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Loup County Nebraska
Double Line


Log Cabin

Sunnyside School District #23 Museum
Loup County Historical Society
Taylor, Nebraska
July 1, 2002


Pastor Roy Kiester, Taylor Evangelical Free Church, Taylor, Nebraska

Brief History of School District #23, Loup County, Nebraska
Melvin L. Hyde, alumnus of Sunnyside and
 Vice President of Loup County Historical Society

Recognition of visitors and former Sunnyside scholars and teachers


Formal Dedication

Audience response: "We dedicate this Sunnyside Museum."

Special recognition to those who have helped make this museum possible


Thank you for coming!


  The Loup County Historical Society is serving its annual community ice cream social from
1 to 5 PM today.  Please join us for refreshments.  Please do not take food or drink inside any of the museum buildings.



This list represents those people and groups who have specifically helped us with the Sunnyside School District #23 Museum.  Though we have tried hard to be thorough, we realize we may have omitted some who contri

                                      The Estate of Miss Myrtle E. Hall                                        
Carole Britton Wells
Ted & Albertha Cole
The family of L. D. Dunbar
Harold "Pep" and Wave Garska
Stan & Ruth Powers
Bruce & Sue Ann Switzer
Gladys Jarvis Howard
Isla Ferguson Emerton -- in memory of Marcia C. Smith
Carrie Satterfield Ward
Martha Sheldon Peters
Johnny D. Howard
Gerald & Doris (Helmkamp) Jones
Nolah Rablyer Bolli
Marilee Lewis Malicky
Maxine Scherzberg Brown
Karolee Ingraham Plock
Linda Satterfield Greer
In loving memory of Karolyn Bohy -- by Jerry Jarvis
Irene Worm Ingraham
John & Karolyn (Hoobler) McFadden
Dan Hartman
Loren & Marah Sandoz
 Jesse Sandoz
Willis Dunbar
Billy J. Moon Memorial
In Loving Memory of Margaret Campbell Christensen
Kevin Brown
 Garfield Historical Society, Burwell, Nebraska
Spelts Lumber Company, Burwell, Nebraska
Consolidated School District No. 1 - - Taylor
Loup County High School
School Districts 1 and 107 (Kent)
School District 3 (Hillsdale)
School District 17 (Valleyview)
School District 19 (Knobby Ridge)
School District 23 (Sunnyside)
School District 24 (Pleasant View)
School District 25 (Loup County Public School)
School District 26 (Lookout)
School District 30 (McDermott)
School District 36 (Boiling Spring)
School District 42 (Willow Valley)

Loup County Historical Society, Taylor, NE 68879-0102
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Updated: 24 April 2003