.  Memorial monies were used as part of the purchase cost.

*  Museum was opened to various visitors, including individuals, clubs, family groups and more during the spring, summer, and fall months.  Students from the Loup County School helped ready the museum for the spring opening in May.

*  Largest crowd yet to visit the museum complex on an all-school alumni day showed up October 9, 2004.  This appreciative bunch noticed many improvements and changes to the delight of the historical society hosts.

* Memorials were gratefully received honoring Bernadine (Brock) Graham, Ila Dunne (our longtime secretary), Ellis N. and Annie (Gessell) Bohy, and Lucille Garner.

*  We salute those wonderful members and friends we lost in 2004: Leonard Ingraham, Leonard Powers, Bernadine Trent Brock Graham, Marjorie Hewitt, and Ila Mae Britton Dunne.

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Updated 24 March 2005