Early Pictures form Abbeville, Vermilion Parish, Louisiana

Abbeville Kaplan Area Pictures
Abbeville Fenwick Sanitarium - Palm Hotel - Palm Hospital & Get Cafe & Service Station
Abbeville Bens Bar Ca 1920's
Abbeville First National Bank, US Post Office and City Hall
Abbeville Citizens in 1907
Abbeville Courthouse Built in 1891
Abbeville High School 1926-1981
Abbeville L. Leotard Saloon
Abbeville L-N-T Men's Wear
Abbeville Meridonal Newspaper ca 1930
Abbeville Schrieffer Home on LA Highway one mile south of Perry, La
Abbeville State Street ca 1900
Abbeville Steen's Syrup Mill ca 1950
Abbeville Rice Thrashing
Abbeville Veranda Hotel 1857-1926

Abbeville Catholic Church
Kaplan Vincent Supply
Kaplan Rene Broussard Hardware
Abbeville Audrey Hotel
Abbeville Lege Hotel
Abbeville Sol Wise Store
Abbeville Old Bridge
Abbeville Stauffer's Display
Abbeville Madalen Square