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TXGenWeb - NOLAN COUNTY, TEXAS - Genealogy

"The Lone Star State"


Nolan Co., TX Family Websites


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BAUCOM, Newton C.; 1840-1909 Nolan Co., TX

BERRY, John; 1891 TX-1980 Nolan Co., TX; h/o Bell Clayton

BOND, James & Mary Elizabeth Vinny family

BOREN, Roy Perkins; h/o Annie Frances Gillespie

BOYD, William Henry 1848-1935; h/o (1) Melissa Hughes, (2) Martha J. Byrd


CANTRELL/BROWN family - residents of Sweetwater, TX.

CLIFTON, Calvin Alonzo 1895-1978; h/o Lue Eura Helms

COMBS & families of Nolan County, Texas

COSBY, Gus Addison 1892-1985; h/o Fanny Ankiedine Keeton

COUCH family (Archie, Allie, Lora, John Thomas, etc.)

CRAIN, William Mabry "Jack" 1869-1957; h/o Willie Pope

CULPEPPER, Jim T. family


DRIGGERS, Albert Byron  1870-1925; h/o Minne A. B. Compton

DULIN, Byron Calvin  1881-1982; h/o Lucy Clay Whitson


EBARD, Hershel Wayne  1928-1983; h/o Dorothy Elene Spain

ENGLAND, James Martin  bef.1888-1949; h/o Ann Myrtie Bell

ENSMINGER, James Madison F. 1871-1953; h/o Sarah Alice Brandon 


FARMER, John Riley  1850-1945; h/o Sarah Geneva Blundell

FARRIS, Robert Andrew ; 1876 KY-1959 Nolan Co., TX; wife Vida Wilson Perkins 


HANES, Clara L.  family

HANKS, Emmanuel G.  b.1901; h/o Viola Aretta Sanders

HASTINGS, Homa Harold  1900-1942; h/o Edna Faye Crain

HASTINGS, John Humphrey ; h/o Lillie Mae Ater

HAWKINS, Bernice Helen  1922-1973; w/o James Morgan Wright

HELMS, Raymond ; h/o Emma Lee Hendrix

HOPKINS, Charles William  1902-1988; h/o Bessie Gordon Cox


JARNAGIN, Everett McRoy  1882-1968; h/o Elvira Gentry

JONES, Walter Mayfield  1901-1969; h/o Ellen Bonnette


KIRKLAND,  Warren family


LACKEY, John Bester  1862-1931; h/o (1) Edna Janie Robason (2) Malachi Della Bell

LASSITER, Woody Britton  1873-1950; h/o Rachel Jones Shoemaker

LEONARD, Mike L.  1868-1932; h/o Tempie Ann Spence

LEWIS, Charles Winn  1888-1974; h/o Jessie George

LEWIS, Nathaniel Holman  1867-1941; h/o Amy Farmer


MADDOX, James Daniel 1912-1971; h/o June Evatt Allen

MAY, George Oliver  1886-1979; h/o  Leta Pearl Miller

McBURNETT families (Elbert, Roe David, etc.)

McVEAN, George Franklin  1879-1944; h/o Mary Etta Morgan

MIDDLETON, Washington Asbury 1834-1908; h/o (1) Nancy Tubb (2) Sidney Ann Coplin (3) Elizabeth Darkington Muncell


NUNN, Annie Belle  1886- ?; w/o Owen Perry McCann


PARSONS, Bazzley ; h/o Emma Florence Redden

PORTER, James Knox  1844-1921; h/o (1) Sarah E. Butts (2)Margaret Vaught

POTTER,  Robert Paris 1904-1997; h/o Ruth Lohn

PRATHER, Andrew C. ; h/o Maude K. Bethel (2) Minnie Brooks (3) Minnie L. Jones

PRAYTOR, William Franklin  1848-1904; h/o Annie Jane Wood

PRUITT, John Alexander  1876-1920; h/o Ruth Malinda Lackey 


REYNOLDS Family Research

RHODES, James Wesley ; 1870-1953; h/o Janerio Elizabeth Hayden


SANDERS, William Daniel  1871-1927; h/o Arlena Missoura Akin

SCOTT, Robert Wesley ; h/o Paula Jo Griffith

SELLS, Jimmy Dean ; h/o Sharon Allene Griffith

STEWART, John William  1872-2004; h/o Iona Rose Looney

STROMAN, Zachariah Andrew  1873-1951; h/o Lucille Frances Strickland


TRAMMELL, Thomas; h/o Mary J. Newman of Nolan Co., TX


WHITFILL, Joseph Marcellus  1926-1975; h/o Dixie Hughes Duvall

WILKERSON, William Montreville  1890-1975; h/o Mary Lue Price

WOOD, James Earl  1889-1961; h/o Bertha Mae Conaway

WRIGHT, Luther Morgan 1878-1932; h/o Minnie Alma Porter

WRIGHT, Robert Royal  1904-1979; h/o Thelma J. Montgomery


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