Lafayette Genealogical Society in Lafayette, Louisiana

Photo Gallery

Henry Weston of Logtown, Mississippi
General John Crawford Vaughn of Monroe County, Tennessee
John Baptiste Nadeau of Marinette, Wisconsin
Joseph Otto Segura of Vermilion Parish, Louisiana and Jackson, Mississippi
Cars of Our Ancestors on the Llano Estacato

Augustin Colomb Broussard Family of Lake Peigneur, Vermilion Parish, Louisiana
Rene Broussard Store in Kaplan, Vermilion Parish, Louisiana
Car Driven in Kaplan, Louisiana
Joseph Bazile Broussard Family of Abbeville, Vermilion Parish, Louisiana
John Aynes and Sarah Jane Honeycutt Family of Brown County, Indiana and Brown
County, Texas

Elias DeBusk and Martha Edmondson of Lee County, Va and Brown County, Texas
Israel Prejean House in Lafayette, Louisiana
Prejean Family of Lafayette, Louisiana
Elmire Duhon and Arsene Duhon Montgomery
O.D. Badeau, Blanche LeBlanc and the Heberts
Orphe Donat Badeau Community Coffee Truck
Samuel White Plumbing
Roy Hebert
Edouard Melchoir Badeaux and Marie Duco of St. Marys Parish, Louisiana

Garden City, St Marys Parish, Louisiana
Hebert Girl
Major General John Joseph Pershing During the Punitive Expedition against Francisco "Poncho" Villa
Armored Vehicle used During The Punitive Expedition
William Crosby Shepard
Standard Oil of New Jersey Refinery in Carpito, Venezuela in 1939
Harold Prejean Pictures Lafayette, Louisiana
Abbeville, Vermilion Parish, Louisiana Pictures
Pictures in Louisiana Digital Library
Cars of our Ancestors in Escanaba, Delta County, Michigan
Texas Company Refinery Port Arthur, Texas 1920's
Lafayette, Louisiana Jefferson Street in the Early Days
Lafayette Primary School
Lafayett Reveillon's General Store
Lafayette South Side High School

Louisiana Governor Alexander Mouton
Hurricane in Tampico, Mexico 1934
Burleigh House in Grand Coteau
General Francois Robin of France and Leonville, St Landry Parish, Louisiana
Andale Joseph Thibodeaux and Mary Z. Pepper
Guy Andre' Clebert Menard and Angela Hebert
Wilson Thibodeaux Father of William J Thibodeaux
Wilson Thibodeaux Recievind Honor Medal
Martha "Tante Femme" Pepper with Son Leroy Lognion
Martha "Tante Femme" Pepper with Son Dallas Lognion
Martha "Tante Femme" Pepper
Clovis Thibodeau Uncle of William J Thibodeaux
James William Pepper and Zelida Marie Borel